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    dr lin said when he experienced sexual exhaustion his doctor gave him medicine containing:liver,adrenal,brain,heart,testicle to restore its functions to fully get healed.

    dr lin said:

    When I experienced sexual exhaustion at age 22 due to chronic over-ejaculation (ejaculating 3 times in every love session), my Chinese Doctor gave me a prescription of Chinese medicine containing animal brain, liver, adrenal gland, testicle, heart, and herbs, that restored my brain, liver, endocrine and cardiovascular functions.

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    it is well known all these animal extracts contain the hormones and enzymes which make our own glands work properly when eaten. so i have found a formula which has animal extracts expect for testicle. the formula even contains pitutiary and hypothamulas which are critical for testosterone production and other stuff. they also use diease free animals which are tested for any dieases.

    the formula contains:

    Raw Adrenal Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Aorta Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Bone Marrow Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Brain Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Duodenum Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Eye Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Heart Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Hypothalamus Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Kidney Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Liver Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Lung Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Lymph Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Orchic Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Pancreas Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Parotid Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Pituitary Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Prostate Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Spleen Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Stomach Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Thymus Tissue Concentrate

    Raw Thyroid Tissue Concentrate

    Essential Amino Acids

    Super Sterol Complex

    And MORE….

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    if someone uses this formula it should be combined with alpha gpc and craniyums.

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    The guy who asked the question claimed he used to be 9 inches erect, and is now 5 inches. I don’t believe that for a second. His penis shrunk 4 inches from over masturbation? Please…






    Dr Lin talks about this formula in his CD i.e. Dragon-Tiger Power. It supposedly can kick ur libido to the highest gear. It made him want to ejaculate everyday which consumed too much DHEA. He later successfully tested it with a combination of DHEA, the soy-complex formula, and other tonic herbs such as Saint John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto Berries and other herbs.



    Dr.Wilson said in his book on adrenal fatigue that sometimes the only way to recover from adrenal fatigue is with the use of animal glandular extracts



    im getting some of this asap!!!

    anyone have any experance with it?



    give it a go. i might get some of it myself



    anyone tried this stuff yet? seems to be fairly priced as well



    Vendetta Can over masturbation shrink ones penis…or atleast stunt its growth when done at a young age?



    yes it can, overmasterbating can ruin your life






    sad but true, all men will be exhausted in there life, but luckily for us once were healed we know the principles of never being exhausted again, id rather be exhausted now then when im in my 30-40’s when it becomes much difficult to heal.

    but im really interesting in this product as it seems to be benefical to the healing procress



    Max Is it possible to regain the size lost or the size that was never attained(stunted growth)?



    yes you can grow your penis to the size of the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger (thats about 7″ on me, my size right now is almost 6″ erect)



    Max Wait thats the size it WILL be…or the size it CAN be?



    it’s the biggest size your penis can be balooned to… your penis may grow more since your only 16, but if you can contine your overmasterbate your penis will not grow much



    Max Oh wow…thats big lol. Anyway, how do I balloon it to this size? Or is that something I do once I’m already healed?



    go to and look under penile enlargement

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