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    what exactly are SSRIs? i have basically no dopamine left (urine test) and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how a doc would treat it. are ssri used?

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    SSRI’s are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. It basically stops parts of the body from using serotonin by blocking receptors, therefore more gets stored in the brain. SSRI’s are not related to Dopamine.

    Be aware that doctors medications do not restore any neurotransmitters, they only block its use in certian receptors so more is stored in the brain. Once you come off the medication the receptors will then become open and the neurotransmitter will rapidly go down. The medications simply hide the problem rather than treat it.

    Have you tried tyrosine and phenylalanine? If you take both of these amino acids and a high quality, highly potent multivitamin you are likely to see results. Im talking about taking 2g of each amino acid as a daily minimum. Its no good taking 1x500mg capsule of each amino acid a day, you should be taking 4x500mg of each a day. Omega-3’s (particularly flaxseed oil containing LA) are shown to help increase Dopamine concentrations too. Essential fatty acids are also the building blocks of hormones and are highly concetrated in all glands of the body. Having a good balance of omega-3 to omega-6 is said to help regulate hormones too.



    Dont take SSRI.. it will kill your libido ….

    dont worry about dopamine

    fix hormones. dopamine will follow

    you have a serious low thyroid, stop wasting precious time and act on it.

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