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    Quick question guys maybe someone with some knowledge of how supplements work can give me some anwsers , basiclly i want to know if supplements should be taken alone apart from each other to absorb the full effective , or would it be ok lets say to take 3 or 4 supplements at one time? if i were to take 3 or 4 supplements at one time with each one of those get absorbed the same it would if i took them alone apart from each other? can anyone elaborate more on this?

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    Taking them at the same time is fine, however the best time to take meds/supplements is while eating.

    My dad had a double lung transplant and has to take tons of meds for the rest of his life, so he knows all about this.

    Edit: Unless of course you’re taking two supplements with the same ingredients. I.E: Don’t take a multi at the same time as taking another vitamin, take the multi at night, and the secluded vitamin in the morning. I need to supplement B12, but my multi already has B vitamins in it, so I take my B12 in the morning and my multi in the evening.



    Im sorry about your dad technical i hope hes doing better , one combination i was thinking would be something like trytophan + choline + tyrosine + gaba lets say all taken at once , yet i have a feeling if taken seperatly the effects would be better if absorbed alone? seems like you know more about this so im going take your word for it , taking them throughout the day would be a headache and i already have to take enough things as it is so i rather just take all my supplements once or twice in the day.



    Most chemicals that enter your body have different receptors and uptakes, so flooding your system with tons of chemicals won’t make a difference as long as they have different receptors. It’s best to give those receptors time to uptake incoming chemicals, otherwise you will have a flood of chemicals too large, and the excess is urinated out of your body.

    I would have to look up those chemicals to tell you if their receptors are the same, but I mean Gaba is such a large factor in the brain that it definitely wouldn’t interfere with the other ones. I know that Tyrosine and tryptophan both travel down the same pathways, so they may be competitive. I suggest taking those two seperately.

    Edit: So yeah, I wasn’t sure what you were talking about, but you’re talking about neurotransmitters, forget what I said about the eating thing, neurotransmitter intake is best on an empty stomach, it’s different than vitamins.

    Take the tyrosine in the morning, and the trypto at night. Gaba intake can be taken morning or night.

    I’ve also read interesting information in my psychology classes at Uni about the links between choline and memory consolidation. I think it’s best to have your choline in the morning, rather than night.



    Tyrosine and tryptophan compete wih each other. Like technical said take them seperatly and tyrosine in the morning and early afternoon. tryptophan later in the day. both empty stomach and its believed that both are absorbed better with an insulin spike ( glass of juice). You also need p5p….very important for converting them to said neurotransmitters.

    When its comes to GABA……unless your taking it in mega doses its useless and wont cross the blood brain barrier in any signficant amount.

    Iv read of peoples accounts claiming that taking it sublingually they felt the effects more. YUHU also said this but this is debatable and your obviously taking a risk and once agian need mega doses ( 5-10 grams i believe. rather inconvenient).

    My recomeddation for GABA is glutamine in high doses….im taking 20 grams a day split into 4 doses. also p5p is neccesary as well.

    ALSO……when taking tryptophan take it everytime with niacinamide. This tells your body that you have enough niacin and it wont use the tryptophan to make niacin and more will get shuttled down the serotonin pathway.

    you may also want to consider glycine and taurine because there inhibititory and assist/mimic GABA in many functions.

    You can take taurine glycine and glutamine at the same time that you take tyrosine and tryptophan because they dont compete, or at least not as much as phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan, valine, and leucine do with each other. However there is a possibilty that taking glutamine, glycine, taurine at the same time as tyrosine will dimimish the stimulatory effects .

    I know that you have doubts about the effects of amino acids…..i understand your skepticism . I also agree with you that they will NOT heal the hormonal aspect of SE and are only part of the solution( as long as you have s neuro imbalance). you have choosen a great route in that you healed your hormones first and are now focusing on the fine tuning the details.

    I wanna tell you my experience and then you can judge for yourself the effectiveness.

    Iv been able to chemically cure my PE several times since this all started.

    1) really high doses of 5htp(800-1000 mg a day) for several days then had sex. lasted 25 minutes

    2) again high dose 5htp and high dose picamilion for several days.

    3) high dose tryptophan and high dose picamilion( GABA derivative) for several days.

    4) high dose tryptophan and phenibut( GABA deriviative )

    Ill do my best to explain why i think this works so well for me and why its not placebo .

