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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this forum so forgive me if I overstep any proticols. First let me start by saying that I would not wish this problem on anyone. Second, havening said that, I’m glad I have found this forum with so much knowledge collected in it. For the past year I’ve been walking around hopeless. I see that most threads have posted brief histories and test results so…..

    I have been a sex/masturbation addict since I was 12. I am now 32. I first noticed seminal leakage in my mid 20’s but thought nothing of it. I was just happy to be getting “Some”. But last year after turning 31 I noticed that it was becoming harder and harding to get an erection and that I was having no morning erections as well. Currently I can get an erection with a little work but it is not even close to being full like normal and only last about 20 min. I have been from Dr. to Dr. and they all pone it off on stress, etc. Most of the ones I’ve vistited are quacks and rush you in and out so fast it’s a wonder they even hear your problem. Anyway, my only comfort is that I have be away from my family for a while and have a few months to get this figured out if possible. I have noticed if I get to sleep at around 9, if I wake up in the middle of night for any reason I do have full strong erections. Keep in mine my first blood test showed that my test levels were as low as 64. Man was I feeling terrible. O yeah almost forgot, last week I was having he burning adrenaline feeling in the left side of my stomach. Anyway, any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance guys.

    Tests completed about 4 months ago.


    LH, SERUM <0.2

    FSH, SERUM <0.7

    T3, FREE 376

    T4 FREE 1.0



    TEST TOTAL 331

    TEST FREE 17.7

    PS. I have tomaxifen on the way. I was desperate and was reaching out for any possible solutions before I’d found this forum. The current supplements that I have been taken every morning for a week are:


    Chromium picolinate




    Vitamin D

    B complex shots

    Fish oil x2

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    Visit an Endocrinologist & recheck your Hormones again



    TEST TOTAL 331

    thats low



    Yeah, well you need to get a lot more checked out. What I can take from that though is that prolactin is high.. According to it should be at 2. Mine was at 6 the last time I got it checked. Also testosterone is low which you can fix through either supplements or something under doctors permission. I would not just hope on to take tomaxifin, that’s a bad decision bro. Look into clomid and see if your doctor can run you on that re check everything and make sure you are getting good sleep taking vitamin d. Most people with low testosterone are either deficient or insufficient in vitamin d



    I was in your position but as I look back a lot of effort went to waste because I was still addicted to porn and masturbation I would buy more and more supplements and keep taking them in larger doses each time I got pissed off that i jerked off again. Be extremly care, your first step before taking anything should be to stop mastubating and watching porn. Get away from that shit set goals and as you accomplish them then start planning on supplements and such. Your body is already getting depleated of vitamins my jerking off so much so you solve that and your body is more abundant in vitamin/minerals and supplementing after that would be wise with things such as vitamin d zinc and selenium. Just go slow you won’t be able to hit it all at once trust me bro.. Just pace yourself porn sex addiction is one of the most dangerous addictions, destroys health, lowers testosterone, causes things to get completly messed up, I have blood tests of proof bro.. Any way good luck and ask your doctor for more tests to assess many areas. You have to rule out everything for example.. check vitamin deficiences, neurotransmitters, recheck testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, free testosterone, check vitamin d that is essential to check if your t is low. Just in general check as much as possible and get your doctor to listen to you..



    if you do want to do a restart there is no problem taking either tamoxifen or clomid, both are good for this purpose.. depends on what you tolerate best and works for you

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