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    I have a long case, but who doesnt?

    I’m 27 year old guy now, and started to have weird symptoms in 2002, when i was around 18.

    I been masturbating alot since i was around 15, sometimes 5+ times a day. usually at least 2 times.

    it first started with sleep problems, and personality changes. I didn’t think much of it, just thought i was stressed.

    Also my digestive track slowed down, and i started to gain weight.

    then my headaches got worse, and started to see MANY flashes and black spots.

    my eyes became super sensitive to the light, and also super dry, So dry that my lens of my eye has many little dots that make me see a ghost image above everything.

    Then i noticed memory problems. I could meet someone new, and then after they left i couldn’t remember their face. Or someone could tell me something and i’d completely forget. The memory and thinking problems started in around 2004.

    Also i see a blue haze around alot of things, so such as trees where shadows should be, i see a blue haze.

    Also i have a type of lashing flickering vision now. and somethings objects even seem to be shaking.

    Also what started before the memory and thinking problems were the extreme fatigue. Im tired no matter what.

    My years are also very sensitive now. Especially to music and sound with high treble, and they are always ringing. Something they didn’t do before i started to have all these problems.

    Also i have very dry skin now, scape, mouth is always very dry. I can drink drink drink water, and it doesnt really help, just makes my lips chap.

    I can have headaches now that last weeks. Also seems my brain fog gets worst when i have them.

    Even have burning sensations in my eyes, and other weird vision problems, which i didnt have prior to all of this.

    At first i masturbated because it felt good. But after all the memory problems, and vision problems, and tiredness, i kinda used it as a drug. if i felt bad or my sysmptoms were bad, i’d do it again and more.

    I don’t really get super hard anymore. Its always a little soft, and orgasm doesnt even feel good really. hasnt for years.

    I’ve been to the doctor years ago. They never found anything.

    I probably had 10+ blood tests done, which checked for everything form dietbetis, to thyroid problems, and everything came up zero.

    they all ended up saying i was just depressed, when i know thats not my problem.

    I might be depressed but its because of my over all problem.

    My biggest hurdle is the brain fog. Sometimes i can’t think at all, and it hurts. I havent been myself since at least 2001 (i realize now that this was starting much earlier than i realize, in as early as 2001 i in my personal journal that i didn’t really feel like myself anymore but always assumed it was just depression or whatever).

    Sometimes i wake up when im sleeping with my chest really hurting and weird vibrations all over my body, Especially in my head. It actually feels like someone is taking a sponge full of air and squeezing it underwater and all those tiny bubbles are coming up.

    i gave up on finding a reason for my problem. doctors couldn’t ever find anything, and always made me feel like i was crazy.

    So i quit looking for the cause for a while, while continuing to masturbate many times a day, and my symptoms keep getting worse and worse.

    I do have a job, but i hate going, im alwys so tired, and the brain fog, and migraines are horrible. Also the severe sensitivity to

    There have been times in the past where i thought that sexual exhaustion was my problem, but everyone said i was crazy, and im not going to bring it up to the doctor.

    A few years back, i masturbated like 9 times, and then i bgecame so sleepy, that i actually couldn’t keep myself away long for a few days (besides waking up for 5-10 mins here and there) until it really freaked me out, and i forced myself to get up and stay away. Every since then my brain fog has been MUCH worse, and it almost seems that time has started to go by much faster after that, which did kinda freak me out.

    Every time i thought maybe it was something to do with masturbation alot, i always thought i was crazy, and it was something else that i just haven’t found. But doctors did so many tests, and the sexual exhaustion makes so much sense.

    and my symptoms do seem to get worse after masturbating. Maybe not right after but in the hours or day afterwards.

    I just want to see what you all think.


    Severe brain fog (unable to concentrate, think clearly, takes a while to form thoughts and ideas, and takes a while to recall memories).

    vision: severe light sensitivity. Constantly flashers and floaters. To very dark spinning spots in each eye that is very noticeable when out in the sunlight.

