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    Many people know that massaging the internal organs will solve the stagnations, ease the pain and feel overall very good. Massaging the abdomen is important as it contains the crucial organs for digestive function and small intestine. It get easily stagnated when sitting too much in same posture and eating damp forming foods. Well its hard to massage the abdomen so here is special technique that is useful for people with various digestive problems, hanging organs, breathing problems accompanied with nose stuffiness.

    1. Go lie down on floor with your face facing the roof top.

    2. Raise your legs up and then towards your face so the abdominal organs gets pressured.

    Here is the posture as a picture:


    3. Massage then the abdomen and the small intestine, especially the soft area near the pubic bone and both sides.

    Mantak Chia has a book with over 400 pages to various internal organ massage techniques. Chi Nei Tsang I Internal Organs Chi Massage

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    omg I cant fold my body like that!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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