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    i have a bottle of astragalus i found left lying around

    on it it says you can also toss it in your tea

    so i started thinking… wouldnt it be great if in the morning i would take my thermos f of 1 litre, toss in green tea and also add other tcm stuff like astragalus and ginseng?

    maybe some people can chime in (yinyang perhaps) on what a good blend would consist of..

    green tea is very good i noticed for myself, maybe if i can toss in ginseng powder and astragalus and / or other stuff this would be a wicked anti-stress / fatigue / libido building tea!

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    I bought a little bottle of astragalus root with the syringe several months ago and haven’t used it yet. The reason I bought it is because I wanted to find an alternate method for healing canker sores that I occasionally get and read that using astragalus root is one the natural cures. But I am wondering what else I could use it for so hopefully somebody else can give some hindsight on what to do with this stuff. Again, my stuff is in liquid droplet form.



    By the way, ginseng and ordinary tea are not to be taken together.

    Korean ginseng is considered the original qi/ spleen qi tonifier for people with severe hangover or for people need for little boost for bodys general qi levels. Long term usage usually result in adverse effect, and like Dr. Lin says, Korean ginseng is used to help the organs get something out of the other healing foods / herbs.

    You can add korean ginseng, and astralagus, and few warming herbs ( very little ) like dried ginger, liqorice root, to make a general herbal tonic that you take now and then.

    The above posted link contains real tcm herbal prescriptions that are chosen according the correct TCM diagnosis. However, it should be remembered that under the influence of self-caused emotional problems / stagnations, herbs hardly help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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