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    hi. can someone please tell me if testosterone boosting supplements can cause testicular shut down? i know it increases estrogen which can cause a shut down. but what if a testosterone boosting supplement increases the testosterone to 900ng/dl. this will then slow down the production and lower LH. wont a testosterone gel be just as good when applied in small amounts and plus it works? they both boost testosterone gradually. i was thinking of using testosterone gel in small amounts.

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    Hmmm, good question. I’m also looking at testosterone, and it’s effects. I’ll be getting a blood test soon on both my free and total testosterone levels, and I’ll be able to determine if my problem is testosterone, or if it’s neurotransmitter-related.

    Well, natural testosterone boosters, such as Tribex or Alpha Male won’t cause testicular shutdown. They will increase your LH hormone, which is the opposite of shutdown. Steroids decrease your LH hormone, and you become dependant on them. This is why your testicals will shrink and will not function properly after using steroids.

    I’ve been looking at taking 6-OXO, along with Alpha Male, and ZMA. However, I’ve been reading, and there are many sides to whether or not 6-OXO actually works as an aromatase inhibitor, and whether or not it will ultimately boost your testosterone in the end. Hmmmm. Haha.

    I haven’t heard of a testosterone gel though… I’ll have to look into this!






    Hmmm, you are right, however I don’t believe long-term use of supplements, such as Tribex or Alpha Male, will cause “shut-down.” It may be possible that testosterone production will slow after done a cycle, however, your body will normalize in a few weeks.

    But this testosterone gel could be promising, I’m looking into it as well! =)

    Thanks for the updates on this, Armani.






    That sounds awesome! =)

    Good luck, man!

    P.S. Yesss, I know it’s you, manny. Yayyy. Hehe. =)




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