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    If any of you remember i was the guy who healed himself from impotence through fasting. Now i will tell you the root of why this is and how its not nessisary. I tried to go vegan after healing myself and found the symptoms mildly returning so i stopped it.

    Every hormone people supplement here is only depleted through stress. Cortisol the major stress hormone when it short in supply when you are stressed to much constantly steels from these other hormones such DHEA and every other thing you can name to make more cortisol. When this happen it shuts down processes in the body (eg, erectile dysfunction) because is values survival over beauty.

    Cortisol plays a major role the the metabolism of the body and when it gets low it will lower your body temperture and cause all kinds of problem . Even diabetes, cancer, hair loss etc etc are caused by stress (cortisol over exposure) .

    I urge you to buy this guys ebook and hear what he has to say in restoring the heat of the metabolism. It worked for and its so easy you would not believe. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] . Its the heat that keeps you healthy ,clean and erection high. Check out his youtube channel. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I will tell you a major source of he may not know about and it a major source of our poor digestion and big time stress is TECHNOLOGY. Watching tv, laptops, phone screens ,music to much (loud noise) all stress you out big time. Your body believes its in danger when you watch this. Imagine a contant stream of cortisol all day from just watching tv. Is it any wonder in this day and age why we are so exhausted . Check this article. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    They major things that lower your metalism is technology, high fructose corn syrup, flouride in water, Aspartame, skipping meals (not eating at least every 4 hours) and leaving out food groups with each meal (protein ,carbs and fats), not feeling satisfied after that meal are major stressors and play a huge part in this. This alone alone with meditiation (thinking to much) are draining the bodies naturnal reserves.

    Meditation will tell you the body isnt sick, it just needed energy to work and nothing like stress will take tha away. This bullshit word of ‘erectile dysfunction’ makes me angry knowing all people needed was energy. It wasnt broken like hahaha. Any good luck and you will find as i did metabolism is the key to health. Raise the metabolism like it says in that book and impotence will pack its bags and leave. You will be healed. Goodluck.

    Final on cortisol truth on hair loss ,they are all related. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

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    Definitely, thats what we have been talking about for the last years…hormonal imbalances due to the surrounding environment.



    Good stuff, Diego

    Really! Good stuff. I am growing sicker and sicker of my computer. My love/hate relationship with Internet its going to be more and more scarce.




    hey sarg how are you doing mate.. same here,i hate the net but it is difficult to give up on it.

    what gave us all this trouble is still so much a part of us that we hate it once then love it the next




    ur right but the thing is many of the stressors you mentioned are a part of modern life. our nervous system has been nadly affected. i feel we just got to tip it over to the parasympathetic side somehow..i have used ssri’s for that. i know its controversial but i hope if i recover completely then i can post comprehensively on this one day.




    hey sarg how are you doing mate.. same here,i hate the net but it is difficult to give up on it.

    what gave us all this trouble is still so much a part of us that we hate it once then love it the next

    Hey dude! Methylation worked out for you right? You were better the last time.

    Im better myself, its a long way and I will walk it to the end.



    digoe04, I think you’re right about cortisol. Some how I think there is a link to masturbation or just the ejaculation part anyway.

    Cortisol is a stress hormone. It is that “fight or flight” feeling that you feel when you’re in danger. If someone is under chronic stress, after awhile their body is going to break down.

    I need to do more research about cortisol. If I can find news articles on the internet with evidence that cortisol lowers DHEA, Testosterone, etc. Then that might explain the loss of libido after ejaculation.

    You’re right about eating a proper diet. Your body needs nutrients for it to operate. Think of it like a car, your car needs gas to run, but if you put sand in the gas tank, then you’re in trouble. What I am trying to say is, you need to eat the right foods. If you’re eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then you’re going to feel sick.



    Great thread digoe04 i have Matt Stone package i haven’t read it all but it’s good reading and i know my metabolism sucks so i’m gonna fix.Also check Danny Roddy blog he’s a Ray Peat follower also alot of stuff about metabolism and thyroid.

    I’m gonna buy his book.

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