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    Has anyone here practiced meditation?

    It appears meditation could strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system and help brain/memory function by increasing the bodies ability to create GABA and Serotonin. I have tried meditation it in the past, but I cannot seem to stick to it and I always find myself falling asleep. I am going to try again! At the moment I am working on every way possible to relax and I am aiming to get a good nights sleep every night having atleast 8 hours, but this means getting to bed by 11pm, which can be difficult at times. I will also have a regular massage and try to avoid anything I find stressfull. I think recharging our nervous systems could be of great advantage. I believe the more positive energy we feed our bodies the faster we can heal. I have been a very negative person my whole life, dealing with worries and anxieties, which I feel has contributed towards my decline by screwing with my hormones and neurotransmitters. When there are only positive emotions the body should run smoothly and in balance.

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    i agree. its something i want to do at least once a day before bed. i find it very relaxing. stress has been giving me a hard time these past few months and i find it hard to sleep. my adrenals are in stress stage one and i need to relax. if i meditate before bed it helps me sleep. positivity is very powerful. i have to keep reminding my self its a rebuilding process. it takes time.



    I’m a great believer in meditation. I’m currently attending Zen Buddhist classes and I find them very beneficial.



    Hey guys,

    I’m new here. I’ve got the old seminal leakage from over-masturbation problem blah blah blah, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. Basically, I can’t stay erect after foreplay due to all my bioenergy being burnt.

    Anyway, I believe in meditation and also hypnosis. They are evry beneficial. Over the next few months I am going to try to get into a meditative state as much as possible to retrain my parasympathetic nervous system.

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