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    Shit my situation is getting so much worst im loosing it, Now my testicles are the size of a cherry! there super small, its like if you look in the mirror you could barely see them there, dammit i dont know if i can ever revive myself now, does anyone think my testicles can still be revived someway?

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    Normal testicles size is between 4-8 cm

    When was the last time you ejaculate? I assume it was so near 1 month or less

    Just cut your habit….and you will see wonders

    Not to mention testicles get bigger or smaller through the day they are slightly similar to woman breasts on the period….



    When testicles are small its most likely due to low LH which can be lowered in many events. One needs to look to examine why they could be low and then work to look at the cause rather then factors. Several nutrient are needed to help with this process which I can guarrantee you are probably low on in the first place due to eating habits as well as live styles. Your hormones are probabyl out of balance, but you need to find out what is causing this to occur. For further information please PM me and I glad to discuss this in further details and possible what next steps to take to help rebalance your self as well naturally or other ways.



    Low LH, low dht, low direct hypothalamic action on Testicles, or high feedback inhibition from testicles to hypothalamus directly, inflammation in testicles (high prostaglandin e2 levels), low zinc levels, high estrogens, high progestins, high prolactin, low vitamin A levels. You name it, so many reasons.. Also several toxicities, viruses, candida and other issues can cause atrophying testicles.



    maybe the HCG dose your on isnt enough or isnt admisnitered often enough?

    does your dick still work well? erections and what not




    Interesting….add to it that low zinc can be a cause

    and to raise it it will take time to notice the difference



    little known fact is selenium and vitamin E can increase testicular size.



    Good to see you here HAN

    it tells you that the size is determined with nutrition and age…

    Vitamin A , Zinc , Vitamin D , Selenium , Cal-Mg , Chromium

    those factors are the most critical and they are the base, i believe that we had imbalances in them in a certain time and this developed our case in having hypothyroidism ( for me and others) due to abrupt hypothalamus



    fellas this post is from a year ago! im fine now




    haha i thought that was weird thats to funny



    how is your testicles right now

    did you took anything to stop them from going smaller?

    any portocol or supps

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