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    I have read something about it in this forum or maybe ina Dr Richards email case whatever I also have that symptom. I am talking about bad smell in the genitals, even so strong a year ago when a was doing jelquing and masturbating more frequently. At that time, when I was in the bathroom and I get down the trousers and underpants, a nasty filth came out and get to my nose. That smell, was present no matter I got a shower (but it decreases with that) or I didnt masturbate the last day. It was something not-so-temporal. Now I am glad that she didnt manage to suck my cock by that time hahaha

    It was very simillar to putrid fish. Shit when I smelled that and realised it was from masturbation I start suspecting about it. Now the smell is almost gone… maybe now is like a strong smell of urine. Ugh such a disgusting story uh? ” The fetid prostate and the fishy cock”

    (Sorry for nauseate everyone reading this )

    But I think it has a obvious meaning. Masturbation gradually lead you into a pathetic, even stinking person.

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    could it be an STD?

    its the first time i hear that masturbation leads to fishy smell…which is probably a yeast or a bacterial infection



    I will look for that email or article I talked about, maybe could help if anyone have also this symptom. Fortunately it cant be a STD, since I never fucked with any girl, when I was with that girl I was pretty horny most of the day but she was obsessed with getting pregnant, almost in a pathological level lol and the rest of time since now I avoided girls and just kissed and touched with two more (pretty horny both of them ) and because I didnt feel really aroused I gived up.

    That of the infection truly scares me… what do you mean with “yeast”?

    What I should do?




    if you are uncircumaized , then the probability is higher of withholding a yeast infection , bacterial

    its also possible that it may be a hygiene factor…( shavingwashing clean underwears etc)

    if worried then visiting a dermatologist can help alot.



    Got it again, right after masturbating, a few hours ago.

    Smells AWFUL when I go to urinate, like putrid fish. Damn, even my body stinks to show how it is fucked and degraded inside.

    It dont vanish with showers, just improves a bit.



    or it could be bacterial infection from the intestines that hit your urinary tractsystem, in both cases you need effort to detect the cause and the proper medication.



    How do you “clean the pipes”? hahaha



    After you.blow your load, taking a pee after wards helps decrease uti. With holding for prolong period of time will increase chances of bacteria infections in uti and prostate. Guy who with hold.from.masturbating for religious reason end up with higher risk.of bph.



    this is true however most ppl on this forum are all overmasturbaters .

    “cleaning the pipes” for over masturbaters is NOT good and NOT encouraged.



    I know, but overmasturbators like us also develop prostate issues.

    Extremes meet.

    I normally pee after masturbating as a reflect but now I will look at it. However, since I was addicted to porn/masturbation I cant blow my load very often,because every time I wank again there is 50% chance of doing it again the same day lol.

    I am reducing it to no more than one time per week.



    Instead of wacking off your self, have a girl do it for you because it will change it to parasympathic response vs sympathetic.




    Good advice I guess… lol

    Im probably not getting a girl any soon. I dont have orgasms, my erections are pathetic, I have dark circles in the face and I feel so fucked overall that the idea of having a relationship or real desire for women is a bitter joke for me. I know how most of woman are. They want healthy, succesful individuals. It is not enough with being averagely handsome and intelligent, I am too ill to wish or can have a girlfriend. Im having right now some kind of aching in the crotch fuuucccckkk. Hard flaccid probably.

    Im gonna try trigger points right now!

    Could you explain why when the sexual excitement is from a real woman the response is parasympathetic and why sex is not harmful compared with masturbation? It looks highly interesting.



    You have to generate the stimulus to get erection. When she does it you sit back and relax and enjoy the ride..



    WOW I have been enlightened by that DETAILED explanation.Great input.

    You get excited, an erection occurs and then sex.I didnt know that!

    Hmm amigo, I think I know how that works, I have experienced it for a short while, when I was better.

    What I wanted was a complex, scientific explanation of WHY sex or being masturbated by a girl is parasymphatetic and masturbation is harmful.

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