Tell me what you think about this for Neurotransmitters

Sexual Reboot Forum Tell me what you think about this for Neurotransmitters

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    100 mg 5htp for serotonin

    100 mg picamilion for GABA

    600 mg alpha gpc for acetycholine

    250 mg mucana pruriens (42% L dopa=100 mg LDopa) for dopamine

    I dont think im gona add the Mucana pruriens for a couple of weeks until iv raised the levels of GABA serotonin and acetycholine to prevent the exesive conversion of dopamine-norephrine-ephinephrine

    Please anybody who has an understandign of these supplemtns and neurotransmitters let me know what you think

    Im hoping this can help me the eyefloaters since they seem to be linked to dopamine deficeincy.

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