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    “Throughout our adult lives, our sexual organs and hormones exert a profound and decisive influence on our thought and behavior.

    They literally ‘drive’ men and women into each other’s arms in order to insure propagation of the species, and this drive is so powerful and compelling that it completely overrides the instinct for safety and personal survival.

    When ‘in love’, both men and women will defy death and disregard social conventions in order to be

    together and ‘make love’. ‘Love’, of course, is a Western euphemism for ‘lust’, which, despite its negative connotation in the West, is regarded as a natural sign of health and vitality in the East.”

    Hormones and Health

    Chinese physicians pinpoint what they call the ‘kidney glands’ (shen hsien) as the key regulators of sexual potency, especially in men. These glands, which straddle the tops of the kidneys like hats, are called the ‘suprarenal glands’ in Western parlance. The suprarenal, also known as the adrenal cortex, produce a variety of hormones of vital importance to

    various metabolic processes and biological functions.

    In both male and female organisms, adrenal hormones include small but physiologically significant amounts of androgens (male hormones) and relatively minute quantities of estrogens (female hormones).

    These sex hormones, or Yin and Yang ‘essences’, regulate the secretions of all other sex glands such as

    the ovaries, testes and prostate, and also influence secretions from the pituitary, pineal and thyroid glands.

    It is the balance, not quantity, of these microscopic elements of Yin and Yang essence that counts. Insufficient secretion of androgens in males, for example, results in the loss of sexual drive and potency. Excessive androgen secretion in the female can cause such masculizing effects as beard growth and breast shrinkage. Thus, a primary goal of Taoist sexual regimens is the enhancement of male and female hormone secretions in optimum balance. Belatedly, Western science has also established intimate links between sexual stimulation and

    hormone production, and between hormone production and health.”

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