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    Compared to your last test you have improved quite a lot! Bare in mind, this test is not completely accurate, but it is definately a good guide. I have been down the SSRI route and completely regretted it. I feel it did not help that much and I found myself having side effects. Whilst comming off the SSRI’s I experienced extreme premature ejaculation for about 2 weeks. SSRI’s also put load onto your liver and may stay in the body for some time before being detoxified. Your liver is very important for producing the enzymes that do hormone and neurotransmitter conversions so I suggest you keep a healthy liver and try not to slow it down with synthetic medications. Dr Lin’s website has a whole section on SSRI medication if you would like to read more. To everyone who has experienced problems with SSRI medications he has suggested his Detoxia supplements to replenish the liver:

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    From looking at your results you should have a fantastic libido and good erections, but what would be causing your problem is the weak parasympathetic nervous system that are controlled by GABA and Serotonin. Dopamine, although good to provide libido is part of the sympathetic nervous system when it gets converted. When your GABA and Serotonin are low Dopamine will easily be converted into adrenaline (epinephrine) triggering premature ejaculation upon extreme excitement. GABA and Serotonin will slow down the conversion of Dopamine into Epinephrine. Excitement is a form of stress so if you have low GABA and Serotonin then you have a poor stress resistance. You need to improve your stress resistance and SSRI’s are not the most effective way and could only be a quick fix that could cause more long term problems.

    Its probably easier to work on 1 neurotransmitter at a time and then consider retesting after a month or 2. I would suggest carrying on with your diet and taking 3 5-HTP capsules daily. When your sleep starts to improve you know the 5-HTP is working. You should take 1 in the morning, 1 at noon and 1 in the evening. I have been doing this for a week or 2 myself now and from day 1 I had better sleep. I have also started to experience dreams again, which is something I have not had for a long time. Dreams are important as they are an indicator that you are getting REM sleep, which is a sign your body is healing and recharing properly. You should be aiming to get 8 hours of sleep a night.

    You may also want to consider adding fish oil to increase your production of EPA and DHA. Udo’s choice provides all of the ALA that slowly converts to EPA and DHA so fish oil with give a dramatic boost! Soon I plan to be taking the fish oil in the morning and the Udo’s in the evening. Keep both air-tight, in the fridge and in the dark to maintain their goodness. Essential oils are so delicate and easily destroyed!

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    I forgot to mention that high intensity workouts increase the release of stress hormone Cortisol that slow down testosterone production by robing its precursor DHEA. Maybe you are working too hard! Light exercise is healthier. The intense training may be interfering with your GABA and Serotonin as Cortisol will mess with your sleeping. Doing more relaxing things will help such as a massage, meditation, concentrated breathing and more sleep.



    Why are my numbers so damn low compared to everyone else?

    My results:

    PART 1 – Dominant

    Dopamine: 18

    Acetylcholine: 10

    GABA: 20

    Serotonin: 13

    PART 2 – Deficient

    Dopamine: 11

    Acetylcholine: 10

    GABA: 11

    Serotonin: 8

    Observation number one: Damn my dominant numbers are low. The description said “a classically dominant nature is…a score of 35 or above”. I wish. Are these lower because a) they indicate more balance, or b) they are ALL low and they ALL suck big time ???

    Observation number 2: My deficiencie are quite balanced, that’s for damn sure. They’re pertty much all the same, give or take, and results in this area indicate a medium/general deficiency. But that makes it tougher, right? Because you’d have to correct ALL of them.

    Am I screwed on everything? Daaammnnn!!!

    Woh!!! VoodoChild, you say…

    “high intensity workouts increase the release of stress hormone…that slow down testosterone production.”

    I read on peak-testosterone website, as well as a couple of other places, that we should all lift heavy weights regularly to boost testosterone. That was one of the basics I thought. I’m not saying eye-bulgers here, or lifting until you’re exhausted, but lifting heavy weights for a reasonable amount of time boosts testosterone long-term doesn’t it? I was told that lifters consistently have higher ‘base line’ T than non-lifters, which is why I began a few months ago. Or do you know something else? Am I ok to lift heavy for a few reps/sets, a few times per week. Fill us in….. Apologise for changing the subject.



    Part 1 on the dominant nature more so determines your personality and does not mean much. If part 1 of the test is correct then you are a GABA personality, which is stated as roughly 50% of the population. Its easy to guess or skip some questions so do not consider this test very accurate. Part 2 is more important as it roughly outlines your deficiencies by asking questions on symptoms that link to a specific neurotransmitter. You appear deficient in most areas, particularly GABA. On page 1 of this thread there are posts that could help you to correct your GABA deficiency. I have managed to move my GABA score from 12 to 8 so far and I am only 1 on my Serotonin score, probably due to the high dose of 5-HTP.

