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    Too much sugar or sweets are extremely detrimental to sexual health and endocrine functions. They seem to stop the production of pge-1 and other good hormones. Many people have puffed face, irritability and dampness in the body on the next days after eating too much sweets.

    Little good sweets ( brown sugar / honey etc. ) can be beneficial for spleen and stomach but only in small amounts ( < 30-50 g / day ).

    Concept of sweet in TCM is entirely different than sweet in Western medicine, sweet foods in TCM include i.e. rutabaga and potato, and eating them will strengthen spleen and stomach.

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    That seems to make sense, as it contributed to dampness, which combined with heat or stress creates damp-heat. But now I seem to be at a loss. Eating greasy/hot foods increases heat. Eating anything sweet increases dampness. Eating anything spicy increases heat. Eating anything salty puts extra load on Yin deficient kidneys. Just what is appropriate to eat? I highly doubt that sour foods are the answer.



    i think you should just eat healthy food basically. don’t get too picky about it.

    little salt or spice won’t doo much damage. vegetables, fruit, wholemeal stuff and maybe once in a while some soda drinks. moderation is the order of the day



    honey tea is really good. ginger tea is another good one



    I think tasty balanced food is best, just avoid the extremeties and if something feels bad or energy ( yin / yang ) depleting avoid that.

    Like said, we shouldnt stress too much of it as it kills the fun of eating. Normal basic foods + little fruits + prepared vegetables + something sweet as a desert, I would go with that, not too much of the harming foods. When strong digestion, it can burn almost anything ( middle burner / digestive fire ).



    I notice too much sugar makes extreme sympathetic fires and also coffee with me.



    , so did you said that salty food is bad for those with kidney yin deficiency?

    In contrast, Dr.Wilson in his book on adrenal fatigue emphasis salty food for adrenal fatigue. Therefore kidney yin deficiency and adrenal fatigue cannot be the same problem. However one TCM article mentioned how licorice is good for kidney yin deficiency which is also good for adrenal fatigue. Overworking is said to be a contributor of both kidney yin deficiency and adrenal fatigue. Also, both condition causes a loss in libido.

    I’m currently researching the adrenals and want to know if these two conditions are identical, any inputs would be great.



    adrenal fatigue is very popular among overworking pple especially women.

    Cheexiong what exactly dou you suffer from?



    u should test your DHEA and cortisol levels if u suspect adrenal fatigue. cortisol testing should be done in the morning though as cortisol levels are highest during that period



    salt is very good for adrenal fatigue. however it should be sea salt rather than table salt. They usually dilute it with vegetable juice.u should also stay away from stress, reduce the amount of tea or coffee (unless its herbal tea).

    and most importantly u should test your thyroid functions.

    adrenal fatigue is often associated with sub-clinical levels of hypothyrodism and sensitive/itchy skin



    Just got back from Wisconsin so won’t be able to anwser everything just yet but you’re damn right about the itchy skin thing.

    Actually I forgot that a TCM/cortisol article mentioned that lack of cortisol causes inflammation. If I scratch myself just lightly, it will look as though I’m trying to commit suicide by brutally scratching myself to death. This has been going on since way back in 10th grade in high school, about six years ago. In fact, some girls did thought I was trying to kill myself. One of them asked if my girl dumped me and that’s why I am punishing myself by scratching myself very hard, lol.



    why don’t u go to some doctors and have it checked out. if this is something u had in 10th grade it might be inherited or definitely a lying problem. Sexual exhaustion maybe just compounded it. my father suffers from hyperthyoridism. luckily i don’t have that.



    What do you mean by a lying problem?

    Well, my skin rash is not that bad actually. Not to the point where I really need to go see a doctor about it. I didn’t always have it so I don’t think it’s inherited, a inherited disposition to it maybe.



    your case sounds like a person on loads of drugs and cocaine. these also produce crazy amounts of itching.

    however u should definitely do a DHEA test and a cortisol test. those are starting points. do u feel dizziness or a craving for salt by any chance?



    so apart from the rash cheexiong do u have symptoms of over-masturbation ?

    or are u experimenting with stuff to get rid of the rash?



    ” Sugar linked with mental problems

    Researchers report teens that drank the most sugary soft drinks also had more mental health problems such as hyperactivity and distress.

    Their study shows a clear and direct association between soft drink intake and hyperactivity, and a more complex link with other mental and behavioral disorders.

    Researchers also found teens that skipped breakfast and lunch were among the heaviest soft drink consumers.

    The worst problems were seen in boys and girls who drank four or more soft drinks a day. Ten percent of the boys and 2 percent of the girls drank this much.

    In Chinese medicine an over consumption of sweets can impair several organs, preventing them from performing their functions at peak levels. Some of the results of consuming excessive sweets: 1) the inability of the body to transport and transform fluids resulting in weight gain, 2) lowered endocrine functioning (i.e. hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, etc.), 3) adverse affect to those organs that regulate mental and emotional health and well being, 4) an overproduction of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory and digestive tracks, 5) decreased blood circulation and 6) difficult respiration.

    It’s important to point out that the sweets don’t have to be in the form of just sugar. In Chinese medicine an over abundance of natural and artificial sweets in the diet can cause the problems listed above. ”

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