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    I was wondering can over masturbation during teenage years hinder, or if not shrink testicle size? I have small balls, but I have a relatively large penis, so I know that didnt shrink…or maybe it hindered its growth IDK. All I know is I have small testicles, and I hate it. Anything that can be done about that?

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    its crazy seeing you here. I thought you were healed completely




    If over masturbation was started before puberty than most likely your not going to grow into the penis size you should of had , yet your saying your penis is large either way which means you were supposed to have a gigantic penis on this planet lol sorry just thought it was funny but anyways as far as testicle size you can try some clomid to make it bigger it will most likely do the trick 25-50mg a day.



    the regular size that is known through the web is 4-8 cm (measuring tape)


    you can check the following to see if you are deficint

    Vitamin A ( crucial for the testicle health)



    it could be also from low DHT , free testersone OR estrogen dominace



    cjohnson You know, I dont know what completely healed means. It’s not like I was fine before, and then my health diminished. Having erectile disfunction is all I knew, and now that its not as bad, I’m happy. It’s not perfect tho, especially when I compare it to other people. I really believe my problem and others is due to the massive amounts of porn we’ve watched. We’ve conditioned our minds to be attracted to a specific thing. I noticed that if I have sex with a girl who is comparable to the girls I used to masturbate to(I only would really look at the same type of girls in porn) I can get a nice erection, but if she doesnt look like that, despite how attractive she may be, I wont get an erection. But then theres my small testicles, so IDK. It’s all confusing. I say just stop masturbating, leave porn alone, and live life.

    akiravp82 LOL, I actually thought that too…about the gigantic penis hahahaha. I dont think I started before puberty, I feel like I started BECAUSE of puberty. I’ve taken clomid before, I’ve taken various aromatase inhibitors…nothing.

    Shell 4-8cm in length? What form of vitamin A is the best to supplement with? I take 25,000 IUs of Beta Carotene, for the most part daily. I take alot of vitamin D, and I take zinc here and there. I at one point was taking selenium daily aswell and I dont remember my testicles being any bigger.




    I might be missing something here…. what does vitamin A vitamin D and DHT have to do with testicle size? your saying when DHT goes up so does testicle size? i know vitamin A and D can increase testosterone but for testicle size?




    You need to get them tested thru blood to see if you are deficient. Donot rush and take them in big doses without knowing your state.

    Notice that it may be your own body design, many ppl have a average penis with a small testicles, or big ones…its one of the difference


    When you are low, expect a shrinkage in them but i havent said that when you are high they grow bigger…its similar to the penis when your body is very low in T and DHT your penis starts to shrink because these androgens are produced from the testicles continousely from the start of the puberty to aid the[penis length and penis girth growth and to burn them with the erection and post ejaculation….when you are old your androgens goes down so the penis size and the testicles…. thats why we suffer from unstable penis size and testicles due to the imbalanced fluctuation in hormones as if we are old men. in a day the testicles looks big in the other its small, one day the penis is sized at + 1 inc in the other its -1 inc

    When i abstained for a long period of time ….i noticed that my testicles are more full, but when i started to regulate my masturbation (it was a fail) i noticed that my testicles started to hang low and lost its previous appearance.

    But as fact, we have abused our selves in which our bodies became in an endless loop of inflammation and deficiencies that needs a long period of abstaining with very nutritious diet and some supplements herbs and medication….but in the end this might fail because not all of us are in the same state and not all of us have the sensitivity to reply back to this approach

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