    And yes, you are correct on the weight training. If you do not over-train then it will increase Testosterone, but if you train to the point of exhaustion it raises Cortisol. When Cortisol is raised it will slow down Testosterone production by stealing its precursor DHEA. If you are going to do heavy weights then take plenty of rest between reps and do not exceed an hour of training.

    Some interesting info from Dr Lin on the subject here:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Great info voodoochild. Thanks.



    Section 1A = 36 Dopamine Nature

    Section 2A = 38 Acetylcholine Nature

    Section 3A = 32 GABA Nature

    Section 4A = 37 Serotonin Nature

    Section 1A = 17 Dopamine Nature

    Section 2B = 16 Acetylcholine Nature

    Section 3B = 31 GABA Nature

    Section 4B = 18 Serotonin Nature

    hey guys, thats my result.. cant understand em much but can some one give me an explanation.. much appreciated..




    For this test to work effectively you need to think carefully about your answers because it makes things harder to establish. The first section to determine your nature is pretty meaningless as it mainly sums up your personality. The second section outlines your deficiencies and it appears you are very GABA deficient followed by Serotonin, which tells me you are a very nervous person who has difficulty sleeping. Perhaps also depressed with poor concentration. GABA and Serotonin are the most important neurotransmitters to work on first as they will help power your parasympathetic nervous system. When these 2 are near balanced you should begin to work on your Dopamine.

    For Serotonin you should take up to 150mg of 5-HTP daily spread out. 50mg in the morning, at noon and at night.

    For GABA you should take up to 3g of L-Glutamic Acid plus 100mg of vitamin B6 (in P5P form if you can get it!) daily.

    For Dopamine you should take 1g of DL-Phenylalanine and 1g of L-Tyrosine daily.

    Take the second half of the test again after 3 months to see if there is any major difference.



    thank u very much for the advice.. duly apprecciated.. are my scores really bad or just a little bad?




    I would say really bad, but that may be because you were unsure on some of the questions. The lower the numbers in the second half, the better and yours are quite high. Perhaps take the test again and think twice before answering the questions. You can skip the first 4 pages leaving them blank and just do part B of the test to determine your deficiencies.

    If you are quite an anxiety sufferer you may want to work on your GABA first as that seems the most deficient and you will probably notice greater changes. I was very deficient in GABA and have noticed great improvements in my anxiety. I now have a much better resistance towards stress!



    i have recently broke up with my long standing gf and i am struggling to find work which has often left me depressed and anxous.. will it help dramatically if i became ‘happier’ and stress free or do i still need alotta work..

    also, my erections are gone and my urge has diminished.. will corrrecting these deficiancies resolve my problems r am i doomed?




    Reducing stress and being positive will definately help. The body works at its best when it is happy and relaxed, stress interferes as the body is distracted or disrupted, which in the long term will slow down your healing if not preventing it.

    Erections are hormone and neurotransmitter driven. It is important to have a well balanced state of mind phsychologically as performance anxieties will impair your erection strength. The penis is a muscle that when “relaxed” fills with blood so the more your penis is relaxed with the positive parasypathetic neurotransmitters GABA and Serotonin, the stronger your erection will be. Your libido is driven by Dopamine, which when in balance should help you to be more confident with your performance, therefore will again relax the body further and help drive your erection. It is also said that a good balance of Dopamine helps to increase Testosterone and balance your bodies metabolism/thyroid. The increase in Testosterone would also improve both your erections and libido. I do not believe any of us are doomed, just be positive and keep doing any research your can as we are all in the same boat aiming for the same target. I have spent a long time researching this subject, raiding libraries and book stores studying various areas of the human body and I will not stop until I am cured, even if it takes a lifetime!

    Perhaps you could list your symptoms. Looking at your score (if correct) you should have pretty bad premature ejaculation. Do you get precum at all? Are you suffering any hair loss, testicular pain or prostate pain etc?



    lost sensation in penis but gettin that back..

    weak/no erections


    no desire for sex

    porno no good

    no sexual thoughts



    those r symptons if that helps u get better picture..



    For Serotonin you should take up to 150mg of 5-HTP daily spread out. 50mg in the morning, at noon and at night.

    For GABA you should take up to 3g of L-Glutamic Acid plus 100mg of vitamin B6 (in P5P form if you can get it!) daily.

