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    Just wanted to say this is an awesome and highly informative sight. I know its pretty well known by the whole forum community but I figured id post it here for anyone who needs to read up about fixing their thyroid.

    Till a few weeks ago I largely ignored most thyroid information and focused on other stuff. But since I need to have this taken care of as well iv spent the last few days reading up on it. Its a great website and you can really learn everything you need to do to amend the issues. They explain the whole cortisol and thyroid connection, RT3 so i highly recomend it .

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    great site.

    so if they claim that T4 alone does not work most of the time.. why did Dr. M put you on T4?



    great question……I have no fucking clue. When i talk to him im gona say i want to go on T3. But I gotta get my adrenals optimized first. So i gotta see what he says. On tuesday im starting a theraputic trial with preg cream. Ill see how I feel on that at 15 mg in the morning. If I notice more energy and cortisol boostin then im gona stick with that. If not then during my phone consult im gona be like its time for cortef . The problem is everything takes so long with testing and figuring out dosign and shit.

    Whatever i gotta wait and see for now.

    But T4 is retarted especially since i have high RT3…..I cant wait to see the results I bet my Rt3 is over range.



    ya dr m has me on t4 also and i dont feel good on it at all ive been having severe heart palpations so i stopped taking it and now a week later my heart is back to normal and on 2 grains of armour my t3 was to high , dammit hate this shit…..



    T4 works good when your body is in a good shape, but when your liver synthesis is low + adrenals issues is obvious than expect nothing then maximized exhaustion.

    As from what you say, i think your RT3 isnt high unless there is a deficiency which is probably iron and iron storage aka ferritin, Vitamin D , and Magnesium

    here is a good website for RT3 dominance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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