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    I really want my neurotransmitters tested but since im in the uk i dont have that option. Im thinking about ordering from the USA do you guys know of any good places that can delivery to the Uk?

    Im also considering measuring my vitamins/minerals whats the best test for this?

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    Why would being in the UK affect neurotransmitter testing? You have to order the test online. Do a google search and you sould find a few companies offering their services.



    good move by the way. What are your symptoms?



    Tired/ lethergic, weak memory, mood swings, pre cum leakage, dull testicle pain.



    nobody in the uk offering such tests so i thought il ask where you get yours from? Im currently trying to get my adrenals optimized having a real tough time trying to sort it out.



    you done a cortisol saliva test?



    ive done a saliva test its showing low amounts currently taking isocort for it.



    good stuff

    what were your readings?

    how’s the isocort working for you



    I found Integrative Psychiatry as a company any reviews




    My readings are quite low im working with a doctor Peatfield in England and he has me on glandulars such as isocort which i order from usa. Feeling a little different in energy but nothing major. I had sex a few days and didnt get the normal se symptoms in the morning. I think isocort works better any high doses. Dr peatfield also says that my thyroid is not functioning properly even though my TSH is within good range and my FreeT4 is extermely high. I havent had my Free T3 measured could be getting converted to RT3.



    did you do a total t3 test then? here in netherlands it’s also a bitch to get ft3 only in special lab, and rt3 only in urine

    please research “dr rodger murphree thyroid” on google

    he offers an adrenal cortex 500 mg pill to be taken twice daily for adrenal fatigue, but isocort will probably be better to start off with

    his other product is thyroid blend or something like that, go to iherb.com and type in “thyro complex” this is the same product

    he says measure your temperature and below 37 degrees or 36.6-36.8 anything below is bad.. i suggest going with temperature testing

    murphree suggests starting off with 2 tabs a day, one in the morning, one early afternoon

    please discuss this with your doctor, supposedly this product contains a minor source of t3 and is t4 free (but both can’t be mentioned on the label) and also has iodine.. has very good reviews on it

    personally i tried “raw thyroid” by natural sources which probably also contains a small amount of t3 and no t4 and also iodine, this product gave me instant energy and i had to poop every day while normally it was like every 2-3 days, this product has even more amazing reviews, you can also do the measuring temperature stuff on this product and see how it works, garuanteed energy in this one dude

    next time you order isocort add in a bottle of each of the above as well and let me know how it worked out for ya

    can you post the saliva results please and your isocort dosage and how much and when you take it?

    what’s your total t and e2 measurement, have you done this?

    edit: found your labs, you are indeed low on all fronts how much isocort are you taking daily from dr peatfield’s advice?

    shbg is high but your t level is pretty good

    vitamin d done?

    high shbg will probably mean high e2 given symptoms, if you can not get it checked out just order an e2 test or two from zrt labs

    if indeed high you can try indolplex dim, if you need a link pm me, and retest e2

    nettle root is also an shbg lowerer and might lower e2 as well a bit so might wanna research that as well



    I did both my tests through neuroscience but I got the tests through shawn and dr. Overbeck so they were cheaper.

    Intergrative phsyciatry is good from what I heard but I think its kinda expensive? I think when I was lookin for a source I found one for around 200 dollars that had all the important neuros. shop around .



    Dr peatfield works exactly the same way as dr murphee he looks at temparature and pulse. He makes you take your pulse every morning mine is coming at around 35.7-36.0 which is really low. Ive currently icreased my dosage to 10 pills a day it doesnt look as if my adrenals are getting optimised. Dr peatfield wants me to be on this for a month or so

    As far as testing ive had all standard bloods taken such as testostrone, tsh,t4.

    I want to test my e2 but the only one here in england is total estrogen. Since your in the Netherlands do you order your tests from the Usa and which company do you use. zrb only take blood spotting does that give a accurate reading.

    How well did the products work for you if nothing works then i will go on cortef. I had SE symptoms for like two years really frustrating now.