    I have both low serotonin and Low dopamine( GABA as well but not as important). however I have PE because the serotonin is severely low and the dopamine was higher so naturally the control system on norepinephrine spiking is weak and it didnt take me much stimulation to reach orgasm. So in MY CASE it only takes a few days to alter my biochemistry to have higher serotonin and GABA and lower the dopamine.

    I tried many of the above mentioned methods with my EX over the summer. I figured it was the perfect time to experiment and see what works and what dosnt. Some more examples.

    Everytime iv cured my PE its been like this . 4 or 5 days before I would have sex or get a Bj and would get that overwhelming sensation within secconds, tops a minute or two( before SE could last ages so im really good at tellin the difference). Despite my best efforts and distractions i could not hold back my ejaculation.

    After supplementing for 4 or 7 days the difference would always be massive. Completly different sensations, still felt good but it would take signficantly more stimulation and time to reach that orgasm point. So the usual one minute…went to anywere from ten to 30 minutes( depending on how long supplementing and intensity of sex, the girl etc etc)

    Ill also tell you what happend to me last night. its day 15 or so of my amino acid protocol(its in my log if you wanna take a look) . Im curently taking high doses of only inhibitatory amino acids. The first couple days i felt really sleepy and lazy all day. I also felt signifcantly more stress free and optimistic about SE . the next few days my ADD(like i mentioned i have low dopamine as well) got even worse. I found myself having even more trouble concentrating during tests, class, movies, even conversations. I know that dopamine and norepinephrine are responsible for those exact functions so i knew that the protocol was working.

    anway last night i jerked off for the first time in since the start of the protocol. Before when i was on Hans methylation protocol, or when i wasnt taking any supps I would have PE even while masterbating ( this is how i knew something was up when i first got SE and it wasnt performance anxiety or sex being to much for me) . Usually while masterbating if i increased my speed even a little bit i would get the urge to cum anywere from 10seconds -2 minutes especailly if i ran my hands over the glans with any kind of rythm and speed. There were even times (when still watching porn) that i would ejaculate without being full hard(80 percent hard or so , sometimes less)

    Last night ill be honest it took me a while to stimulte an erection. It was alot harder for me to get aroused. Another clear sign of lowered dopamine and norepinephrine( also lowish T)

    anyway once i got the erection….the sensations were totally different yet again. i honeslty masterbated for 30 minutes or so . I was doing it late at night so i wouldnt be disturbded in any way shape or form and could really test shit out.

    I stroked vigourously on the glans, i had steady rythm , i stimulated all my orgasm trigger points several times. It took me a very steady, consistent, and vigorous speed to stimulate an orgasm at the end. It was clear to me that if I had a girl with me I would have been able to last as long as i needed to( I was having erection troubles though but i think once it was in i woulda been good ).

    I know ur prob thinking masterbation is no way to tell if u have PE blah blah blah. and I agree with you. the best way to tell is natural sex. However like i mentioned iv been able to cure this before the and the experience last night was just another example of that.

    also…..before SE i had severe trouble cumming sometimes. I really had to hammer on my dick to get it off sometimes( this was obviosuly due to masterbatin all the time ) . Anyway due to the fact that since finding out about SE iv cut masterbation down signficantly my dick is alot more sensitive and receptive to stimulation. So it is easier for me to get an orgasm. However last night once again big difference and not so easy.

    anyway……i understand if you guys wanna call me out on this and be like ur full of shit thats placebo effect, masterbation is no way to tell. Fine i wont even argue. Im sending out my next neurotransmitter, amino acid, and fractured catecholomines test in ten days or so. Sould have the results in three or 4 weeks. Will talk about it then.

    Also as a side not……i dont recomend 5htp because it takes huge quantities for it to actually make it into the brain in signficant doses and it causes me to get the shits since it metabolizes in the gut.

    ALso…..once i get my reuslts and they indicate that serotonin and GABA are satisfactorily high enough im going to add the tyrosine. I think it would be a mistake to add the exitatory neuros without having a solid braking system to prevent overstimulation.

    ALso…..arvi you may have a different brain chemistry then me so the effects may take longer for you and just in general may be different experience.

    If you have eyefloaters im like 90 perecnt sure thats means low dopamine. so if u have eyefloaters and PE you have a similar brain chem to me. If just PE and precum leakage then you have high dopamine and norepinephrine and low serotonin and GABA .

