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    Hey guys. I haven’t been on much lately, but I did find some interesting information:


    This proves that if we have come far enough in our healing, it is wise to ejaculate every 7 days, however these “7 days” might differ throughout people. =)

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    This is a pretty good point. Ejaculating boosts testosterone. But I wonder if another way of stating that it “boosts” testosterone is that it causes your body to produce more and therefore use up it’s ability to produce testosterone. That is probably why over-ejaculating exhausts your testosterone and your testicles shut down / burn out (like mine have).

    It’s like people who have exhausted adrenal glands. They can drink coffee to get a boost of cortisol. But they are beating a dead horse but asking worn out adrenals to produce more and it may not help in the long run.

    I often wonder about all the supplements I have been taking to boost dopamine, seratonin, acetycholine, etc. Do they actually help the body heal, or just make worn out organs work a little better.

    Sorry for the depressing post. I’ve been down the last few days.



    My point exactly(in other post)…once you boost acetylcholine for example, does that mean that once the levels are up it will remain up or will we have to always manage these levels by always taking supplements(like insulin and diabetes)? Aren’t we supposed to take stuff that makes the glands and liver to start producing it’s own acetylcholine or neurochemicals?

    For instance, if you take DHEA, it is known that the body stops producing it’s own DHEA coz theres an external supply(becomes dependant). i think thats where the glandular extracts come in handy as they rejuvinate that particular organ e.g. brain extracts rejuvinates brain



    Thats what we’re hoping for I think, Once we get it up…it stays up own, without the need for supplements.

    Quote:This is exactly why I’m skeptical on taking awhole bunch of supplements, especially at my age. I’ve been going the herbal route, since your body doesnt create herbs, does that mean it cant become dependent on them?



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    dhea seems to be safe to use at sensible dose”s in cycles……



    Time yeah I shouldnt take DHEA since I’m under 18.



    no point in taking DHEA if your levels are normal. i wouldn’t stop the oils though.

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