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    I’m not sure if I’m experiencing hair thinning or imagining it. Regardless, does anyone know the exact correlation? I know testosterone is the main hormone involved, but there aren’t really any articles talking about it’s specific role. Will having lower testosterone cause hair loss, or higher? I’ve read lower somewhere, but that doesn’t seem right at all.

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    I think you’re talking about the form of testosterone call DHT



    as far as I know, it can be either hypothyroidism or high DHT. In order to lower DHT, 5-alpha Reductase inhibitors (e.g., finastride aka propecia, avodart) are commonly used. Be aware that there are many guys that suffer from post-finastride impotence which is to my knowledge almost IRREVERSIBLE as it is resistent to different treatments (go to propeciahelp.com). If I were you, I would stay the hell away from finastride and avodart. another way to lower DHT, if you have high DHT in the first place, is to increase progesterone. Be noted that progesterone is a feminizing hormone.



    high testerone leads to high DHT = hair loss ins calp only

    low testerone or hypothyroid = overall hairloss

    DHEA -Zinc -selenium and B vitamins defenciey or low levels

    play a role in hair loss



    I know it’s high DHT

    I was looking for a correlation between Free Testosterone and DHT.

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