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    I already did. I post as Alex on there. They havnt answered yet. I actually just copy and pasted that whole shit from musclechat.

    Im seein shawn and Dr. O this friday.

    I want to switch from HCG mono to test cyp and HCG. and then fix thyroid . Possibly backfill with preg once that happens and I sould be good.

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    JS your latest numbers look great dude!!

    You have fantastic values for Testosterone and Vitamin D. Your blood sugar values also look good.

    If I remember correctly you were taking HCG. Is that the only thing causing all these great values?? Can you plz list out the things you are taking now??

    Btw, I got my appointment with Dr.Mariano. Can’t wait to see him



    Ya my numbers are awesome. And the best part is the numbers have been translatin to improvments in sexual function.

    Ya going super low carb has basically cured my insulin resistance despite my thyroid issues. I highly recomend you and shell switch your diet to high fat and high protein and less then 30 carbs per day. It sould stall the progress of your type two diabeties signficantly. You will also lose alot of weight. Iv gone from 220 to like 180 in 5 months with only hour long walks as my exercise.

    Ya all im takin is HCG and some basic vitamins ( vitamin D being one of them) . I want to make the switch from HCG mono to test CYp and HCG before I begin work on my thyroid.

    Congrats on the apointment. Your finally takin the right steps HC im proud of you. I know you have had this for 10 years so maybe a part of you has almost given up hope but I promise you its never to late.

    That being said do not squader this oppurtunity. do not waste your money, time and effort by encouraging Dr. M to try to heal things naturally adn what not.

    At 35 your at an age where a natural recovery is unlikely. On top of SE its totally possible your genetics and aging are simply catchin up to you on top of everything else. High E2 and insulin issues are not a sign of SE so much as genetic aging in males.

    Im really curious to see your baseline labs . please post them when you get them. And def encourage him to test all the baseline labs we have posted here ( as long as you have insurance and can afford testing, highly recomend labcorp over quest diagnostics as well) .



    I dont think low carb diets are healthy anymore

    its been shown to lower metabolism thyroid function and testosterone.

    there was a good post on some blog about how someone was doing a low carb / keto diet for about 8 years and had terrible thyroid function and testosterone and started eating a whole diet with lots of carbs and he normalized his thyroid, testosterone.




    Until I resolve my insulin resistance 100 percent I need to stick to it. I want shawn and Dr. O to give me meds for my hypothyroid anyway .

    Ill be honest I have no interest what soever in tryin to naturally fix any hormones. If i need a hormone I want to talk it directly as opposed to messing around with lifestyle factors , diet, stress etc.

    I have never seen that work for anyone.



    JS since your sexual function is pretty strong now have you started having sex again? If yes how do you feel about your performance??

    btw, thanks for your previous post. I am definitely excited about seeing one of the country’s best doctors. When I go to see him I will be having blood test results for the past 4 years. Unfortunately they were taken when I was sick but still I think Dr.M will figure out what is going on.

    Also, my insurance does not cover labcorp . I only have the option of Quest Diagnostics.



    JS that’s good you have a plan, stick to it, hopefully it’ll work

    but there’s been people that reversed insulin resistance through eating 400grams of carbs a day.

    carbs arent the problem, its the polyunsaturated fats that are the problem.

    the low carb phase is similar to the low fat phase, they dont work and cause problems long term

    I’m sure HAN will tell you that low carb diets aren’t good



    Na man. I dont plan on having sex for a while. this isnt a race for me. having sex for me isnt as simple as gettin an erection. If that was the case i coulda have been doing it months ago.

    Until I deal with every aspect of my problems and im nice and stable in several areas only then will I start a sex life again.

    Keep in mind one of my mains symptoms that started this whole mess was premature ejaculation. I never used to have it and sex without PE is amazing. I used to give me ex GF crazy orgasms cuse I could F*ck her as fast and as long as she needed to cum.

    once my PE kicked in after doing exstacy sex started to suck. i couldnt last at all. I hated sex with PE. I wouldnt even call it sex. Stickin ur dick in a vagina and nuttin after 30 seconds is so wack for everyone involved to the point that Its not even sex in my opinion.

    So basically im not gona start having sex util Iv fixed, testosterone, E2, thyroid, adrenals, neurotransmiters.

    Once I have all that done Im gona F*ck some hookers and see how things are.

    If no PE then we the F*ck out im back in the game.




    polyunsaturated fats? Thats crazy man iv never heard that. No offense seems kinda out there but whatever im open to all sorts of new info. The low carb worked awesome for me though so for the time being Im gona stick to it. I def think Han will say dont but whatever will see how things.

