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    “Buddha says: There are nine causes for the premature, unexpected end to human life” The first five of these are related to ones diet and are listed below, the others are related to proper conduct:

    1. eating what should not be eaten – foods which are out of season or bad for you as an individual

    2. immoderate eating – consumption in excess of one’s needs

    3. eating contrary to custom – eating at odd hours and eating a variety of foods which are new to your body without adjusting

    4. failure to discharge the old before the arrival of the new – eating before you have finished digesting the previous meal, eating when you are not hungry

    ( thats one of the best advices I´ve ever found out )

    5. intentional retention of digested foods – basically this means suppressing natural processes such as belching, vomiting and gas as well as urination and bowel movements”

    # Sit down to Regular meals every day

    # Eat slowly and chew your food well ( eating when mind racing is sign of spleen deficiency, and food will not be turned to energy )

    # Stop eating at least three hours before bedtime

    Interesting, this is my experience too.


    When I feel myself 100% okay, there is constant electricity in my body ( legs and stomach area ), and I can really feel the foods turning to sexual energy.


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    Now I know what this electricity is in my stomach. It is the “digestive fire” that is needed to burn the foods to energy. Caraway seed -herb and dry ginger ( half teaspoon of both everyday, too much is not good as they are yang tonifiers ) helps improving the stomach yang / digestive fire / middle burner.

    indian medicine also has a concept for digestive fire:

    “Not eating breakfast would certainly put the fire out for the day. Ice-cold drinks and foods like ice cream also destroy the digestive fire.”

    “If we drink or eat chilled, cold, or frozen foods or drink iced liquids with our meals, we are only impeding the warm transformation of digestion. Water and Cold puts out the digestive fire which is needed. This does not mean that such liquids or foods are never digested, but it does mean that often they are not digested as well, which can lead to stagnant food or dampness in Chinese Medicine.”

    Weak middle burner / digestive fire leads to dampness and spleen qi deficiency:









    As seen in this picture, all organs follow a 12 hour uptime/downtime. Biggest meal should be eaten around 12 o clock.



    To rekindle the kidney fire ( digestive fire = middle burner ) the best is to drink ginger + cardamon tea + pinch of sea salt ( sea salt will direct the herbs properties to kidneys ) few times every day before meals.






    First meal in the day, should be slightly warming ( not drinking, or eating fruits, vegetables or anything with cold properties is good first thing to eat ). Digestive system should be treated like kindling a fire, no one puts ice cold water or something cold in to camp fire before the fire has grown too big. It will diminish for the rest of the day. Feel the difference and treat your digestive system like kindling a fire: fried oat is good choice to eat first in the morning. Biggest meal should be eaten 3-4 hours after that. Something light towards evening and maybe drinking room temperature fluids if thirsty ( not too much ).

    Digestive fire is also responsible to elimination of excess fluids and phlegm ( it burns them ) and people who have problems afterwards eating damp forming foods might benefit following these guidelines.



    Middle burner is also responsible for immune system so bad immune system indicates middle warmer deficiency.



    Big crack in the middle of the tongue indicates that stomach is extremely weak.

    Cracks in the sides of the tongue to horizontal direction indicates spleen weakness.

    Yellow tongue indicates internal heat in the respective organ.



    – Overmasturbation problems are caused by excessive damp-heat and kidney yin deficiency

    – Foods that cause damp-heat: sweet/spice/greasy/fried foods (pizza, fries, burgers, chili burritos, hotdogs), cheese, ice cream, pork, fatty meats, peanut butter, bleached/refined white wheat, bananas

    – Drinks that cause damp-heat: soda, sports drinks, coffee, alcohol concentrate orange/tomato juice (milk should also be in moderation)

    – Foods that reduce damp-heat: cucumbers, tomatos, salads, spinach, asparagus, celery, blueberry, cranberry

    – Drinks that reduce damp-heat: water, green tea

    – Foods that reduce dampness: corn, barley, papaya, lemon, button mushroom, pumpkin, radish, turnip, jasmine tea

    – Foods that reduce heat: seaweed, apple peel, lemon peels, pear, grapefruit, grapefruit juice, licorice, peppermint tea.

    Also, don’t forget to have a warm breakfast like yin said, and avoid ice-cold foods/berverages. His simple guidelines have eased my symptoms the past few months.



    i don’t think i have any kidney problems. i did some test on both kidneys and thyroids and they were normal.

    but thx for the info



    here is gallery of tongue diagnosis. Example 10 has stomach crack



    Black pepper after meals will increase the digestive fire and burn the foods more effectively. It does not warm the lungs or dry so much as ginger, so its good.

    Properties: PUNGENT – HOT Dosage: 1.5 – 4.5g.

    Black Pepper Meridian LARGE INTESTINE, STOMACH

    -warms middle, disperse cold – stomach cold, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain



    I have heard good comments on the effect on cardamon on libido and erection ability in just few days.

    I suggest trying little ( half tsp, not crushed, keep the daily amount in 1 tsp ) cardamon with your daily black / green tea + brown sugar. More is not better ( as usually in herbs ).



    whats cardamon?



