Supplementation of Pregnenolone and DHEA affects E2 and DHT

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    So you were right frenchi. I have ben using the adrenal hormones made by Dr Mouton for a week and this what happened:

    -Brainfog improved

    -Mood improved

    -Energy improved

    And the bad effects:

    -Libido even lower

    -Hard flaccid worse

    -Penis sensivity lower

    Sooo yeah we can say what you said about preg taking the wrong path ay occured. Also, I can guess that my E2 was boosted, because my nipples are puffier. Sucks.

    So im dropping pregnenolone and DHEA until I have the liver in check.

    I had a detox reaction yesterday combining turmeric with a liver cleanse juice and a supplement with artichoke,dandelion,milk thistle etc. It was pretty awful but I know it can get worse.

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    true.. bad to hear it made hard flaccid worse and everything.. but good that you confirmed that what Chris was talking about is all true.

    ya you def need to have liver in check before getting on Preg.



    Preg can actually stimulate cyp 450 to start cleaning house same as DHEA can. When you add DHEA what you may be experience is a detoxifcation reaction because the immune system is now being kicked on. Since taking DHEA and balancing my neurotransmitters (as noted several times before) my tongue is actually starting to go from white coated back to normal red color and energy levels are starting to be more stable again. When I stopped the DHEA I noticed my tongue getting coated with in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Now the coating is just left alittle bit at the root but every where else its pretty much well cleared up. As my tongue cleared up my energy levels and cognitive ability increased dramatically.




    So you would say that I should continue taking it? Consider that this feeling of complete castration was seriously breaking my sanity. I dont care if I am gonna heal but when you cannot sleep because you dont have penis sensivity and it is compressed as hell its a capstone for recovery… Bad sleeping I mean.



    I would probably keep DHEA or may be would have started preg first for 2 weeks monitor the response the may be added DHEA in there was no side effects. I think Dr mouton has a great approach, but taking everything at once is like throw shit against the wall seeing it sticks. I just prefer a more systematic method to where one can isolate the variable much more efficiently. When a Dr’s patient we are working on together bounces we know immediately what it could be with in max 1-2 variables. Does it take longer yes, but atleast you know where the problems lies. This is what separate a good health professional from a great one. I would email Dr mouton get his opinon. Hes the one you are paying big bucks for so he should be able to respond to a few simple emails..




    Yeah im spamming him, you can bet hahaha. I normally email him once a week or so. Ok I will ask about this.



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    I had bad effects on DHEA, can’t remember which, but I don’t think I could get an erection on it.

    Pregnenolone I’ve had better effects, but only when I split a 50mg in 4. Otherwise my hair would fall out.

    At the moment I’m going to be experimenting with Horny Goat weed and Citrillin Malate. Horny Goat weed I believe has a definite effect on erection hardness, and from what I’ve read people just taking Cit Malate, they’re erections have been super responsive, better than arginine. So I’m gonna test it out when the stuff arrives.




    Yeah of course that Nitric Oxide is very important in erections, probably the most important factor. But Arginine plays a role too, among other things. Its crucial to understand as far as we are capable WHY the supplements work and to dont lose the GENERAL view of the problem. Of course that my erections were 100% better than now back in the time I was taking Horny Goat, Maca etc but I was just focusing in a few symptoms rather than addressing the cause.

    I am back to adrenal hormones, I will stop them if my hair falls out or my penis disappears LOL.



    Hey I’m not arguing your case, don’t worry.

    I just read a thread on matterofsize, how taking Cit Malate caused them to get super erections, and on that alone.

    And the horny goat weed I’ve been taking has been working for me I think.

    So when my Cit Malate comes, I am hoping it’s going to be a double wammy.

    I’ve taking supps throughout the years, but I don’t think my erection hardness, spontaneous erections, and morning wood has increased so much until I started taking 40% horny goat weed, I believe. It could also be the fact that I take 60mg of zinc a day, and I remember getting rock hard erections on megadosing zinc for a week.

    I’ve been looking for the best NO these last few days, and luckily I read Cit Malate converts into Arginine, and more NO is produced. While 80-90% of Arginine is broken down by the gut and liver, and only 10-20% or so is used for NO production. I was gonna buy AAKG and stuff, because NO producing substances are full of dubious claims, there doesn’t seem to be much research on them. Luckily Cit has some research, and reasons why it could actually be a better NO booster.



    Haha yeah I didnt thought you were arguing my case, I was just using myself as an example, it sometimes seems like im a bit self-obsessed XD

    Citruline malate seems superb! Lee26 reported benefits in the erection area with it too. Definetely its one thing I will use in the near future when the basic disorders are cleared.



    Why I love my prework out supplement No2 booster with customized forumula. Soon I hope to have customized supplements available.



    Sargonnas, glad for your progress

    you may need to give preg a try for a week and note down the remarks,

    and DHEA for a s week….i would suspect DHEA for the worsening symtpoms

    possibly due to high E2, or suppresed cortisol.

    notice that we all suffer from problems in the hormonal pathways this gives priority to some hormones over others due to weak Iron,B3 or other factors that are essential in supporting the pathways.

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