    Dryness: SUPER dry eyes, skin, mouth, dandruff.

    headaches: i get migraines, which i actually gotten before i started masturbating (had my first migraine when i was 14), which includes the aura and everything. but it seems like i have a constant mild migraine at all time, which is like a burning sensation now. Which includes the sparklies, and flashing vision.

    Super tired all the time. I can sleep 12 hours sometimes, and wake up and nto feel gooda t all. I remember when i was younger it’d feel so good to be asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, i really miss that feeling.

    I do sweat easily and cant stand the heat, something that is new.

    Also sometimes i can feel a vibration that goes through my body. like a chock or jolt.

    Also sometimes my hands will shake, not all the time, but many times.

    Doctors have ran tests in the past which came up fine for all the usual stuff such as diabetes, and thyroid problems.

    thinning hair and balding. many people say i don’t look as old as i am, i always thought this was because i wacked off too much and didnt give the testosterone enough time to make me a man, ha, joking, but i dunno. besides the balding i do look younger than most my age.

    I know i am leaving something out, but i think this paints a very good picture of whats going on.

    last week i started searching again for ar eason for my symptoms, and randomly searched for something related to masturbating too much ,and the release of too many hormones, and i finally found what i think is the reason for my problem, and ever since then i havent touched myself.

    today is the 5th day. i still feel pretty much the same though, so i guess it takes months for the brain to rebuild the needed chemicals and hormones? If we dont orgasm at all?

    I also havent been horny in a while, its weird how i used to masturbate but never really become fully erect, or even enjoy it much.

    does this sound like sexual exhaustion?

    I always thought maybe it was from it, but never found any evidence, and everyone says masturbation is good for u, so i always assumed it was something else while i kept doing it. while something inside always said this is what was hurting me. i remember thinking back in 2004 that it was the cause, but never being sur,e i just kept at it.

    i really hope that it is, and i really hope stopping it will help me get better. I havent been myself for 10 years now or so, and its very scary, and sad to think that i lost 10 years of my life, and even more if this brain fog doesnt get better. Im so desperate to be myself again.

    i think my will power and knowledge about this issue now (if it is whats wrong with me) is enough to stop masturbating, and get better.

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    After reading your story i thought it was written by me

    Can u imagine how i m dealing with my family life and kids

    I have exactly same problem

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    Keep in touch bro get togeter so we can beat this

    Take care



    i added you to yahoo, and pmed you on here.

    After reading some of your post, i know a symptom of yours that i used to have after i’d mastrubate (years ago before the bad brain fog)

    was one of my first big symptoms. even before everything else got bad, the frontal area of my scalp would burn after masturbating. The area where guys have receding hairline. i always thought its what was causing me to go bald

    i don’t notice this every time now, when it used to be every time in the early days (before the brain fog, etc), so maybe that means mine is gone ,or?

    I Always knew this was connection to the masturbation because it happen EVERYTIME. i wonder what it means that it doesnt anymore.

    i know that the back of my head burns when i have bad anxiety, but i dont think thats connected, because i had that when i was super young a few times.



    Some more updates

    Its been 7 days since I found out that sexual exhaustion is real, and I avent masturbated or had an orgasm since.

    I haven’t noticed any improvments in almost anything.

    Still zero libidio, I could make an erection happen, but the entire thing of it happening on its own hasn’t happen, also zero urge to masturbate or have sex.

    Stress and anxiety is fine, which is great considering for the past two weeks my brain fog has been the worst its been in a long while. Maybe I can’t think good enough to be worried anymore.

    I’m hoping my libidio returns next week. That would mean my body is starting to build the chemicals and stuff back up and id be on the road to recovery right? If only I can resist the urges when that happens, which I think I can since I’m pretty sure its the cause of most my problems



    I contacted some places about testing and prices, but none have yet to respond.

    it’s been another day without anything sexual happening. Some sexy thoughts but never turned into anything phsycial besides i could feel some blood or something gathering down there and tingling, but never got an erection.

    I’m still studying things about my symptoms, and such. Which makes me really want to get in depth blood work done, beacuse i’m still not sure if i even have SE. I don’t want to get carried away thinking i found the cause of my suffering for the past 10 or so years if its not the cause.

    I’m looking into Candida as well, and chronic dehydration.

