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    Hey all, last few weeks I’ve been on and off doing the tailbone exercises.

    Now when I ejaculate and I have my tailbone contracted, my penis, body, and skin start to vibrate.

    Sadly theres still no orgasm, but I’m guessing this would be a full body orgasm.

    However I just wanted to share with you how easy it really is. Because I lack discipline to practice the breathing method (proper way of doing it), I took the easier root.

    Basically contract the tailbone throughout the day as much as you can, like your working it out like a muscle, just forget about the breathing for now. Do this when your not masturbating, but sitting around doing nothing, watching TV, playing a video game.

    You can distinguish the PC muscle and tailbone by doing this. When your next got an erection, contract you PC muscle, then contract your tailbone. When you contract your PC muscle, your penis moves up and down (or fills up), while when you contract your tailbone, it won’t. However do not worry if you contract your tailbone and your penis moves slightly, as long as you feel you’ve contracted something which isn’t the same as the obvious PC muscle contraction.

    Contractions will feel very light at first but keep doing them, and every so often do a PC contraction or two, just to show yourself there are 2 different muscles, and they are distinguishable.

    The main thing is distinguishing the muscles and building the right one up.

    Even though my tailbone muscles built up quite a bit that I can confidently contract it many times throughout the day, I will sometimes do an extra hard contraction (which includes the PC muscle), to show myself I am contracting a different muscle group.

    Here are some other tips.

    1. Contractions become harder to distinguish when your bladder is full, so go pee.

    2. I can’t make the distinguished contractions in any position, so find which works best for you, I first started doing it by just lying down on my bed. Have your legs a bit wide open as well.

    I hope this helps. Theres nothing more I can really add to this, so what ever questions you have, its unlikely I can answer them well.

    All I know is I’ve tried tailbone exercises, and when holding my tailbone before ejaculation my body begins to vibrate.

    I still suffer with precum and no orgasm.

    However I do think the tailbone exercises have helped with premature ejaculation, but don’t call me on that.

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    When you stop having orgasm…this means that your nervous system is even out of service or damaged

    in both cases you need to stop ejaculating for a period of time and then try to ejaculate later to see if the orgasm is there .

    stop any sexual behaviour – arousal, sex ,masturbating , imagning

    take more Antioxidents , MultiVitamins& Minerals



    Too much contracting in pelvic floor muscles will cause further stagnation in that important area (which degenerates at sexual exhaustion). Though they need to be strong too so you can use them to prevent nocturnal emissions (which may happen when you start celibacy). These muscles need to be tip-top to have a good overall sexual stamina.

    Better do Yoga; it combines contracting and stretching GENTLY these muscles alongside with deep abdominals.

    In my opinion, first learn to relax them with deep breathing. Pelvic floor muscles are attached like a hammock to the tailbone and the pubic bone. Feel the natural movement here. On inhalation, the muscles descend. On exhalation, the muscles ascend. Also remember to relax your abdomen and back. Breath slowly and deeply and evenly, using the diaphragm.

    In my case it took several months for these muscles to open up.

    And incase you want to heal, beat your addiction and leave sex behind until you feel 110% healed, and even then wait several months.


    -Total abstention from anything sex related

    -Healthy food in low quantities

    -Cardiovascular training in the form of regular running

    -Daily yoga for relaxation, suppleness and peace of mind

    -Wait and be patient. It will most likely take a year or two.

    … and you will quickly feel better and happier than ever and you will feel no urge to ejaculate or masturbate.



    Hey ,

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve really been trying to do this the last few days but still struggling.

    I know you say that if you contract the tailbone, the penis won’t move, unlike PC contractions, but what exactly does a tailbone contraction feel like? Is there any sphincter movement in this?

    At the moment the first thing I do, to make movement easier, is kind of lift UP my butt/glute muscles, from the back, trying to lift toward my spine almost, rather than sqeezing them inward toward my PC. Once there, I try to contract my….errr…something around there. I can only describe it as kind of lifting my sphincter (with slight squeeze) backward toward the tailbone/spine, rather than moving/squeezing in the direction of my PC. But this seems to be all sphincter movement and I don’t think this is correct.

    I read elsewhere that the tailbone muscle is the area between your anus (sphincter muscle) and tailbone, and that you can feel movement there if you place a finger in that area during contractions. I don’t feel anything there; not with my finger, nor simply with my mind when I contract that area.

    I really can’t discover where the damn thing is, or what it feels like!

    Any more tips?

    Also, anyone else chip in if you have any ideas on this.




    I would appreciate some tips to identify and strengthen the tailbone muscle.



    I would appreciate some tips to identify and strengthen the tailbone muscle.



    Read the first post, it’s all there.

    You just have to practice this a lot. When I first started out I would always contract the PC every now and then to distinguish I was contracting something else other then the PC muscle. Then keep doing this until your tailbone gets strong.

    It’s a muscle, it’ll take time to build up.




    i really dont want to hijack this post but i really want to know the answer to these questions. I tried sending a private message but the forums beens experiencing some difficulties and im pretty sure it didnt go through. anyway sorry

    this is to you

    iv been on this forum for about 3 months or so and have known about sexual exhaustion since april 19th. Since that day i havnt masterbated once but i had a gf so still engaged in sex. however now that relationship is over and i really want to abstain for a long time. someone told me that your past the one year mark, thats great congrats . i do have some questions though if you dont mind.

    What benefits have you seen while abstaining?

    What were your sexual exhaustion symptoms and has abstaining helped get rid of them?

    Do you take any supplements or just engage in healthy living?(good diet, yoga, meditation etc)

    once again sry for posting this here didnt see another option



    Yeah the forums haven’t been working for me correctly either.

    Every time I post, I get a debug error.

    it’s better to create a new topic with the title “Questions for “, he’s more likely to see this if he’s someone who doesn’t check all the new posts regularly.



    I would appreciate some tips to identify and strengthen the tailbone muscle.



    All the tips are in the first post.

    Read them again and then go out and practice.

    It will take several weeks before you get good at it.




    Hey guys.

    I’ve learnt to contract my tailbone muscle in two directions but I’m not sure which direction is right. Is there anybody here who can clarify which one is correct?

    1. Contract inwards toward the anus. Almost like you’re sucking the muscle inwards.


    2. Lifting outwards and upwards slightly, away from the anus. Outwards just a little bit, and then up in the direction of the the spine/head. Note: I can lift it like this quite easily but I’m not sure this is the right way.

    Inwards or outwards??

    Thanks a lot guys.

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