    Its a herb that is commonly used as a spice especially in northern europe. Luckily it can be found in local stores quite cheap ( non-crushed seeds must be preferred ).

    Its properties are:

    Sha Ren

    Properties: PUNGENT – WARM, AROMATIC

    Dosage: 1.5 – 6g.


    Meridian: SPLEEN, STOMACH


    -transform damp, stop vomit

    -promote movement of Qi, strengthen spleen

    -harmonize stomach, stop diarrhea

    -calm fetus, morning sickness

    black cardamon seed properties are listed in above posts.

    Together with black / green tea + brown sugar + ginger its a ultimate digestive tonic that can be taken every day.



    ginger ( dried powder ) is very potent for creating fire to digestive system. Hot water makes it less effective and if digestion problems are severe, eating pure ginger during day and between meals is recommended. However, as it is extremely warming, never take it much at one time and keep daily amount in 3-5 g ( about 1 tsp ).

    It is better eat ginger with foods ( breakfast ).



    what about the ginger itself, how much of the solid stuff should u take per day?



    You have to use trial and error method, too much will give yang-type problems.



    I have noticed that herbs work best when mixed with foods, I have used korean ginseng with foods with excellent results in the last few days. It tonifies spleen qi and there is no tiredness after eating at all. Ginger is good with foods too.

    Ps. I´ve been away from the computers for few weeks and continue my holiday holiday at least few months where I dont have good access to net so I cant update or read much of the forum.



    I have found a webpage with more TCM eating guidelines:

    Since my chinese doctor has said that I’m suffering from damp heat, I did some research on foods that reduce damp heat. This site covers it well.

    Here is an excerpt:



    * Persons with Damp Heat constitutions easily develop skin sores; and if they are young – acne. Their face is often shiny and oily. They have a dry mouth and there will be a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. There is a tendency towards anger and irritability. Often they feel fatigued and have a lack of energy. They will be somewhat impatient and anxious. They like eating oily, sweet and fried foods. Their stools are usually dry. There will be scanty urine that is more yellow in color. If they get sick it is often associated with emotional upset or associated with the food that they have eaten. Their pulse is slippery and fast and their tongue has a red body and a sticky yellow coat.


    * Majority of foods should be vegetables and foods that remove dampness and heat such as: Adzuki beans, lima beans, mung beans, black beans, celery, carrots, winter squash, potatoes with skins, asparagus, mushrooms, corn, peas, amaranth, Chinese barley, day lily, bamboo shoots, wax gourd, white gourd, cucumber and duck

    * Lemon (diluted juice), cranberry juice, huckleberries, bananas, Chinese pears and watermelon.

    * Useful herbal teas: Uva ursi, dandelion leaf, plantain leaf, flax seed, watermelon seed and pipsissewa (pipsissewa is good for chronic bladder infections).


    I’ve been eating tomatoes, cucumbers, and have been drinking cranberry juice religiously. It seems to be doing a lot better than taking supplements, although it’s only relieving me of my symptoms, not improving my sexual function. Since I’m still young, I’m sure that if I control my sexual urgency and prostate problems through my diet, I’ll be able to abstain from masturbation long enough to recover on my own.

    All the previous advice on this thread is useful too, so read up and integrate it with the content from this new link.



    cranberry juice is actually good for the uthrea.the only prblem is finding one that isn’t simply sugar as is the case.






    Meat ( especially red meat ) is very contraindicted with spleen / stomach weakness.

    Prepared deep root vegetables and whole grains are best food for curing spleen / stomach insufficiency ( digestive problems, phlegm´, breathing problems after certain foods, dampness in the lower body ). Too much drinking fluids is one cause of dampness in the body, drink only when thirsty room temperature water.



    Breads dryes up the stomach and spleen, and blocks the instestines easily, I wouldnt eat any bread if stagnation/dry stomach is present.



    Cinnamon is good yang tonic ( dont overdo! ).

    Rou Gui

    Properties: PUNGENT, SWEET – HOT

    Dosage: 1.5 – 4.5g.

    Dried Cinnamon Bark


    -fortifies kidney yang – warms deficient kidney yang & Qi

    -leads floating yang fire back to its source(KD) upper heat & lower cold

    -disperse deep cold – warms chan.–alleviate pain due to blood/Qi stag

    -encourages generation of Qi & blood


    Also Used For:

    Orally, Rou Gui is used as an antispasmodic, antiflatulent, appetite stimulant, antidiarrheal, antimicrobial, anthelmintic, and for treating the common cold and influenza.

    Topically, Rou Gui is used as part of a multi-ingredient preparation for treating premature ejaculation.

    Historically, Rou Gui has been used for GI upset and dysmenorrhea.

    For food uses, cinnamon is commonly consumed as a spice in food and a flavoring agent in beverages.

    Manufacturing, the volatile oil is commonly used in small amounts in toothpaste, mouthwashes, gargles, lotions, liniments, soaps, detergents, and other pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.



    Taoist Long Life Diet

    Excellent article, it covers the basics very well. Avoid cold and raw foods, decrease fluid intake ( especially cold drinks ) avoid artificial substances etc…

    I have also edited the first post to cover the basics.

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