    Canidia is a concern because i had constipation problems long before any of my dry eyes, dry mouth, weigh gain, etc all started happening.

    SE makes the most since since I masturbated so many times a day for so many years, and it seemed i’d get even tireder and more stranger the more i did it, but im on a week now of not even doing anything sexual and nothing has even gotten better. You’d think something would but nope.

    I wish there were an easy test for candida as well. but there isnt. I know im dehydrated though, but never known of a condition to cause brain fog such as mine, either way i’m starting to drink more water. It’s been i’d only drink soda and coffee, and never any water (for weeks/months at a time), so this could very well be the cause, but i dont know.

    Maybe its a little bit of everything. I know damn well that even if SE isnt my major problem ,that masturbating that just can’t be good, and i KNOW it added to my over all fatigue.

    I was looking at supplements at the store today.

    I already been taking calcium/magnesium and zinc for the past week (its one pill, taken 3 times a day. 1000mg calcium, 500mg mag, 15mg zinc).

    1 b12 pill a day (1000mcg, 16667% Daily value).

    and vitamin a.

    today i picked up a bottle of one daily multivitamin, which pretty much has everything in it. I think i’ll mix this with what im already taken, because it doesnt seem to have as much zinc and some of the other stuff. this will help a little until i figure something better out.

    I really hate trying to find the cause to my problem because my anxiety gets worse, and i just hate it. But i need to do this to figure out whats been killing me for the past 10 years.



    dude your nervous system is burnt out!! this cannot be detected easily through blood tests. Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for healing and regeneration and in your case its exhausted. that is why you are not feeling refreshed even after sleeping for a long time.

    I am not a doctor but this is my best guess.

    Please take the recommended blood tests ASAP and visit a doctor (Mariano).



    I’m still lookin for the right type of doctor that’ll do the test i want without question. easist way i found is just to pay the lab myself.

    i don’t have the cash right now. But will save for it.

    in the meanwhile im going to abstain. I don’t have major problems with my penis, i can still get it up if i really want to, even though it never comes up on its own anymore, and so on, and never super hard.

    my biggest problem are the visual and cognitive issues. (brain fog: memory, thinking, concentration, imagination, etc).

    So maybe i can get better just by abstaining. who knows, we’ll see. i’ll give this a couple months, or try, pretty sure my will power can overcome my libido when it returns (usually does after a few days, when i didn’t fap for the entire week i noticed it hadnt returned, so it must be worsen now? i dunno). But im sure after a few weeks it may.

    so i’ll update this topic when i see improvements.

    btw, is not feeling an orgasm a sign of sexual exhaustion? Orgasm havent really felt that great since i was like 16 (27 now). and always wondered why that was over the years (before i knew of SE).

    The last ones i remember like the other night i didnt really feel anythings at all when i orgasm. Nothing goin on in the brain or anything to give me that great feeling that it used to.

    I was kinda doubting SE, until i realized things like that, so there has to be something like that goin on with me. but we’ll see if abstinence works some.

    i am taking some supplements i bought at the store, such as fish oil, b complex. daily mens vitamins (which has everything, just not super huge doses), Vitamin A, D, Zinc and magnesium.

    Also taking other ones that i cant think of the names right now. Even bought some colon cleanser, because im sure having a slow digestive system for the past 10 years hasn’t helped either. oh well.

    Wont hurt to give it a go

    I do at the same time think i have trouble breathing while i sleep. So i am gonna order a sleep study when i get the funds as well. I can only ever breath through one nostril, and i wake up at least 4 times a night that i know of (when im alert), so im sure i wake up many other times that im not aware of. Even if i do have a sleep apnea type problem, i know that overmasturbation will make everything worse since my body is already weak.

    stay tuned.



    Im on Day 6 of no fapping, or any sexual activities. Still no real libido, or no urge to masturbate or do anything sexual. No anxiety really, no noticeable out of the normal depression (of course not as happy as i could be, but none of us are in this condition). so its not that. Hormones.

    lately i’ve been having tingly feelings down there, and minor thoughts of sex, but they go away and don’t stay, so maybe something is building up.

    minor ache on left testicle. Nothing is swollen, just minor ache.