    I have no doubt in my mind that my plan will restore my health. The only problem is getting han and Dr.O to go along with it 100 percent. Im prayin they just listen to me and everything works out. I dont know how much more heartbreak I can take lol.



    JS how is PE defined exactly?? Is there a certain amount of time that you should be able to F*ck?? How many minutes were you able to do your gf before this whole mess started?

    Since I have never had sex I don’t understand what ppl mean when they say PE. If you can give me numbers that would help me.

    Also, you don’t have any hesitation banging hookers?



    When I first started having sex I could go forever. Literally I would say the vast majority of the time no matter how hard or how fast or how much the girl moaned I could not get get off from straight vaginal intercourse. This was the case for basicially the first year of my relationship and it was awesome. I used to make my ex literally squirt all over the bed. She loved the shit outa me….god damit.

    fast forward a few months and I do exstacy, xanax, up my masterbation to excesive and start smokin weed excesively and I start cuming in literally anywhere from 10 seconds to like 3 minutes. The premature ejac really started for me after the 2nd time I did exstacy . literally the week b4 the 2nd exstacy ttrip I had could last as long as I needed and 2 weeks after I was cuumin in 30 seconds. thats part of the reason why im so convinced that this is biochemical in nature. Because of how things happend to me.

    how would you define PE? sorta up to the person. My personal goal is to be able to last as long as I want and as long as the girl needs to get off. Thats super important to me.

    But alot of guys could give a F*ck less about PE. and are all aboutjust gettin their nuts off. so once agian up to the person to decide . but anythign below 7-8 minutes in my optionion is a weak performance.

    Your goals sould be to be able to go 10 minutes plus at least. You want the girl to be able to enjoy that shit.

    The hookers I have no problem with. I dont care I need to go know im “fixed” before I attempt shit with real girls.



    Seriously man. There is nothing like personal experience. In my case I went from extremely strong sexual function to limp dick in a matter of 7 to 8 months. The only thing that happened during those months were getting addicted to porn and ejaculating like eight times a day. I have never touched drugs, never had too much alcohol, never done heavy weight training. So I know for sure that I caused this damage by exhausting my organs

    The reason I asked this question is because I now have a chance to have sex with a milf. I ran into a woman (she is around 40) in CVS and she out right asked me if I was single and want to come home to have some “fun”. I got her number and kissed her couple of times. But I am not sure if having sex with this woman (that is not a girlfriend) is a good idea. Even if I decide to have sex I don’t know what to do with my fuckin limp dick. I met her almost 5 weeks back and she must be wondering why I haven’t called her yet. I am pretty much in manbearpig’s situation. F*ck SE




    read this article it should clear things up about Fats.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    Its part of controlling the out-range glucose and insulin, iam already with such regime (30-50grams) but it seems that the more the food restriction i bound my self to ,, the more i feel exhausted .

    as for the results is there is any difference with a 26 cortisol and 17 cortisol?

    another point is that your insulin levels is almost abundant…the same for E2

    good luck with your upcoming visit to HAN



    Its part of controlling the out-range glucose and insulin, iam already with such regime (30-50grams) but it seems that the more the food restriction i bound my self to ,, the more i feel exhausted .

    as for the results is there is any difference with a 26 cortisol and 17 cortisol?

    another point is that your insulin levels is almost abundant…the same for E2

    good luck with your upcoming visit to HAN

    I need to back off liquidex.

    The visit with Han went really well. him and Dr. O are gona be my primary doctors.

    Were gona stick with HCG 200 IU ED. No liquidex. Just TTMG and ZINC for e2.

    and were adding in ERFA thyroid 1 grain plus cytomel 10 mcg.



    are you going to use any testosterone?




    Na unfortunatly. I tried I really did. Im sure if shawn could write precriptions he woulda gave it to me cuse I brought up some really good points. But he was like Overbeck is really hesitant to give it to young guys.

    But honestly for the time being im cool with that . HCG gets my test to really good levels so ill roll with that for the time being and work on the thyroid aspect of my health.

    My goals are to be tuned up for test, e2, thyroid, adrenals before I start neurotransmitters. And HCG is a tad bit unrealiable in my opinion thats why id prefer the test cyp and HCG combo but whatever for the time being.

    Im makin shawn and dr. O my primary health doctors but iv got two upcomin apointments with other specialists that im gona go to and if given the oppurtunity for Test cyp will def take it.

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