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    I slipped again today, and im of course irritated. I can see that when i stop my destructive behavior I recover very slowly.

    I have tried everything meditation, deep breathing, hypnosis, Planning bla bla bla.

    I have to continue fighting so what are some good techniques to improve or maybe even make me strong enough to win over this.

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    if you watch porn then its your main problem and you should read and acknowledge that this addiction will take time.

    If not then you have a cycle in your head and you need to break it down.

    this cycle will keep iterating if you don’t take the right steps such as identify your problem, know the causes that leads you to masturbate, list down how did you manged to be sober for 2 weeks ..etc.



    called will power and determination..

    What mind believes the body achieves…

    Excuses are the only reason for failure…



    i havent been on this site in a long time; all i have to say is that it is really is in the head… i now have all the willpower to resist porn as i need. for a while it was extremely hard and i didnt have the strength to stop, but after a while of cutting back it gets much easier. stop thinking about stopping and find something else to do.

    to give hope to everyone out there trying to recover (which i certainly needed), just know that you can recover; you just need time. you became sexually exhausted after many years of excessive sexual activity–– now you must take some time to regain that equilibrium. i can basically say im recovered–– my orgasms are amazing, my energy is stable and substantial, after ejaculating i don’t feel depleted and lethargic (i actually feel refreshed and am in a better mood), etc.

    also, in order to recover, it is essential that you believe in yourself. all this stuff on sexual exhaustion lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel hopeless. optimism, self-esteem, and all these sorts of things are vital to happiness and well-being, which is vital to recovery.

    wish you all the best



    I’ve never understood addiction completely. Sometimes I can go without porn and masturbation for months, other times i feel hooked. Same with smoking.

    Addictions are just bad habits. Try practicing being in the now, or focus on sensations and feeling the body, and try to not think. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is so true to it’s word, we are addicted to the mind, thinking.



    Also 30 minutes of exercise a day has been beneficial for people. There’s a book called Spark that talks about exercises neurochemical effects on the brain, and how it helps reduce cravings and depression.



    for me the trick was this. dont think about not watching porn. think about what you need to do instead. focus on progressing in your life and youll realize how stupid porn is. think about work, school, family, friends, and hobbies. you may fall back and relapse but keep trying. it pays off.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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