    I think i had morning wood. My over all concentration seems to be getting a little better. like I have been remembering more of my dreams, and such.

    I think i had some morning wood, but im no sure if it was a dream or not, ha. Crazy i think about this stuff even when im asleep. The remembering dreams thing is huge. For the past few years i havent been able to really remember any of them.

    I’ve been having crazy dry yes for the past week. Crazier than normal. I think its related to the hormone imbalance (if i even have one). i get my info from here:

    Old ladies have dry eyes due to hormone imbalance after menopause, dunno if it can reflect anything in guys. I don’t think its auto immune disorder do to they never have found anything related to such in my blood.

    i’m trying to remove all stressors, but my eyes being dry makes it hard for me to see, and read stuff especially on the computer, which sucks, so it annoys me, but my anxiety isnt high at all. i’ve learned what anxiety is, and i can kinda control it. Anxiety is basically silly fear of the unknown and such, makes no sense, so i can tell it to go away. Or at least thats hopeful wishing. i can easily feel the anxiety symptoms if i think about it, ha.

    My ears arent being too sensitive right now. sometimes a day or so after masturbating they will ring louder and become more sensitive to sound. not much of that right now.

    it’s so crazy that i have ZERO urge to masturbate, I’ve even looked at some porn and dint even want to! this is crazy. I’d say about this time last year i couldn’t go 3 days without having the huge urge to masturbate. So its nice to not have that urge, but at the same time it probably only means im worse than i was last year since i don’t have whatever in me that triggers that urge.

    Also penis is still smaller than it should be. so it hasnt started to grow again or anything, ha.

    So i’m contributing some of this to not masturbating, but at the same time i havent had a cappuccino in a week (besides the one i just had an hour ago).

    I point this out because the dairy or whatever in the cappuccino usually gives me a huge stomach ache and watery diarrhea. so lactose intolerance could be a huge problem for me creating or contributing to the symptoms.

    i’m not sure how long it takes being off dairy to feel better. i never really connected it to my over all health, but look at symptoms on the web it makes sense too.

    Either way if i do have a food sensitivity that is making me feel like crap, and makes harder for my body to absorb nutrients needed to create hormones, i still have almost zero libido, which means no wacking will help either way.

    Also still looking for a new job., quit my other one a week ago due to boss being a douche, so hopefully within a month or so i can go get this food allergy test along with hormone levels tests.

    in the mean time, i’ll just not fap, and see what happens.

    Also im gonna monitor myself after drinking this cappuccino to see if any of my symptoms get worse today, if they do i’ll know its due to it.

    i was reading some other sites, not related to SE, and they mentioned you can have crazy withdrawl symptoms from not masturbating crazy.



    Day 20

    wow, its so crazy that I made it to day 20 without masturbating. I think i only done this once in the past 10 years (was in the past couple of years, but my brain fog was so bad at the time i dont remember much about it, so i don’t really count it).

    But im well past the 18 day mark that i set in 2006, so im happy with that.

    I’m still not super horny at all. i mean i get moments of being horny, but nothing major. Today i woke up with morning wood. Wasn’t a super hard penis, but was probably hard enough to F*ck.

    i do get urges to masturbate. but like i said about being horny. they come and go now, and arent here all the time.

    i don’t know if its morning wood, but i had to piss really bad as well.

    Tonight i was talkin to this girl, and i had an erection that was pretty solid, not that major for about 5 minutes. I didn’t masturbate or anything though, so thats good.

    Brain fog is still there. So are the vision problems. Still tired.

    Yesterday i had a weird case of depression, or some mood. i was hating everything and everyone. Was just mad. I didn’t like it at all.

    It really reminded me of problems i had back in 2002 where i’d be very irritated and angry at people after i masturbated. I don’t know if that was because i was loosing my hormones or whatever, and now im developing them so im having the same fits? I have no idea, or even understand if that makes sense.

    Good news: I haven’t had a major head ache in a while. before i started abstinence i had a headache all day ever day. i also stopped goin out in the sun as much so that could be why as well (for some reason i have super light sensitivity.

