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    all the stuff i’m learning in biology pertains to us a lot… basically our cells have rapidly divided for long periods of time and as a result, are now deteriorated and mutated, just as the cells that compose the elderly are. Although there is stuff we can do to ameliorate our conditions, the damage is ultimately irreversible. Stem cells, however, CAN actually undo the atrophy our cells have undergone.

    The following is right out of my bio notes:

    Unique Properties of Stem Cells

    1. Stem cells are unspecialized cells with the power to

    self-renewthrough mitosis, sometimes after long periods

    of inactivity. Can grow and make copies of themselves

    for many years.

    2. Stem cells are undifferentiated. Under physiologic or

    experimental conditions, they can become induced to

    differentiate into tissue or organ specific cells. In some

    organs ie. gut, bone marrow, stem cells regularly divide to

    repair and replace worn out or damaged tissues. In other

    organs ie. heart, pancreas, stem cells only divide under

    special conditions.

    idk how we can get stem cells, but that seems to be the only real solution at this point in my honest opinion.

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    TRT is an option.



    You would think by now that Stem Cell therapy would be available in the U.S.

    It is indeed available outside the U.S. in places like the Ukraine and China. I believe that this condition of ours would be greatly healed by stem cell therapy. For now though, like Max said, Hormone Replacement therapy is a viable option. I am not one to want to take that route just yet, but I think by the end of the year if my T levels haven’t shot up to 600 naturally, than it is a route I will consider. Right now my T levels are in the 430’s, does anyone know if I have a chance to boost them to the 600s or should I be already considering T therapy? I have abstained for 8 months now, kept a 95% clean diet, excercise regularly and take many supplements like 5htp, multivit, b complex, fish oil, lavender, and so on. I guess Id rather know now that my levels arent going to go up any higher, so that I can save time and just get shot up already. I am 26 soon to be 27 and my case started off as severe … low low T levels in the low 200s… Any thoughts appreciated.



    They’re actually making a lot of progress with stem cell research and it’s become more and more of an option. I think they just passed a law or something saying they could use it on people with spinal cord injuries.

    The thing is our cells that are responsible for the functioning of the areas that are fucked up for us are aged, damaged, and mutated. There are over 220 different types of cells in the body, and cell renewal is critical. Telomeres, which protect the cell, shorten with each replication, and those are surely quite deteriorated by now. When a cell is mutated during replication or has any sort of abnormalities, it undergoes apoptosis (cell suicide/death).

    So basically most of the cells that are responsible for producing testosterone and all the other factors involved in everything we are trying to heal have been destroyed or damaged. In order to restore proper functioning as normal human beings those cells must be rejuvenated. The supplements and healthy lifestyles we strive for and everything merely allow the cells that we have left to function at an optimal level, but doesn’t address the root of the problem. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to address the problem- that’s why we all die. Stem cells are a loophole, but it is very futile we can actually use them. I suppose hormone replacement therapy could work to an extent, but could also lead to all sorts of problems. Our bodies create this stuff from the inside and it all fluctuates naturally according to sleep, mood, and several other variables, and there is no way for an injection to replicate what our bodies have programmed over thousands of years of evolution.



    i thought u were making progress by taking the aproach you have? have u reached a plateu in ur healin and mood or are just saying that you dont think your T levels will recover any more on their own? andy ya stem cell therpay would be sick could prob cure this in a month




    That’s true but its fairly safe and effective, there’s some guys that have been on TRT for 20 years with no apparent side effects.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for stem cell research to cure ED.



    You’ve got a very good point there, max. Are you on HRP right now or have you been on it before? If so, what was/is your experience with it?



    It’s funny because you can abuse steroids for years, and still recover hormonally.

    Here are a few cases:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] << Very interesting testosterone restorer. Even after 13 years of steroid abuse, and clomid and hCG didn’t restore his testosterone production, a single dose of triptorelin restores his testosterone fully. Testosterone completely stabalised after 10 days.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    im not on TRT…

    im only one thyroid, cortef and i just started pregnenolone.



    Max are you still on Armor?

    I heard they got shut down or theres no supply left.



    im still on armour yes.

    i just picked up a refil tdoay…



    Yeah Js I believe my healing has hit a plateu T levels haven’t budged at all the past couple of months. I am very upset about that currently. Of course I have never felt better mentally or physically in a very long time, but their was a time I was of course a lot better. I’d like to see my T get up to the higher 600s as I’ve read that for my age this is where they should be at. I am considering hormone therapy at this point. I do not think my body is able to fully heal now. I could of course abstain for a bit longer…but what would that really do. Even if my levels went up, what if they shot back down again after ejaculating…I’d be right back at square 1. I am at a loss right now really.



    well before you tried something as drastic as HRT wouldnt you rather try clomid and HCG? iv read some good stuff about their use and if worst came to worse if they didnt work then i guess you could go on HRT? by the way what are or were your symptoms im really curious if you dont mind?



    also……your T wouldnt neccasarily drop back once you started ejaculating as long as you didnt over do it. at least i dont see why it would.



    Max do you know any reliable sites to buy Armour from without a perscription?

    Alldaychemist don’t sell it.

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