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    First,this might not be related to SE.Gotta tell you I’ve been on antidepressants for 3 years.First one was Xanax then I can’t remember what.Last one was Rexetin which I’ve been taking for ~8 months.

    As I sead this might NOT be related to SE!

    The pill was cut in half and I’ve been taking it for months then only every other day and cold turkey.The reason why I stopped is because I was getting “better” in socializing,not chicken out in public etc. and because I started to experience symptoms of SE like brain fog,memory loss.

    Now that was in april and these symptoms are just as bad as they were back then.

    What’s that strange symptom that takes a whole new topic?

    Very hard to describe.It’s like you’re walking in a dream everyday.You don’t feel ALIVE although you could have maximum energy levels and do your thing without problems.It’s not that your in front of computer for a long time.Wether you sit in front of PC or go out running and breathing heavy like crazy,weather you woke up in the morning or already working on 100%.An hour seems like 10-20 minutes and you feel like you are in a dream and can’t wake up from it.Very very very hard to describe.What kind of medical condition could this be and do you have this? Basically you just lost the feeling of being A L I V E.Time runs like crazy.This is not depression,I had depression for years before antidepressans and I swear those pill shits fucked up my brain and never overdosed them ever.

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    I used to get these when i over masturbate setting in front of porn all thru the week

    the symptoms ranges from

    Emotion less , lethargic

    Blackouts ( out of a sudden u lose your concentration in a converstion)

    forgetting things quickly and recall it after a while

    these are related to Hormones Neurotransmitters and finally severe nutritional deficiency



    Yeap, I have usually that season. I even have poems about it xD. It is like my madness have reached an optimum level, i fell like I could actually leave the book that i am reading (Karamazov Brothers) and jump of the window, singing. Hours like minutes, days go fast,sun, rain, fog, laughs,beer and is all like a strange nightmare, the other day I thought that the hand, the whole scene I could see from my eyes was like a videogame and I could do something like for example trow the milk with the cereals to te people under my flat, because it was not REAL.

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