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    Its been a while since I posted, but basically Im still having problems. And not seeing much improvement.

    My hair is continuing to shed and thin, quite a bit around the hairline.

    Im having a lot of trouble going to sleep. Morning erections are still weak and infrequent. Altho I have to take responsibility for this since I have not been able to cut back on masturbating as much as I should have been. And my libido is still way down. I cannot remember when the last time I woke up feeling horny, or had an arousing dream. And getting a boner from watching a something erotic is much more difficult.

    My questions About stages of adrenal fatigue are this. I came across this post on a board about hair loss and adrenal fatigue:

    At some point while going through adrenal exhaustion you live with high

    cortisol and high DHEA levels (level1) :

    level1 high cortisol high DHEA–

    level2 high cortisol normal DHEA–

    level3 high cortisol low dhea

    level4 normal cortisol low dhea

    level5 low cortisol normal DHEA

    level6 low cortisol high DHEA

    level7 adrenal failure

    Now its been a couple months since my saliva test, which showed my cortisol and DHEA are high (1st stage/level 1). Im still having a real hard time going to sleep which would indicate to me that cortisol and DHEA are still high. Im wondering is it possible to recover while in this stage without going through all the stages? I never even knew there were different stages previous to finding this post and now it really worries me. Am i doomed to go thru all the stages until being able to begin to make a recovery?

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    Bump. Max or Pimp im hopin you guys are knowledgeable about this



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    Sooooooo then that would be A NO? As long as im dedicated to recovering?

    (ie cutting way down on masturbating, and getting enough sleep)



    just start practicing good habits

    i think you don’t have to go through all stages and can get out of a stage if you improve lifestyle



    I think losing hair would have something to do with too much DHT which continuing masturbating patterns wouldn’t help

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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