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    anyone feel like there testicles are hanging really low? they feel so stretchy and empty…and penis feels extra spongey. anyone?

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    i just noticed this. theres a lump next to my left testicle. could it be Epididymitis?? anyone ever had this?



    I think if you had epididymitis you would have testicular swelling and pain also feeling feverish on top of it all. Something else that never gets brought up or discussed on this forum is a varicocele which is an enlarged vein on the testicles and the only way to tell if you have one of those is if you have the bag of worms feel down there.






    I would be more concerned about the size rather than the hanging. Temperature effects the hanging. Ideally they should never hang because when they get hot they hang and spread to try and cool down. Having hot nuts is not good for your sperm so do your best to keep them cool. I think this is why they say cold showers boost your libido. Keep your tackle cool and wear loose underwear.



    We can suspect the prostate…

    Count for 20-30 days after your last seminal ejaculation

    and if these symptoms remains

    then check a specialist in Urology and prostate issues

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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