    Also my penis seems to be growing. For a while there it was so stubby, but now its slowly getting bigger.

    i’m not too excited about that. from my life experience, my penis size changes all the time. but i suppose that is hormone related?

    i was talkin to this girl who i like, and who likes me. And she was sayin how much she wanted sex. Now up until now i didnt give a shit about my dick. i just wanted my mental problems to get better (concentration, memory, thinking, etc), but now that im being more social im finding girls want sex, and alot of sex. It’s scary.

    Oh yeah, i am becoming more social. thats a big change i noticed. i am finding i can kinda cary on conversations with people now. before i started abstinence i couldn’t think of anything to say to anyone, and i never wanted to be bothered. so i see that improving.

    The lack of seeing a major change is kinda discouraging. i know i probably need more than 20 days, but still, i’d expect to see a greater mental improvement.

    it almost makes me wanna just say F*ck it, and masturbate and enjoy that, but then i know its not worth it.

    im scared that maybe i am too messed up and i will need hormone therapy to get better. i sure hope not.

    Either way, i’m not going to masturbate or even think about having sex for a while. i don’t want to do it at all. im starting to see it as a super evil thing, and i just want to get better.

    so anyways. Day 20! WOOT.

    the math:

    the minimum i masturbated daily was 3. Usually much more.

    so the math is 3×20=60

    i saved myself AT LEAST 60 ejaculations. i’m sure the real number would be in the 100s.



    thats good improvement Blank.

    keep your mind set focused and dont lose your concentration.



    thanks shell

    Day 24.

    I am sooo in the mood for some sex today. I have the strongest and deepest urge to release today. I haven’t had this type of urge in a really long time.

    I’ve had minor urges as i’ve written, but nothing like this. This seems deeper, and even have a really warm feeling today, ha. hard to explain.

    It’s also weird because i am in so much pain right now. I developed a bad tooth abscess which hurts like crazy. Since im in between jobs right now i cant get that treated either, but i had similar problems before that went away so that should be fine.

    I just thought it was weird that im in so much pain, and yet feeling the sexual urge, ha.

    Being in pain, and having that urge, i kinda do want to release so i can feel a bit better, but meh, i wont. i at least want to make it the entire month, so i can say i didn’t masturbate for an entire month (would be the first time in 10+ years).

    But i actually don’t plan on doing anything sexual for a while. i’d actually prefer to finally get a decent gf, and only have sex. no more masturbation, but anyways thats a while away.

    I just wanted to write about the urge.

    It actually feels good to have this urge. To have the sex feeling within me… if that makes any sense.



    I went ahead and masturbated today. had a huge urge, but really wanted to see how differently i felt.

    I did notice more brain fog happen, and also major personality changed, which wasn’t related to me being down about having masturbated, because i did want to masturbate to see if any changes happened.

    New things happen that i never really noticed before, or pretty much didnt have.

    I orgasm several times today and it really BURNED. I never had this before. I created a topic about it happening randomly after masturbating, or peeing, but never during the actual act. Also i developed bad lower back pain, wasn’t major. Felt like cramping so I wouldn’t say it was anything crazy. I don’t know if it was a cramp or not.

    instant headache afterwards as well.

    Also i had most watery discharge. Which i didn’t expect for having not done it for 27 days. The longest i’ve gone without doing it in the past 10 years. So that was a surprise.

    I felt some anxiety come on, but i’ve pretty much learned to deal with anxiety so i can control that mostly now. So i can stop and anxiety mood usually.

    I’m scared about the pain and burning orgasm. Everything about that points to prostatitis which i really dont want to have, but it makes sense after all these years of being over used. Also the watery discharge will account for that right?

    also i noticed my eyes are more light sensitive then they were in the past few weeks.

    So i know for sure its all connected in some way.

    Im not discouraged. I know i can abstain from masturbating, but i really wanted to see what would happen, and how my body would change.

    I guess i should go for 3 months or so and then masturbate to see if i get worse. 27 days isnt that long and anything i noticed was slight.

    BTW i wasnt looking for these problems. The lower right back pain, and burning during orgasm were both surprises. I was really looking at cognitive function changes, which has been my major problem for the past 10 years.

