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    Sometimes when I feel bummed out several songs help lift my spirits.

    Let’s put together a collection of meaningful lyrical songs that reflect on our situation + help deal with obstacles + or just plain uplifting. They’ll help get thru tough times.

    – Audioslave – Be Yourself

    –> straight to the point. Accept everything for what it is. Be Yourself. Keep going

    – Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy

    –> when you worry you make it double

    – Pearl Jam – Present Tense

    –> don’t regret. Stay present

    – The Pixies – Where is my mind

    –> pretty much how I feel day to day

    – Incubus – The Warmth

    –> reminds me to take action

    – Paul Oakenfold – One Day

    –> fucked up my body in 1 day, will get outta it one day

    – Paul van Dyk – We Are Alive

    –> take a deep breath you’re alive

    Share anything else. I’d love to hear it.

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    Never heard of Steely Dan. I like it

    Pretty chilling and meaningful.



    are you guys serious?




    are you too serious to take some time outa your day to listen to good music?



    i like incubus Warning



    Elliott Smith- New Disaster

    This song, one of the most beautiful and desperate songs iv ever heard by one of my favorite songwriters. During the toughest times of my life, this song has really impacted me in many ways, even if the lyrics do not relate. Check it..



    It’s really good.

    I favorited this one too – Elliott Smith – Everything’s Okay

    Warning is great too.



    Thumbs up for you , you’re making this resemble a normal forum! We need to balance all the porn talk



    Great idea, Frenchiman. I know a lot of the songs you mentioned and you’re on point. Music definitely does wonders for me in lifting my sprits, but unfortunately a lot of music just reminds me of this horrible situation. There are countless songs that I relate to all this. Most bob marley is really uplifting and gives you the right attitude. Some song can be perceived positively or negatively.

    Some bob marley examples:

    -3 little birds “every little thing, is gonna be alright”

    -Satisfy my soul- “for every little action, there’s a reaction. Oh can’t you see, what you’ve done for me”. (Can be taken as me doing little healthy things like relaxing that will benefit me or all the masturbations and the other bad shit I did got me to this state)

    -no woman no cry (self explanatory)

    -could you be loved- Can I after all this?

    -get up, stand up- motivating us to get up and take charge for what we got. “get up stand up/ get up for your right. get up stand up, don’t give up the fight”

    -Incubus – Pardon me

    –>”pardon me for while burst into flames”… “i’ll never be the same”

    -Metallica- the unforgiven

    –>I already posted about this one, but it’s basically the story of my life

    -Metallica- fade to black

    –> this one’s really on point. “getting lost within myself/ nothing matters, no one else/ i have lost the will to live/ simply nothing more to give/ there is nothing more for me/ need the end to set me free/ things not what they used to be/ missing one inside of me/ deathly loss, this can’t be real!/ can’t stand this hell i feel!/ emptiness is filling me/ till point of agony/ growing darkness taking down/ i was me, but now he’s gone/ no one but me, can save myself but it’s too late.” some seriously fucked up shit. really depressing.

    Help by the beatles- “when i was younger, oh so much younger than today/ i never need anybody’s help in any way/ but now these days are gone, i’m not so self-assured/ now i find i’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors/ help if you can i’m feeling down” … “help me get my feet back on the ground…”

    saint simon by the shins- “after all these implements and texts designed by intellects, so vexed to find evidently there’s just so much that hides.”

    there are so many others. i’ll try to pick out the more uplifting ones, sorry about the bad vibes in some of these

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