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    Aged 30, got depression 4 years ago and my treatment included medicine, CBT and EMDR. Now I think i am cured 90% if not totally, can sleep well without any sleeping pill.

    However I feel tired most of the time. Easy to get cold/flu. Have had blood test but nothing usual found(detail below). Feeling exhausted after ejaculation: foggy thinking, headlightness, loss of memory..

    In addition, i have been exercising regularly, running / weight lifting in gym, swimming..etc, helps a bit

    Then switched to chinese medicine/supplement and been drinking herbal tea prescribed by chinese doctor and feeling much better. However when weather changes, i will catch a cold/flu easily.

    I want to see a speciality doctor and have him checked my hormone level but i dunno what to start with. Also wonder if the test result will be affected by the herbal tea because i take it almost every day. Anyone of you has really been tested and diagnosied with Adrenal Insufficiency?

    The following all within normal range

    Alkaline Phosphatase 87U/L (up to 126)

    Bilirubin, Total 0.5mg/dL (up to 1.5)

    Proetin, Total 7.8g/dL (6.3-8.2)

    Albuin 4.8g/dL (3.5-5)

    Globulin 3.0g/dL (2.0-3.5)

    GSOT/AST 24U/L (up to 50)

    SGPT/ALT 32U/L (Up to 72)

    Gamma GT 19U/L (up to 7

    CPK 103U/L (up to 170)

    Uric Acid 4.8mg/dL (3.5-8.5)

    Glucose 77mg/dL (fasting 65-110)

    Urea 21mg/dL (19-43)

    Creatineine 1.19mg/dL (0.7-1.5)

    Sodium 142mmol/L (137-150)

    Potassium 4.4mmol/L (3.6-5.4)

    Chlordie 99mmol/L (98-107)

    Calcium 9.6mg/dL (8.4-10.2)

    Phosphorus 3.1mg/dL (2.5-4.5)

    *Direct Coronary Risk profile

    Cholesterol, Total 169mg/dL (desirable < 200)

    HDL Cholesterol 51mg.dL (Low< 40, High(desirable)>60)

    LDL Cholesterol, Direct 107mg/dL (Near or above optimal 100-129)

    VLDL Cholesterol, by Calc 11mg/dL (Up to 62)

    Triglycerides 117mg/dL (Normal(fasting)<150)

    T4(by CMIA) euthyroid 7.4 ug/dL (4.8-11.7)

    *Haematology – CBC Report

    Result Ref. Range

    WBC 9.2 K/uL 4.0-11.0

    Neutrophils 6.3 K/uL 1.4-8.5

    Lymphocytes 2.0 K/uL 1.0-4.8

    Monocytes 0.5 K/uL up to 1.4

    Eosinophils 0.2 K/uL up to 0.7

    Baseopils 0.0 K/uL up to 0.5

    *RBC & Morphology

    RBC Count 5.03 M/uL 4.3-6

    Haemoglobin 14.6 g/dL 13.5-18

    Haematocrit 41.2% 40-54

    MCV 82.1 fL 81-100

    MCH 29.1 pg 27-34

    MCHC 35.4 g/dL 30-36

    RDW 13.8 % 10.5-14.5


    Platelet Count 144 k/uL 130-440

    MPV 9.3 fL 7.0-13.5

    ESR 3 mm/hr (Males < 50 yrs 0-15)


    Macroscopic exam

    Color Yellow

    Appearance Clear

    Glucose Negative

    Bilirubin Negative

    Ketones Negative

    Specific Gravity 1.015 (1.003-1.030)

    Blood Negative

    pH 7.5 (4.5-

    Protein Negative

    Urobilinogen No Excess

    Nitrite Negative

    Microscopic exam

    RBC 1 cells/uL Up to 20

    WBC 1 cells/uL up to 30

    Epithelial cells Nil

    Bateria Nil

    Casts Nil

    Crystals Nil

    Yeast like cells Nil

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    Total Testosterone

    Free Testosterone

    Bio available Testosterone

    Estraidol Ultrasensitive (e2)






    Free T3

    Free T3

    TgAB and TPO (thyroid antibodies)

    24hr Salvia Cortisol

    these Tests below from GDX would be the best to get… i highly recommend finding a doctor to do these tests on you.

    wow if anyone could get everything i posted…. you would clearly see everything thats going on,,, you would be able to see the root cause and get to optimal health very fast.



