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    I believe im suffering from the usual se symptoms as many guys on this forum. Im 26 years old 5 ft 8 weight 12 stone. I over ejeculated, addicated to porn from 14 to 24 have now knocked it on the head after getting the following symptoms:

    Low morning wood

    Aches and pains in lower back, legs


    mood swings

    difficulty with memory

    poor concentration

    pre cum leakage

    All these symptoms occur after sexual ejeculating more than twice a week.

    Have done the following blood tests in Englnad on the NHS since July:

    Serum Plasma testostrone 17.1 nmol (8.0-30.0)

    Serum Prolactin 153 miu/L (50.0-300.0)

    TSH 1.02 mIU/L (0.2-4.0)

    Serum free T4 18.0 pmol/L (9.0-19.0)

    Shbg 31 nmol/L (14.0 -71.0)

    Saliva Cortisol nmol/L

    Sample one post awakening 10.8 (12-22)

    Sample 2 (+4-5) 2.6 (5.0-9.0)

    Sample 3 (+4-5) 1.3 (3.0-7.0)

    Sample 4 (prior to sleep) 0.5 (1.0 – 3.0)

    Total Daily Cortisol: 15.2 (21-41) nmol/L

    Testostrone Saliva 117.7 (70-250) pg/ml

    DHEA levels

    sample 1 (am) 1.37

    sample 2 (pm) 0.69

    DHEA Mean 1.03 nmol/L (0.4-1.47)

    DHEA/Cortisol 6.78 nmol (2.0-6.0)

    Currently im working with a homeopathic practitioner to deal with adrenal fatigue she has changed my diet to avoid refined foods. Also im taking some glandular products. This is helping a little but not as much may take a while to correct.

    What do you guys think of using HC or pregannole to correct adrenal fatigue?

    Guys any feedback would be helpful.

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    hey dude,

    good start with the testing!

    You obviously caught the adrenal fatigue. Thats good I would say the adrenal glandulars and vitamins probably wont do much as you noticed. If you check out musclechatroom youll notice they have alot of great guidelines and information about pregnenolone and cortef. You can post your results and they may help you to figure out a dosing guidle line.

    Your Testosterone seemed decent. SHBG was a tad bit high but nothing terrible.

    DHEA I suppose could be better but thats probably related to the adrenal fatigue and Pregnenolone cream sould definetly help that.

    I think your next step is to check neurotransmitters and amino acids . Neuros are more important so if you can only afford that then do that . they may help the mood related symptoms you experiecnce along with the precum leakage since along with cortisol, neuros are what control your anxiety, mood, energy, memory and ejaculation response. defiently worth investigating if you can afford it.

    O also you sould check your thyroid results if you can.


    free t4,


    Free T3


    I think if you deal with the adrenal fagtigue and your next cortisol results are good then you will be 50 percent healed. At that point assuming your neuro results come back bad youll have to raise those through amino acid therapy. If your thyroid is also poor then fixing that as well through thyroid meds sould help alot.

    Once your adrenals, thyroid, and possibly neurotransmitters are fixed I wouldnt be suprized if your body started functioning alot better and noticed alot of improvment.

    At that point you would have to reavulate testosterone again and decide if you were satisfied with the improvments (if there were any).

    Its also great you have your porn and masterbation addiction under control. thats no good since it desensitzies your brain to sexual stimulus.

    The ideal is to only masterbate when you truly feel horny and dont have to force erections.



    clearly WAY too low cortisol, get that fixed first and foremost. Sorry to say that a homeopathic doctor Probably wont get you fully well, but they may give you good advice as to how to reduce your stress.



    hey man

    check this out:


    The reply by Chilln is basically a complete guide for anyone with low cortisol.

    As they explained the ‘crash’ that we feel happens at the time of the day when cortisol is highest. doesn’t seem like your cortisol goes above range, but I feel it at evening time.

    Kas your thyroid seems in check so doesn’t seem like you’ll need to be addressing that, which is good. But if you leave the adrenal fatigue untreated then you will become hypothyroid over time.

    So basically the process is:

    – first try supplements, herbs, adaptogens, and vitamins… stick to it for at least 8 weeks… then retest and see how much improvement is made. If improvement in cortisol rhythm, keep going. If little or no improvement than time to twitch to hormones.

    – Chilln’s 101 posts provide all the steps on hormones.

    Your case doesn’t seem that bad. You should recover fairly easy

    Kas, what are the glandular products are you taking right now? how much are they helping?

    How long have you been on the vitamins + glandular products protocol?

    and do you notice any improvements in energy? libido?

    I just got my own results back myself. They look similar to your but worse. I wanna start with vitamins and glandular products and such.. so curious how its working for you so I can have some expectations in mind.



    What they all said, classic adrenal’s fix your cortisol and you’re good. Everything else will fall in place, also your T is really good.




    Thanks for ur replys

    Firstly when I first got these symptoms I tried doctor lins products the viagrowths and what not. I really got some gud results my mind went clear no aches,pains libido gud too. Then I stupidily got carried away in more porn until the point where i screwed my whole body up started getting really bad symptoms as above.

    Js: The homopathic doc made me do a one day nutritional test that looks at certain vitamin defiences, amino acids. I will try to put the results of that on ere. I had to buy custom made aminos and vitamin powders from Genova diagnostics she said it has to be individually blended for me. What do you reckon? was shipped from the USA or is this not neccesory?

    Frenchi: Glandulars are drops that you mix in with water have them three times a day. Custom made vitamin and minerals for defiences once a day. Digestive enzymes that breaks down protein saying that I don’t break my protein down efficiently after every meal.

    Saying that it may take months to recover dunno if I could wait not seen that much difference still get aches,pains after ejeculation?



    About a month or so, my diet has to avoid high Glymic foods, plenty of protein. Find it hard to stick with the diet but giving it a gud shot. I think preganalone would be next for me read sticky at musclechat forum.



    Guys im having a blood cortisol test tomorrow doc finally realising theirs a problem. The test is at 9 am should I fast for the test or won’t it make much difference if I eat before?



    yes food raisses cortisol. you must fast



    if anyone else is looking for chilln’s 101 articles mentioned above, i found a bunch of them here (the original link is broken): Hormone Modulation Therapy 101 Cortisol Boost 101 Cortisol Reduction 101 Testosterone Boost 101 Thyroid Boost 101 Insulin Sensitivity Boost 101 Baldness and Prostate 101

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