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    I was just wondering, Armani, did you expereince a decrease in size in your testicles. Because at time, my testicles are quite small, and they hang very low. Is this due to testosterone/LH? I can’t quite figure this one out.

    Thanks man.

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    hey bedwards, can you answer the questions below to give a answer to your question:

    do you have a sex drive?

    do you get sweaty at night?

    have you got facial and body hair?

    are your muscles skinny and weak?



    I do have a sex drive, however it varies at times. Sometimes I can be really horny, but my erection isn’t as strong as I like. But I doubt sex drive is an issue.

    I often do sweat at night, but it depends. If I’m wearing any clothes, I usually do sweat quite a bit.

    I do grow facial hair, and some body hair (leg hair, pubic hair, ass hair etc.) Haha.

    My muscles are not skinny and weak. I have been lifting weights for 2 seasons now, and I’m fairly big and strong. At school I’m considered a muscular/jock kinda guy, so my muscles aren’t really an issue either.

    P.S. Sometimes my testicles are bigger, and sometimes they are smaller. Sometimes they hang low (my scrodum becomes very loose and extended) and sometimes they hang normally (my scrodum is hardened-like). I’m also still producing lots of sperm, even though sometimes it is quite clear and liquid-like. However, if I wait quite a while, it gets thicker and whiter.

    I can’t find what this is related to! Hopefully you can help me out! =)



    You do know that the scrotum adjusts its position based on the temperature of the environment right?

    When it hangs low, it is trying to cool off. When it becomes close to the body, it’s trying to get more heat. That way the scrotum maintains its ideal temperature for sperm production.

    Come on this is very basic human biology, …



    i don’t c anything of what u’ve described as a problem. thats perfectly natural and i think y’re stressing yreself out too much.




    i asked those questions to determine your testosterone level. your answers suggest your testosterone level is average. but i think your dopamine system is still weak.



    bedwards did you say your sperm is watery?

    if you do then you have a defiency in pge1.

    “Clear semen indicates there is a lack of prostaglandin E-1 in semen and in prostate fluid”.

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    Yes, I do know that the scrodum adjusts itself based on temperature, however, I didn’t use to vary this much. But yea, I guess I shouldn’t worry about that.

    But yea, Armani, sometimes my sperm is watery. Sometimes it is thick and white though, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

    But I’m ordering Craniyums, and it should be here in the next couple days. Hopefully it strengthens my dopamine system.

    As for PGE-1, does it effect erection strength? I think I’ll just go on borage oil and evening primrose oil again.

    Thanks a lot, Armani.



    pge1 plays a critcal role in obtaining a erection and also plays some part in erection hardness



    i say stick to borage oil. evening primose oil is mainly for women.



    Yea. I will buy borage oil again, because I liked it quite a bit.

    Armani, how much GLA were you getting from your supplements while you were recovering?



    bedwards when u consumed borage oil how much did u consume and did u get any side effects when u combined it with fish oil



    I consumed 3000 mg per day, with no side effects whatsoever.



    nice, did u use like armani for a month?



    Yes, but I need it for longer.



    so y’re still healing



    Yes I am. I am close to healed, I just want my erection to be a bit stronger, and I want to achieve morning erections often! I also want to last longer, even though that’s getting better too! =)



    bedwards how long have u been on the healing process. did u use the supplemnts that armani talked about.



    I have been trying fully heal for nearly 2 years now. And yes, I have been using Armani’s recommended supplements, as well as ones I’ve discovered on my own.



    how long did you overmasturbate for may i ask?



    Hmmm, probably 2 months or a bit less, not 100% sure though.



    i’ve been on and off for 2 years, so my case will take quite a bit of time to heal. i read in yre posts that u suffered from social anxiety, is that why u supplemented with GABA?



    It wasn’t really social anxiety. Just anxiety in general. I was always worrying about everything, etc. Yes, I supplemented for GABA for that reason, as well as for many other reasons.



    do not take too much gaba because too much will inhibit oxytocin release.

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