    Thanks for your advice. Should a see a specialist in ‘Internal Medicine’ or ‘Neurology’ ?



    call around first and see if they will do those test…

    id say at least ask them if they do Testoserone, Estraidol, SHBG, Free T3, TSH.

    you could try to find a D.O doctor (osteopathic)

    where are you from?



    I am actually from Hong Kong. Here the medical follows that in common wealth. If i see a General Practitioner, i will be advised to forget it and go to get more sleep.



    the only thing i can say is getting the blood tests done… if you cant

    try abstaining a bit, avoid porn, avoid internet, take up new hobbies, get more sun and fresh air, exercise more (yoga, walking or running, weight training), you could try zinc and magnesium…. eat a lot fish and sea vegetables if you can, being from hong kong



    Ok, thanks.I may try a General Practitioner once again. Last time that a GP told me not to spend anymore money on it, just get more sleep and i will be fine as i showed him my test result and he scratched his head and didn’t find anything wrong.

    By the way, he told me if there is some problem with the hormone, the mineral in my blood like sodium will show abnormal result, i am no doctor so i am not sure. Any thought?



    Finally have my GP done some additional test:

    result units ref

    1. 24 hour urine cortisol

    24 hour urine volume 2600 ml

    urine cortisol 3.24 ug/dl —

    total output of cortisol unextracted 84.2 ug/24hrs 9.7-120.6

    2. blood test

    calcium 2.3 mmol/l 2.1-2.7

    magnesium 2.2 mg/dl 2.1-2.8

    Free T4 1.13 ng/dl 0.70 – 1.90

    All are within normal range, and not boundary. My GP has no idea what could possibly cause my tiredness except sleep suffocation, heart problem or canceer but they are all not likely.

    HE also rule out that my testoreone is too much of insufficient becuase they can be told by symptoms like enlarged breast.. so basically i am healthy according to him.

    Has anyone of you ever got positive result indicating you are suffering from hormone problem which lead to the exhaustion?




    Total testosterone

    Free testosterone

    Bioavailable testosterone

    Estradiol – ultra sensitive essay <29 range ( NOT RAPID )








    IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1)



    Free t-3

    Free t-4

    Reverse T-3

    Thyroid binding globulin

    TPO – Antithyroid Peroxidase Antibody

    TGaB – Thyroid globulin antibody

    Cortisol binding globulin

    Cortisol am total and free

    24 hour cortisol urine test


    CMP with liver panel




    Lipid profile


    Free insulin

    Fasting insulin

    C-reactive protein

    hemoglobin A1c (Ha1c)






    Fatigue > Have you symptoms only after ejaculation ? How many days ?

    Did you make the bloodtest after ejaculation or not ?



    Yes i would like to know if you should be getting blood work after ejaculation, when conditions are at worst



    Yes, I think so.



    it doesnt matter really… get tested 2-3 days after an ejaculation



    It’s not my opinion, at least for cases suffering especially days after orgasm. 2 or 3 days later the levels of neurotransmitters and hormones are back to normal and the bloodtest is useless.

    Of course it’s just my opinion and everybody is different.

    I recommand be careful with high glycemic index food.



    It’s not going to make a differnce on a hormonal levels though, the only test it will maybe make a difference is Prolactin..




    First of all you are magnesium defieincy with serum that low one can only imagine what your intracellular is like

    Your dr is a complete moron and has not looked at other factors that are not even linked to low testosterone. Bring in hong kong you are right near the biggest port in the world where alot of fish comes through. If you diet is mainly fish based protein then if it has not occured that potentially alot of symptoms could be related to your dietary imbalances of excessive fish consumptoms causing alteration in your cell membranes which can be affected your response to insulin. Insulin imbalances can cause alteration in all hormones especially testosterone and gh levels. Your thyroid could be ok, but again your dr has not ruled out other factors. urine tests are not worth the plastic can you piss into. You need saliva cortisol test that you can order from ZRT or any other labs. Actually alot of the alternative labs have locations in China.. One dr just needs to look past their nose.

    HAHA MADmax the list kind of looks all to familar

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