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    i am 20 year old man and involved in masturbation from age 13. i don’t think i ejaculated too frequently at the beginning ( 3 times a week) but still got stunted growth. During first year of start of masturbation i saw sudden changes in body like facial, pubic, chest hair emergence, faster increase in body height but chest, muscle etc growth did not happen. After 2 years all growth stopped and i felt it was due to masturbation that might have brought some changes in body chemistry but not in everybody’s case this happens as many other students didn’t get affected. But i can say all of them saw a period of fast growth followed by complete stop (at least in some cases) before the age till when body still grows , i take that to be an age of 18-19 years old. i don’t think it is repairable atleast without medicines. i now feel tired as well as lack concentration.

    please give your views and if i can improve my health.

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    i dont think masturbating caused those problems

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