    Also iv never had precum leakage just PE.

    I no this is so fucking long i apolgize. just trying to help



    also i may add……i dont consider my brain chemistry or SE by any means healed.

    Im just trying to say that iv succesfully manipulated it yet again, and that this time im going to prove it with testing and that it does make a huge difference in my PE since mine was largely chemically induced(exstacy , xanax, 3 weeks later boom masive PE.).

    Also I believe that im going to have to take amino acids for a very long time . even once my levels come back at very good ranges im going to have to maintanence doses to keep them there I beleive. Especially while my hormones are still that of a 60 year old man. I beleive once my hormones are healed i may eventually be able to taper off the aminos.

    i guess time will tell and will see



    I don’t agree with Taurine. Yeah it mimics GABA but they are completely different. Taurine is more of a source of energy where as GABA is something that is constantly running throughout the brain, kind of like Serotonin.

    I really don’t think taking GABA will do much like you said, you need to take pre-cursors or look for supplements that increase uptake, so less GABA is wasted.



    taurine is in ihibititatory neuro in the brain. It is a source of energy but like most amino it has many functions in the body.

    iv taken 3 or 4 grams of taurine at a time by itself durin the day over the summer and it would usually knock me out cold.

    anyway the key is high initial doses, retests to see levels after a few weeks and then adjust accordingly based on results.

    after several months if all goes well levels sould be stable.



    if all goes well and GABA , serotonin, glycine are elevated on my next report… going to switch it to the following

    (times are theoritical, though i do tend to stick to them)


    3.5 grams tyrosine

    500 mg alpha gpc

    5 grams glutamine

    50 mg p5p


    3.5 grams tyrosine

    500 mg alpha gpc

    5 grams glutamine

    50 mg p5p


    2 grams tryptophan

    1000 mg niacinamine

    1gram taurine

    5 grams glutamine

    1 gram glycine

    50 mg p5p


    2 grams tryptophan

    1000 mg niacinamine

    1gram taurine

    5grams glutamine

    1 gram glycine

    50 mg p5p

    this would hopefully maintain my serotonin and GABA levels and not let the tyrosine deplete them. Also it would prevent the tyrosine from overconverting to norepinephrine which would equal continued PE. All these doses are theoritcal as well because I have to see what the results show.

    anyway im sorta getting way ahead of myself . patience is so key in all of this.



    also arvi if u end up readin this

    I agree with you that hormones and neurotransmitters affect each other and fixing hormones can potentially better your neurotransmitters.

    The reason why i may respond well to supplements is because my hormones arent as bad as yours were before treatment.

    My T is ususally 400-530 and urs was 350?

    I dont have adrenal fatigue according to my 4x saliva cortisol ( more like slight disregualtion….potentially could turn into adrenal fatigue…will have to retest soon)

    my Thyroid wasnt phenominal but i dont think it would be classified as hypothyroid. There were some issues with it though im sure if/when i see mariano he will help me make sense of it all.

    Also i know urinary neurotransmitter testing is controversial and measures the kidney levels of neurotransmitters and not the brains , never the less I think they do tend to reflect whats going on in your body to a relatively accurate degree. Also urinary amino acid test is helpful to see where the levels of all the precursors are at.



    Thanks alot for the help guys i have a better understanding of what i should do now , everyone seems to be focused on serotonin,dopamine,gaba what about acetylcholine? is choline the best precursor for that?



    i use alpha gpc for that…….i think thats the best……Ill be honest i think the acetycholine thing is kinda overhyped ( could totally be wrong). If your getting erections now that your testosterone is good i think ur acetycholine is probably good.

    Alpha gpc is expensive though you may wanna order it in bulk to save money.

    heard CDP choline is good never tried it though.



    also to my knowledge choline and/or alpha gpc dosnt compete with amino acids since there not aminos. You can take them anytime though i would say stick to the early part of the day cuse sometimes they sorta make my mind race.



    Ya I read that supplementing for acetylcholine is not particularly necessary once your T is normalized. The guy Chris, who went through exactly the same step process as you, also finalized by taking tryptophan, tyrosine, sublingual gaba, something else, but said for acetylcholine he just gets it from eggs. And everything seems to have worked out for him.

    But if i had to pick a supplement I’d probably go with just Alpha gpc.

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