    Oh yeah, also the intense pressure and pain in testicles/tubing is back.

    Here we go again

    I’m actually happy about this because i learned that when im masturbation free, i am more social, and i seem to be less foggy, even though not really. i guess that’ll take more time.

    And the fact that i had all these problems during and after orgasm which lets me know that this infact is a problem for me.

    Before it was hard to tell because i masturbated multiple times a day and only went a couple days free.

    edit: i should also point out that i didn’t use any lotions or lube. So nothing like that affected me.



    Blank, did you ever look into the sleep apnea thing further? I suffered from apnea in the past and a lot of your symptoms sounded like mine. Especially the part about being able to sleep 12 hours a day. You also said that you had gained weight, which often cause apnea (it did mine).

    You don’t need a sleep study to tell whether you have apnea. Just get a digital voice recorder, along with a microphone you can clip to your shirt, then record yourself overnight. If you have apnea episodes you’ll be able to tell by listening to the recording.




    Not yet. I asked the doctor many times about getting a study done, but they are always concerned with doing their tests.

    I can only breath properly out of one nostril (major deviated septum in the other, tons of extra cartridge), and im mostly a mouth breather, so something i’m lookin into is Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome.

    i never even heard of that til talkin to many people that have our same symptoms.

    I wonder if having a sleeping problem, can cause sexual dysfunction, and also headaches and bad brainfog after orgasm. maybe its all connected due to the body working harder and not being able to replace/rebuilding hormones/chemicals or whatever it does.

    The only thing that ever made me not think its apnea is how i can’t see a connection between my symptoms and sleep, but i suppose there is a huge connection.

    One of my weird problems that SE doesnt explain is my constant waking up in the mirrle of the night feeling like im dying. kinda like a panic, but without any scary thoughts. It’s weird, i have this weird pressure in my chest and head, and the head part is so weird. Feels like a super weird vibration, and pressure.

    Maybe they are my sinus cavities? i dunno.

    but breathing problems while sleeping have always been my biggest suspicion.

    also used to quit breathing alot as a baby, and was always sick back then.

    man im just so sick of this shit. how confusing it is, and how many possibilities there are. Tired of going to the doctor for them to do their own tests, and then to pass me off as being depressed or something.

    I’m tryin to get back into seeking for help, but i really dont’ want to be let down again.



    It is weird and sad as hell to check again and again how most of our symptoms and experiences are similar. No real orgasm,watery,burning,mood swings,memory holes, time goes faster and everything got unreal,tiredness and so on.

    Hope you are doing well with the abstaining, the docs and stuff and also that your are coming back to the forum to keep us informed of your battle against fate.



    i actually quit tryin to abstain, and continued to masturbate.

    Sometimes i’m not so sure my problems are related to over masturbating. But then i notice my brain fog gets so much worse after masturbating, so then i have to accept that its most likely related.

    i mean 12 years ago when i started masturbating alot per day i’d feel weird after, so i know there is some connection, im still just not so sure.

    I was at a club on xmas eve, and was about to sleep with a girl, but i noticed i couldnt get it up, i wasnt nervous or anything, i was drunk, but it didnt happen.

    After that i got sick (developed a bad cold/flu), that lasted from like dec 26 to jan 5th, and im still having some symptoms. So during that time i haven’t masturbated, and i haven’t masturbated yet this year. My plan is just not to masturbate anymore.

    It honestly doesn’t feel good, and i dont even get the brain effects anymore (you know when you feel so good all over ,and feel like you’re in a magical place in your head ha, haven’t had that since my teen years).

    i do plan on starting relationships, and sleeping with girls, um that seems naturally, and is the only way i see of ending this masturbating habit/addiction. No way would i ever be lucky enough to sleep with a girl 5x a day, or even more than once a week.

    So im probably on day 15 of no masturbation. I’m not sure. I was so sick before the new year and doped up on cold medicine that i wasnt really alert, so i’m only counting from the new year. so 11 days.

