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    Although I don’t contribute to these discussions very much, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and knowledge. I have found great solace in reading many of your stories and wish you all well. I also hope that many of you are seeing results and are recovering in general.

    I have personally been battling this condition for over a year now and have yet to see significant results. I eat extremely well and have been taking oils and saw palmetto for an extended period of time (6 months). My girlfriend has been extremely supportive through this trying time…for that I feel fortunate. I don’t have many symptoms…I get hard…I get precum…I lose the erection. It’s always the same and I’m beginning to think that it will never will return to “normal”

    Enough about me…I just wanted to thank everyone for providing this outlet.

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    thanks for your post. have you had sex with your GF as of late?



    I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say we’re glad to be of help to you and to anyone else who looks as this forum as an outlet to their problems. I’ve made progress, aswell as others here. Hopefully we’ll keep making progress.

    I’m suprised the oils didnt help with the precum for you. They fixed it for me.



    “thanks for your post. have you had sex with your GF as of late?”

    Today I did…started out fine…after about 5 minutes I had precum…and then it zapped my potency. Again, this is my biggest problem…and the fact it hasn’t cleared up after this time concerns me.

    “I’m surprised the oils didnt help with the precum for you. They fixed it for me.”

    Raven, how long did it take for you to notice a difference? What is your masturbation frequency these days? How often (if at all) are you looking at porn (I recall you had trouble giving that up)?




    Hmm, that sucks. For me its I’ll get hard before we start anything, like we’ll be playing around, it’ll go soft eventually tho. I’ll get hard again once we start kissing and alittle more foreplay, but then it’ll go soft again. Getting it to stay hard before penetration isnt easy. But when i do, it usually stays hard throughout the whole time, unless something happens where we have to stop then we have to start the whole process again. I’ve had sex 3x the past 3 weeks. The first time I never came but we went for along time. The 2nd time, I came after going for a long time, and then yesterday after having trouble getting it up, I came pretty quickly especially compared to the last 2 times. Why is that?

    Quote:I actually dont know how long I was taking before I noticed a difference. I just know I started out with only fish oil(before I even came to this forum), then once I found about this site I added borage oil to the mix. I only recently stopped taking borage oil because I didnt want to keep buying something I didnt need to be buying and wasting money, and I also found out that borage oil and gingko biloba and other herbs that affect the blood dont get along together haha.

    I havent masturbated since the end of january and porn…I dont look at porn anymore. I’m actually having a hard time defining porn. I havent looked at actual intercourse porn since last year, but pictures and videos of sexy girls I looked at in january, back when I last masturbated. I see things in music videos, magazines and TV that turn me on and make me want to masturbate it it, even tho I havent…they dont count as porn, do they?



    , have you tried PC muscle exercises? They did a good job for my precum and PE. I have the same problem for almost a year now, tried good food, relaxing and some PC exercises for 2 weeks during summer and had a hell of good erections after. Screwed myself again to porn, cause I didn’t know of sexual exhuastion then.

    Anyway, try some exercises, abstain from ejaculating (even during sex) and see what happens… If the exercises don’t do you any good within a month, just stop doing them.



    Same problem here man.

    I had a girl over and we were watching a movie. Mentally I knew I had desire, and I felt my penis tingling, trying to get up.

    Later on I decided to get naked with her, so I threw her on my bed, and started eating her out. Only I got no boner, thank god I made some excuse to get home since it was late. Precum was less than usual but also there wasn’t a hard erection either.

    I stocked up on some Viagra (original one) just to be sure for any next times, in the meanwhile I am considering dosing higher with the oils.


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