    Pimp what were your symptoms have you manage to sort the adrenals and thyroid out by taking the products that you have listed?



    stick with the isocort for a couple months i really noticed the benefits of HC after a good three four weeks or so

    10 pellets should equal about 20 mg HC which is good try it for some time

    is peatfield known with murphree? if so you can print the thyroid article and say you want to try thyro complex, will surely help your temp/metabolism

    is he gonna do a retest of cortisol in a month while ur on isocort?

    total estrogen hmm in netherlands there is a lot of testing facilities for e2 it’s a standard test, can’t imagine it not being there in UK, it’s a test for women as well for just testing estrogen and also cancer related (think arimidex and aromasin for women)

    how’s the energy? morning crap, afternoon dip, evening you perk up?

    you def need to go on a nutrition supp.. two i can only recommend are dr schulze’s superfood (check iherb) which is highly available in the body, and there is energy revitalization system a powdered multivitamin with high doses (check iherb) it’s also got vitamin d 2000 iu so that’s some good shit, i imagine UK your vitamin d level is off the charts low with so little sun

    if you stay on isocort, add thyro complex and one of the above vitamins you should def have some good energy try it, how’s the budget?

    inquire here if they do e2 testing, don’t waste money on saliva testing for this, get a bloodspot, or get it from zrt i don’t care what ppl say the total t and e2 test in bloodspot are good

    e2 is 35$ so just get two, one to measure beforehand and one for later on when adding in indolplex dim (almost garuanteed you have high e2)

    HC is working good for me, i am at 30 mg daily and erfa thyroid was at 3.5 grains but crashed when i went to armour and went hyper, so now i am at 1.25 grains slowly building up.. they will probably not pay for armour or erfa in UK by insurance so the advantage of the supps i listed is that you can stay in control yourself and they are not as hard to wean of from as opposed to say HC and armour thyroid

    i was actually thinking about doing this protocol myself because i have hassle with insurance and pharmacies here not wanting to prescribe me stuff like arimidex (pharmacist > doctor apparently)

    if i had to do it myself i would do this:

    – 8 pellets isocort daily (10 is okay but 8 is more convenient for 30 day dosing)

    – thyro complex 1-4 tabs or raw thyroid by natural sources (both are about the same type of thyroid i would try both and see which works best)

    – schulze’s superfood or energy revitalization system

    – two tabs enzymatic therapy indolplex dim for e2 (so i can have wood) with perhaps TMG added for assisting the liver

    this way i would have really good energy and good wood, but actually erfa in 500 tabs per bottle and HC being paid for me is cheaper than the above

    optionally i would add in:

    – tongkat ali for morningwood or 3,4-divanil-tetrohydrofuran (activate extreme) small dose and would take it only on weekends for morningwood as i don’t have morningsex on weekdays

    – 5 mg yohimbine daily in the morning to ensure 100% wood, or perhaps even 3 mg in the afternoon as the dim works quite well for me in the wood department (this is also dirt cheap)

    – zinc picolinate 50 mg at night, but if i take the multi i would skip this

    then i would test neuros and try and find some good products to help

    if i would do the above i would do a restart, but now im on TRT (get it from underground sources super cheap and aromasin as well) and testing aromasin (as arimidex gave me zilch wood although i do know it lowers my e2)

    i suggested this protocol to on this board as well as he would benefit immensely, but he’s on a trt protocol from his doc first

    you could also try low dose clomid as dr john advocates (12.5 mg per day) or a triptorelin inject, but since your test is pretty good at 17 no need for that, TRT is also not needed

    i have tried so many supps and it’s best to stick with what you know works, i literally got 20-30 bottles of useless supps

    i tried reset ad for adrenals which gave me good energy but needed HC and this fixed my ED perhaps isocort will for you as well, also precum symptoms same shit as you

    try it and let me know what happens




    Your doctors protocol is more or less the same as Peatfield as both doctors follow broda barnes knowledge.

    Dr peatfield also looks at bloodpressure to look how badly beat the adrenals are. He does one sitting down then one stand up, if your blood pressure drops then you have adrenal insuffiency.

