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    Hi, this is my first post and have been reading all the interesting topics and cases that are covered in this great forum.

    Like most of you I have suffered SE from too much masterbation. I made myself quit cold turkey and went exactly 3 months without doing it again. When I did that I immediately had prostatitis symptoms which I never had before…definite sign of too much masturbation. The three months of abstinence have helped heal me physically but I still suffer from fatigue, depression, and low sexual drive.

    Others have suggested low testosterone or adrenal fatigue as other causes of our sexual problems besides too much masterbation. I have taken the cortisol saliva test and have bloodwork scheduled soon. Below are my saliva test results and will post my bloodwork later. I don’t know how to interpet the results as I used an online test kit versus a doctor…but my cortisol levels look ok? Any help on my results would be greatly appreciated.

    Saliva Results


    result= 1.8(pg/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 0.8-1.5


    result= 1.4(pg/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 1.0-2.5


    result= 0.056(ng/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 0.070-0.150


    result= 127.1(pg/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 75-95


    result= 20.1(pg/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 20-40


    result= 689.6(pg/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 250-450


    result= 12.9(ng/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 7.0-10

    7.1(ng/ml) @ 11:30 AM/optimal range= 3.0-6.0

    3.0(ng/ml) @ 5:00 PM/optimal range= 2.0-4.0

    1.1(ng/ml) @ 11:00 PM/optimal range= <1.5

    New Blood serum tests


    TSH= 1.810(uIU/mL)/reference interval= 0.450-4.500

    T4(Free)= 1.30(ng/dL)/reference interval= 0.61-1.76

    T3(Free)= 2.9(pg/mL)/reference interval= 2.3-4.2

    Testosterone(Total)= 361(ng/dL)/reference interval= 241-827

    Testosterone(Free)= 14.91(ng/dL)/reference interval= 5.00-21.00

    %FreeTestosterone= 4.13%/reference range= 1.5-4.20

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    You’ve got some good stats. Your Estradiol looks a little high but that wouldn’t be enough to give you fatigue and depression. You need to get your thyroid tested next TSH, T3 and T4.



    from what i have heard. Savlia testing for sex hormones is basically useless….

    you need blood serum for Testosterone, e2, and thyroid…


    result= 12.9(ng/ml) @ 7:30 AM/optimal range= 7.0-10

    7.1(ng/ml) @ 11:30 AM/optimal range= 3.0-6.0

    3.0(ng/ml) @ 5:00 PM/optimal range= 2.0-4.0

    1.1(ng/ml) @ 11:00 PM/optimal range= <1.5

    those results look quite good… seems your adrenals are working good..

    next step would be blood test for DHEAS and thyroid and all the sex hormones.



    Thanks for the quick analysis…so my next step is getting the bloodwork. I have an apointment coming up to see my doctor and I’ll ask for these tests. So if my adrenal’s are fine can someone in my case have low testosterone/hormones? The only thing I didn’t like on my results were the high DHEA-S, is the blood testing more accurate than saliva?



    Did 3 months of abstinence bring your erections back to full strength?



    I had mixed results. Within a week of stopping masturbation I began to have symptoms of prostatitis which I never experienced before. After two months it began to lessen and by the third month was completely gone. I definitely was over-masturbating and so the abstinence helped heal me physically.

    In terms of erection strength it helped a little but not much. My main trouble is keeping my erection for a length of time and going soft very quickly. I am of the belief that those of us who masterbate too much can benefit from a 3-month or longer break. Once your sexual organs heal sufficiently then you can begin again with moderation.

    Since the abstinence did not cure me completely, I believe I may be deficient in vitamins/minerals. I have been studying magnesium and zinc and will add those soon in the hopes of raising my testosterone naturally.

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