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    well i am 16 years old and i have sex exhaustion…….i’ve been masterbating since i was 12 years old ………i ususally used to do it about maybe 3 times a week. but during this summer i’ve been masterbating about 6 to 10 times a day…..i woke up one morning and i felt anxiety and depression and confused and i had unreasonable fears………hell i just barley figured out about sex exhaustion due to over masterbation……and i need help recovery i don’t want to feel like this anymore………..

    plz can someone help me

    i heard exerciing and fasting……..and of course stop masterbating can help me recover…it this true..

    i don’t want to take any medication ..


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    you should be completely fine, just cut back to like once a week maybe once every other week. you’ll be good togo

    stay away from porn plz

    hmm i dont think those feelings are from masturbating.

    since starting at age 12, which sort of late, some people start at like age 7 like me. and only doing it 3x a week is nothing.

    now 6-10x a day is alot, but if only did this short time, i find it impossible it caused your problems.

    try to eat a good diet and cut back on the sugar and processed junk, instead eat more organic meats and vegetables

    also take fish oil, Carlons Liquid Fish oil, it’ll deffinitly help you, take like 1-2teaspoons a day. get more sun too, try to get at least 30-1hour of unexposed sun each day

    you’ll be good tog0o



    well i went to sleep felt completly fine and then i woke up in the morning and masterbated then i started to feel it…….like there was some pain in my chest and stomach….like was excited and worry about stupid things i never thought of before….

    depression, stress , anxiety, and emotional instability (Mood Swing) – due to deficiency of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin add GABA.

    those are signs of over sex exhaustion……arn’t they….i never felt them like this before.



    i think your panicking your too much and its making you worse. take it easy and relax.



    your not sex exhausted, thats complete BS,

    i use to be a firm believer in everything, but thats all BS and i dont believe in any of that anymore

    your neurotransmitters, are only damaged by using drugs.

    not over masturbating.



    Max So do you believe that over masturbating caused us to have low testosterone or we already had low testosterone?



    i think it can play a role on some men, but its rare and i think there are many other causes for the problems.

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