    I haven’t had any random erections yet, and i haven’t had an orgasm while im a sleep yet, but i have been close. so many sex dreams ha.

    my libdio is slowly returning. The past few days i’ve had the strong urge to release, but like i sid no erections or anything, and i haven’t tried to get one, oh yeah, i did have morning wood today when i awoke. First time in a while.

    As i’ve said before, over sexing myself seems to be the only thing i can think of that could be causing my problems. I didnt have this brain fog problems, or anything really until a few years after i started masturbating, and i remember feeling so weird years ago after i masturbated more than once.

    I also been talking to normal people in real life. they seem to find it odd to masturbate 5+ times a day. even 1 time a day or more than twice a week sounds like alot to them, so i know its not normal now.

    But like i said. i DID notice for sure that my brain fog got worse soon after masturbating. Wasnt anxiety or anything, i was fine with masturbating. so i know its sex and not stress thats doing it.

    so i’m on my journey now of abstaining from masturbating. NOT FROM sex though. Im still a virgin at 27 years old, so i doubt it’ll have a problem with having too much sex either way, but i think this is also good to get me out and doing things with people.

    So improvements in the past 10 days of no sex at all… I am more social, but brain fog is still there. I havent had a bad migraine or headache in those 10 days besides whatever my cold/flu caused.

    But i am more social, and friendlier, ha so that part is good.

    i’ll keep updating.




    I used to be in your situation for the longest time and I didn’t realize what I was doing to my body and to myself. There were a things that helped me stop masturbation.

    1) research about the adverse effects of chronic masturbation

    2) brain fog (as you call it)

    3) Religion (This helped a lot)

    4) Acne

    1) Research

    Contrary to popular belief, masturbation is not healthy at all! Some scientist say masturbation in moderation is fine. I say No masturbation is better! Your body loses some essential nutrients when you ejaculate. Apparently there is Zinc and several vitamins and minerals your body requires.

    Some websites publish side effects of masterbation, for example:

    The side effects of such changes to the body include:

    Fatigue. Feeling tired all the time

    Lower back pain

    Stress / Anxiety

    Thinning hair / Hair Loss

    Soft / Weak Erection

    Premature Ejaculation

    Eye floaters or fuzzy vision

    Groin / Testicular Pain

    Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone

    The text in red is taken from LVracingscene, the link is as follows:

    2) Brain Fog

    Just over a year ago I started to notice that my thoughts and actions were very slow. My memory was horrible, and when ever I tried to get my point across I was very slow and couldn’t think clearly. This all went away when I stopped masturbating.

    I feel better than I have in years!! I can now carry on a conversation and get my point across.

    3) Religion

    I am a Christian and proud of it. Christian’s condemn this act, we are told that we should only do it for procreation purposes and with your wife or husband (within marriage).

    Now, I didn’t just stop masturbation cold turkey. It took some time. I reduced my frequency to once a week, which still wasn’t good enough for me. I remember that it had to be the beginning of Lent when I made the decision to stop masturbation altogether.

    Religion helped me through this difficult time for me. I turned to God as a support system. I read the bible everyday and listened to sermons online from a baptist pastor.

    4) Acne

    I cannot guarantee that your acne will all be gone if you stop masturbation once and for all, but it will reduce the amount of breakouts on your face and the severity of your acne.

    Looking back, I notice that I started getting acne right around the time I started masturbating. I am not saying they’re linked or they’re related, but I noticed and difference and I have read other message boards with the same thoughts. My acne was so severe at one point I was using make up (cover up), yes MAKE UP! I wanted to cover up all those nasty les because I didn’t want people seeing my red ugly face full of acne and zits!

    There are products out there to eliminate your acne, however, you don’t need those products if you just stop masturbating. I once went to the family doctor and debating taking ACUTANE (oral drug), this drug is so strong that it has so many side effects.

    My acne is not fully gone, but now it is mild that I can deal with it and I am not using any acne products.

    Now, I am doing a whole lot more to improve my health. I’m taking a multi-vitamin in the morning every morning and I added more fruits and vegetables in my diet, cut out caffine/alcohol/refined sugars, and started exercising more (probably not as much as I should).

    I changed my life by stopping masturbation and now you can too!

    Message me if you want more details.

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