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    I wonder what these techniques could be?

    The testimonies page rates them:

    All assuming it’s no scam, anyone got the pdf?

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    i wonder if this is accurate

    •-Males who ejaculate before penis-vaginal contact are 15 %

    •-Males who ejaculate in the first minute of penetration are 53%

    •-Males who ejaculate after two minutes of penetration are 25%

    •-Males who ejaculate after three minutes of penetration are 17%

    •-Males who ejaculate after five minutes of penetration 13%

    •-Males who ejaculate after ten minutes of penetration are 7%

    •-Males who ejaculate after fifteen minutes of penetration are 3%

    •-Males who ejaculate at their will are 0.1%

    •-Males who do not like to ejaculate at all 0.01%

    i cant imagine half of men ejaculate in the first minute.

    i always though the average was like at least 10 minutes.




    I don’t believe those numbers at all. I don’t think i was anything special and I used to be able to ejaculate at will. I might have to slow down once in a while if I got too close.

    And I’ve room mates over the years who were screwing chicks in the next room and they all lasted more than 15 minutes.



    its possible, they did a study a few decades ago, it found 75% of men to ejaculate in under 2 minutes.

    but i personally think the average to be 10 minutes, when i use to have sex, i usually went for 10 minutes about.

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