    For Dopamine you should take 1g of DL-Phenylalanine and 1g of L-Tyrosine daily.

    where could i get the above from?

    are there any alternatives if i cant get them?



    All are available at natural health stores. They are only amino acids (proteins) and vitamins which are perfectly safe and natural. If you can’t get them at a local store then they are easily available online.



    Hey guys,

    I took the neurotransmitter test but I am still not sure what the results show. Could anybody please take a look at the results and tell me what could be wrong.

    Test 1 – Dependencies

    Dopamine Nature: 28

    Acetylcholine Nature: 22

    GABA Nature: 25

    Serotonin Nature: 19

    Test 2 – Deficiencies

    Dopamine Nature: 17

    Acetylcholine Nature: 12

    GABA Nature: 25

    Serotonin Nature: 12

    If you could decode these results then I would be truely greatful. Thank you.



    from what I understand, the neurotransmitter that scores the highest in Test 1 is the one that you are most dominate in

    As for test 2, anything between 0 and 5 is considered healthy, between 6 and 15 is a general deficiency and above that is a major deficiency. Hope this helps



    Heres mine. I had a fealing I was majorly deficiant in dopamine.

    Test 1

    Section 1A = 30 Dopamine Nature

    Section 2A = 21 Acetylcholine Nature

    Section 3A = 26 GABA Nature

    Section 4A = 30 Serotonin Nature

    Test 2

    Section 1B = 22 Dopamine Nature

    Section 2B = 17 Acetylcholine Nature

    Section 3B = 15 GABA Nature

    Section 4B = 13 Serotonin Nature



    Both of you are very deficient in all areas. Like bigbird said – your score should be between 0 and 5 in part 2 to be healthy.



    Well after a few months of adding in TRT, gaba+5htp and ghrp-6+cjc-195 100mcg both treatments my numbers and social anxiety symptoms have improved by alot.

    Oct 09

    1A. Total “T” Responses: Dopamine Deficiency ___14

    2A. Total “T” Responses: Acetylcholine Deficiency ___18

    3A. Total “T” Responses: GABA Deficiency ___28

    4A. Total “T” Responses: Serotonin Deficiency ___16


    Section 1B = 6 Dopamine Nature

    Section 2B = 5 Acetylcholine Nature

    Section 3B = 9 GABA Nature

    Section 4B = 2 Serotonin Nature

    I would symptoms wise it hasnt improved as much as the results suggest but definetly theres been a noticeable physical improvement from workouts, socialising and sex. The cjc+ghrp combo was taking a bit later and noticed a huge improvement in just about everything from feeling more upbeat, lower fatter, better pumps, better sleep, better wood, just feeling a whole lot younger which i cant ask for anything more



    Do you think meditation would be beneficial?




    The test in october is the nature test, not the deficiency test. But still, your results are looking pretty damn good. Your GABA could do with a boost, which could be why your symptoms have’nt changed all that much.



    guys I have a question.. U say that u take 3g of amino acids but is that safe?

    Example: I have a bottle of lkkglutamine 500mg tablets but u say take 3g. On the bottle it says take one tablet a day and do not exceed stated dose. Should I take more tablets to reach your required dose? Is it safe?



    just take the recommended dosage.



    Body builders have been known to take up to 10g a day of glutamine. Nearly all amino acids are very safe in high doses. Do a google search on amino acid therapy and you should find a list of what safe doses there are. Bottles state dosages low as a precaution.




    Thank god i’ve had a major improvement since last year..

    My deficiencies last year!

    Dopamina = 12


    GABA= 21

    Serotonin = 11

    Deficiencies now!

    Dopamina = 3


    GABA = 11

    Serotonin = 5

    I am now taking L-glutamine to help reduce my GABA deficiency…

    Just to tell you guys i’ve only woken up 3 weeks ago and ever since then my body has been on a solid high thank god:)

    All i’ve been taking is a big watermelon a week, including the skin of it and its worked wonders for me, brought my focus, memory, libido, strength. Also pomegrenate juice(NOT CONCENTRATED) the freshly squeezed ones. They are soo good for you honestly:) BUT the main thing that helped me recover is abstinence from masturbation for a whole month and absolutely NO porn since 4 months ago:)



    abstinence from masturbation

    what about sex?

    what other supplements are you taking




    Sorry about the delayed reply

    Yeah absolutely no masturbation, its been 1 whole month now.

    I’m a virgin:)

    I’m taking l-glutamine, cod liver oil 1000mg, magnesium and zinc, vitamin B 500mg and Bee pollen they have worked wonders too.

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