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    Testosterone 26.8 range 8.4-28.7

    free t3 5.6 range 3.5-6.5

    DHEA-S 13.0 range 7.6-17.4

    T3 1.4 range 1.2-2.8

    free t4 17 range 9-23

    Estradiol- 96 <150

    cortisol 445 range 170-720 (taken at 9:13am)

    SHBG 28.5 range 10-70

    DHT 4396 range 860-3406


    cortisol 4.2 range 7-10

    melatonin 1.9 5-10

    epinephrine 13.4 7-12

    norepeprine 21.9 30-45

    dopamine 214.1 115-175

    DOPAC 350 790-1560

    Serotonin 136.9 120-185

    Glycine 1354.6 455-980

    GABA 5.2 4.7-7

    Glutamate 17.7 15-32

    PEA 76.7 30-70

    Histamine 46.5 14-24

    Creatinine 288 28-259

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    high DHT

    low cortisol and melatonin

    high epinephrine

    low norepinephrine

    high dopamine

    low serotonin (the high histamine is falsely boosting my serotonin)





    This is an interesting set of results. Your Total testosterone and SHBG are literally IDEAL. Congradulations you can confterbly eliminate this as being the reason for your issues. However your estrodial test is completly useless sorry I have posted many times you need the estrodial sensitive done. Many times people have gotten a regular estrodial test done side by side with the sensitve and goten completly different numbers. But if I had to fathom a guess I would say your problems arnt really hormonal. Also I might add that DHT result is a good thing as DHT is the most androgenic hormone we have.

    Your thyroid results are somehat hard to interpret for me because there done in ranges I have never seen. What lab did you use and are you from america or elsewhere? I may be able to convert them if there european units.

    regarding your neuro results. These are actually the best results I have ever seen someone who has Sexual exhaustion and its various symptoms post. All the other results I have ever seen , mine included have always indicated either chronic depletion of all neuros across the board and/or a huge imbalance in serotonin/dopamine.

    The only thing I really see if your case is a slight imbalance in serotonin dopamine, as well the other excitatory neuros such as PEA, and histamine.

    May I ask what are your exact symtpoms?

    Is premature ejaculation one of your complaints?



    yes when this first started 9 months ago I had semen leakage , back pain, major abdominal/prostate pain, and ED as well as severe PE.

    the major symptoms that have persisted are PE and the prostate issues.

    high DHT is related to prostate issues so this is perhaps why i have the prostate problems.

    I really want to solve PE because its ruining my relationship.

    I agree i dont think my problems are hormonal. however i seem to have high exitatory levels. thats perhaps beacuse ive trained my brain so much to get rewarded by ejaculation way too often.



    I thought the same than bob but I didnt answer cuz im far from being an expert.

    However, here are my two cents. Your high dopamine/exitatory neuros and the prostate issues could be the cause of Premature Ejaculation, one of them or both combined. How to treat them is another story…



    Ahh ya that makes alot of sense then. Ya ofcourse DHT is very possibly causing the prostate issues. Def seems like it. Also the latest theories on prostate also say estrodial plays a role but you would have to get the sensitive done.

    But I 100% agree your problems are mostly neuro related. And I comend you on your effort PE is in my opinion ten times worse then ED. my PE actually did ruin my relationship so its good you want to act on it.

    Now my neurotransmitter status is markedly different then yours. I am both low in the excitatory and inhibitatory.

    So when I was still with my ex and I knew we were gona have sex lets say on a friday. I would take 1000 mg of 5htp on monday, tueday, wednsday, thursday and then friday morning as well.

    This would almost always cure my PE but in my case it really dosnt take much serotonin because im low in dopamine and norepinephrine as well. So in order to change the balance to pro serotonin dosnt take long for me personally. If I had to guess it wouldnt be as succesful for you.

    Also the high histamine can def be causing PE. It sensitizes you to norepinephrine which is the trigger for orgasm.

    And guess what! a known effect of anti histamines is that they delay ejaculation.

