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    has anyone used this for PE?

    i was thinking of trying them just before sex, maybe 2x a week… not sure if it would be worth it because of the SIDES…

    i asked dr.lin, he said i could try but it may raise prolactin which could cause problems.

    but it seems the people who use SSRI, take them at a high dose and over masturbating,,,, which leads to problems.

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    I’d advise against it, try 5-htp?



    i have tried 5-htp.

    the only thing that helps is me getting wasted i can literally do my girl for hours on end.

    i doubt i’ll try SRRI… its not worth it.

    and anyways i still think my main cause is low iron, candida, hypothyroid



    yeah dont go that route max

    i still have some problems with it although not as bad as in the beginning (read my logs )

    methionine and try methyl glycine and sam-e don’t help i can conclude?

    a new theory for me regarding PE (apart from hypothyroid which can also be the problem) is diseased liver

    stomach is not functioning enough (2 to 3 bowel movements a day) so toxins build up in the system..

    a colon cleanse followed by a liver flush or liver detox should help flush out toxins from the system

    once the liver is off loaded from toxins there will be no buildup (and removal of) excess histamine

    please read up on this max and lemme know what you think.. l-methionine i didn’t try yet but one reason this might work as well is because its used a lot in supps for liver detox (lowers histamine)

    problem is according to dr schulze and natural healers that the colon must be clean first, otherwise a liver detox will not be helpful

    im seriously considering buying a greens product to improve digestion, bowel movements, get best absorbable nutrition with vitamins and the chlorella in it should help me detox (also good for amalgam dentals detox)

    keep in touch

    p.s. candida can be overcome from what i read is also by colon cleanse and general detox and filling the body with good probacteria



    some people who have high histamine levels also suffer from PE, so an anti-histamine would help them. other things you may try are a numbing spray like stud 100, St John’s wort (weak SSRI, there is only aboutt hree quality products I would consider) and yes an SSRI. I think 10mg is what they use and make sure you balance that with another dopamine agent. the anal breathing method Dr Lin talks about is very good at numbing the PC muscle but it takes quite a bit of time to get the hang of.

    speaking of PE there is a new product called PSD502, which is going phase III clinical trials for the treatment of premature ejaculation in Europe. It is a proprietary formulation of two marketed drugs, lidocaine and prilocaine, dispensed by a metered dose aerosol.

    A good book on this subject is ”Coping with premature ejaculation” which identifies 9 different types of PE. One category called neurological PE, which is a hard-wired ejaculation reflex that cannot be overidden. meditation will do well in that case.



    well my Histamine was high. also serotonin / gaba were low

    also i have low ferritin, which causes low NO production, also i have candida which PE is a known symptom, so once i fix all these i should be good

    makes sense

    i just moved up to 3 grains of ARMOUR, i was at 2.5 i think this made me tired but im not sure?

    any ideas blue, ? adrenals are in ok shape.



    the high histamine and low serotonin/Gaba are solid plausible reasons for PE. So look into improving those.

    I’m not sure about candida and PE.

    as for the thyroid and ferritin I think its a toss up. but certainly improving on them is important.

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