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    I’m not sure if many of you have heard about the subliminal messages about sex in many places of advertising, and in a lot in children Disney movies. But here is a youtube video and a really good website highlighting many examples.

    Could this have been one of the reasons we became highly addicted to masturbation? You decide.

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    i agree, sex is everywhere in our society. from our low quality television shows to billboards to even children’s entertainment. America is polluted with it and i hate it. all these standards of preforming well with cialis and growing with extenze has brought standards way high. they’ve been successful in persuading society that we aren’t good enough, not even in the bedroom. if it wasn’t for the horrible lifestyles the culture has imposed on us we would be just fine. but it’s okay, we are among the few that have been put in a position to recognize the truth and truly appreciate sex for what it is. we are all given the power to overcome this! which in my eyes is a blessing and not a curse

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