    If I were you I would really try high dose 5htp for a days and use an anti histamine for a few days before sex as well.

    I know Pimp has used antihistames as well so maybe he will chim in here.

    Im not saying this sould be your permanent protocol or something but you sould definetly give it a try .

    When I basically knew my relationship was over and I had maybe like a month or two left I did all sorts of experiments like this and MANY of them proved succesful . This was highly useful for me for various reasons obviously.



    i recommend a half tablet (which equals 5 mg) of loratadine for PE



    Could be the supplementation of melatonin of some utility in this case?

    Im gonna take it by myself soon probably, because in the more “complete” Access Medical Labs Adrenal Plus Profile melatonin is included and since it seems I have low all adrenal hormones I think melatonin is also low, plus I have insomnia.




    i have found, personally, no effective use of melatonin for ED or PE

    melatonin can be said to lower cortisol even further, although it’s supposed to give you better sleep

    for me it never worked, only 5-htp

    i did a metabolite of melatonin test once and i was pretty high so that was good

    try it and know for yourself it is helpful



    dude i will say that ur numbers are not bad…..u have high inflammation levels because of ur histamine levels and hence adrenals are stressed……get on meds quick coz ur case can be done with pretty quickly.



    I agree with , consuming 5HTP with its cofactors can hit two things with a rock

    his low serotonin and shall raise his low melatonin, will be solved.

    take a look to Dr.Mariano #2 response


    notice charlie that there is natural alternatives to lower histamine but they will take months to take effect, i would say if you have a good doctor he can prescribe a low dose of antihistamine…..to be retested 3 months later

    if you are going to take the 5htp with its co-factors(look to the picture in my #1 reply), then it will possibly lower the histamine.

    I would also recommend you to take a look into your high Glycine, it doesn’t indicate anything but i believe that good doctors can reach to another root for such a high number

    Thats good, so PSA is ruled out.



    my current supplements

    zinc 25mg/day

    selenium 50 mcg/day

    5-htp 100 mg X3 / day

    saw palmetto 50mg/day

    serrapeptase 1 pill /day

    withania complex 4 pills/day

    fish oil 1 tablespoon/day

    im hoping this will help my serotonin levels and DHT levels.

    i still dont know what to do for histamine, glycine, DOPAC, epinephrine, norepinephrine



    hey charlie

    you may need to take Pyguem Bark extract at 100-200 mg , with your Saw palmetto .

    for more Serotonin absorption add Vitamin B6 active form known as P5P for more synthesis as explained in the picture (response #8 )

    as for your Glycine…its an indicator more than it being a problem.

    high histamine can be lowered by using Anti-histamine drug

    or google for “vitamins and minerals that lower histamine levels”

    Iam not aware of how you can lower your catcholmines, it seems more into the adrenal imbalances.



    Curcumin can address inflammation issues as well as working on methylation factors since it main detoxifer of histamines. Coleus forekins may work well

    Low glutamate – increasing glutamine will help bring this up.



    I agree with HANS on that.

    May youll want to give it a try. http://www.iherb.com/New-Chapter-Turmeric-Force-60-Softgel-Capsules/75?at=0&l=es



    Something is causing abnormal melatonin levels which can affect the whole inflammation process from the start. Since melatonin helps to modulate the immune system. One may want to add 1 mgs of time released melatonin to see if that does not bring up serotonin levels. Methylation is probably down regulated so sam-e may applicable here or methy folate or methy b-12 to aid in dextoxifcation. Glycine is not being broken down into serosine via P5P pathway small dosage may be recommended here to aid in this conversion.



    So sam-e could be a good choice for my case as well? Low methionine?

    PD: You are finally using your vast knowledge to actually help with suggestions. Awesome!



    Low methione –

    If other amino acid are below 30% of normal then one may want to look at imflammation with in the GI tract.

    Sam-e may be appropriate in this case, If magnesium levels are low then you will not convert to same through metabolic pathways. One could give a trial of 200 mgs for 3 days of sam-e if you start stimming or having anxiety issues then it is not the right thing for you.

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