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    it seems like alot of guys on here know alot about testosterone replacement therapy. Im hoping that with time my levels will naturally recover once i correct all my imbalances and what not. however if in the unfortunate circumstance that this did not happen theres always TRT as a last option.

    1) does anyone know if there are daily T injections you could do? i feel like taking injections at one week or monthly intervals must suck because of the initial high but then crash as your levels plummet.

    2) Does androgel or other testosterone gels work just as well injections? I know this is applied daily but is it as effective at raising T as injections?

    3) are there any real risks to using testosterone? as was explained to me as long as you use something like HCG that keeps your balls alive it seems you can avoid infertilty and ball shrinkage. Are there any other problems we could possibly encouter?

    Keep in mind im just trying to learn as much as possible. i by no means currently have acess to testosterone in any form so im not gona go out and use it. I just find it somewhat reasuring that if all else fails theres always the options of going on hormones. if anyone has any info please let me know. thanks

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    thanks alot. i guess theres always that option if all else fails.



    for anyone whos gone on testosterone has your sexual capacity improved? How are your erections? are there still issues or does that generally solve your problems?



    Testosterone will probably only increase erection strength if its really low… under 350ng/dl

    E2 is more important for that matter

    my erections are the same even when my testosterone is very low like 350 and when its up at 700+



    so you still have the same amount of morning erections? Or do you not get them at all? Are you refering to erections when your with girls?

    My testosterone has ranged from 374 to 530 this summer and i think in my personal case the erections were better and more often occuring when it was higher. but still not what i wanted i guess.

    I guess ill have to get my E2 checked. I wish there was a way to check acetycholine levels. If anyone knows of a way let me know.



    i only get morning erections sometimes

    erections are not a problem with sex..

    i doubt that small increase had an effect on your erections consider a testosterone can fluctuate 200-300ng/dl in one day going from 400 to 600 and vice versa… same with e2..

    if anything with was the better e2 change that is what did it, maybe your e2 is to low and the jump in T also caused a small jump in e2.

    making blood test somewhat not very reliable because of the massive changes, hense a 24hr urine can be a better indicator

    Theres a lot of men who have no sexual problems yet have a very low T, but there e2 is generally very good.




    could also be more sun in summer and better vitamin d levels -> better LH to better testosterone

    it worked for me anyway, 10.000 iu daily brought it up over hundred points

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