    I first tried nutri adrenal extra for support but wasnt getting nowhere so i ordered some isocort i was on about four a day then increased to 8 or so.

    My metabolism is quite good atleast one,twice a day but my temperatures are low.

    I will stay on isocort for a bit longer and include some natural thyroid which i have seen the one that you have recommended which is similar to the one peatfield does i will take a look.

    Cost is ok for now im basically paying for everything for now i dont care about it that much providing i get all the relevant tests.

    ZRT sound convieniant, there are loads of private labs here in the uk but im having difficulty finding E2 testing which is sensitive for men.

    will look into vit D is Zrt good for that too.

    Did you get good difference in your wood,mood when getting adrenals/thyroid optimised.

    my main issue is adrenal/thyroid i want these two sorted before i move on.

    After this i will be testing neuros out may do that whilst im treating adrenals/ thyroid.



    okay i didn’t know that thanks for the info

    yeah try the thyroid a bottle is about 20 bucks and you discontinue immediately so why not?

    there is no sensitive test here in netherlands and zrt doesn’t provide it either, you just need to trust the 0-54 range i believe this is the range and if you are 30+ on this range you know enough i rank 48 on it which is high, and also i have other lab in netherlands which tested not sensitive but it was also way high, so that will tell you enough

    vit d zrt should be good

    on HC blood pressure was 120/80 in 3 days! i felt normal for first time in years and some energy, thyroid added was more energy, dim gave me good wood, i feel pretty good now on TRT and the medz although it sucks i have to restart thyroid dose again from bottom

    private lab here i took vitamin d, test went from 12 or so to 20 (0-35)! and i verified by zrt and t went from 300 to 500+

    e2 went from 24 to 48 on this 10.000 iu vitamin d protocol and on other lab it went from 0.06 to 0.21 (0.21 top of the scale) plus i get a clinical response from lowering e2

    so just get the zrt e2 test or a regular one in UK if possible sensitive is a century away here in our countries



    search for “Watershed Mineral Vitamin Amino Acid test”

    it’s $80.. it won’t get cheaper then that.

    amino acids are precursors to neurotransmitters so whatever the amino acid values are, the neuro values will be very similar. The only thing is that the test doesn’t include norepinephrine and histamine. So if those are very important to you look for a diff neurotransmitter test.. if not that important.. than you wont beat this price.



    i dont think a neuroransmitter test is worth it..

    I never got much value out of one

    its better to focus on sex hormones




    I agree that your first priority sould be to fix all your hormones. But I dont understand why you say you dont think a neuro test is worth it. Iv seen your results and there very similar to mine. Not to mention all the other guys who have symptoms of SE ran them as well and similar story.

    I think alot of the issues you still have are related to your neuros. I honestly doubt chillins theories of fixing pregnenolone and other hormones will optimize your neuros. I know there related but im skeptical of it actually changing it.



    I agree that your first priority sould be to fix all your hormones. But I dont understand why you say you dont think a neuro test is worth it. Iv seen your results and there very similar to mine. Not to mention all the other guys who have symptoms of SE ran them as well and similar story.

    I think alot of the issues you still have are related to your neuros. I honestly doubt chillins theories of fixing pregnenolone and other hormones will optimize your neuros. I know there related but im skeptical of it actually changing it.

    agree. Its not a question of which is better hormonal tests or neurotransmitter tests. One has nothing to do with the other. It’s best to get BOTH done. That way we can see hormone profile AND vitamins/minerals/aminos. Had I not done the Watershed test I’d have no idea that I’m low in so many vitamins, that I have undermethylation in the liver, and where inflammation is coming from. So I think neuro test is very important. Its only 80 bucks too.. def worth it.



    I like to know more about methlaytion and how it affect it is with recovery?



    I know very little about methylation myself. I know that 50% of the population are undermethylators, 10% are overmethylators and 40% are healthy. I was told I have undermethylation of the liver by someone who knows way more than I do.

    If you’re interested in educating yourself on the subject just find all the info on google. It’s all there. I read a bit on liver processes but haven’t gotten into detail yet.

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