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    I have stopped masturbating completely several years ago but I am having orgasms in my sleep at least once a week. I am beyond severe exhaustion. I am a complete mess. My body is burning up, I cant think straight anymore. My head is in constant pain. I am to the point now where I am pretty much isolated. It’s difficult to be around people because of extreme anxiety. My body smells like sh*t. My family memebers have stopped coming around. I’ve been to several psychologist, psychiatrists but because they don’t believe me the problem never gets dealt with. I’ve lost jobs because of my sleep schedule. I feel there is no way out of this accept for suicide.

    I just want them to stop so I can go on living.

    Are there any supplements or meds I can take to make them stop? What can I do?

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    Start juicing vegetables every day. Eat probiotic foods. High calorie its good. Go see someone talented in the psych field for your low-frequency entities infestation. Go Paleo or at least fully organic, healthiest possible food, take hints from paleo, autoinmmune, primal and GAPS diet. Stay away from the computers, from mobile phones and mast cells, from smoke, alcohol and cars. Stop listening or reading or being around negative things/people. Go to the countryside, start a farm of goji berries and drink kefir made from fresh goat milk everyday. Also go barefoot and sleep in the grass to attune with the Earth´s frequency field. That was a joke, but it would be healthy. Look into earthing, buy a grounding sheet and if you do please report back, people say it cures their sleep problems, but I havent tried yet. I am saying someone with hundreds of posts here cured part of his problems with earthing, FrankO. Research reincarnation,reptilians, pineal gland, out of body experiences, it helps to cope with our horrible life to know the truth. When you feel good enough start relationships with men, even if just superficial ones. I dont know how to correct the sleep, its killing me too, I cannot hold normal jobs or studies. BUt with everything I am doing I feel quite good, especially knowing death its just the beginning

    If you have money and patience, get a GI effects and 23andme and cure your intestinal problems (you have them, dont worry) and optimize methylation. Those two things have to be the most important breaktrough in chronic illnesses EV4R.



    I would say, you need to test your hormones and Nutrional profile in your body (vitamins and minerals)

    as for the diet, look into cutting down sugar and carbohydrates, replace it with protein, good source of fat (olive oil, coconut oil ) , and vegetables and fruits.

    Vegtables must be eaten with the 3 meals, the same for the fruits before or after meals.

    The body odor can be from skin infection, try to change your bed sheets once every week…since bed sheets also help in the manifestation of body smell. the same for your cloths must be cleaned with 40 degree C .

    As for supplementation, look into these if your body tolerated than it will be fine, because some people gets overreaction from supplements.

    The main supplement that if asked about, i would tell you it depends on your test result, and whether you are low in some of the vitamins or minerals or amino.

    Look into B vitamins ,Vitamin D and 5HTP, to combat your suicidal tendencies.

    The body burining can be linked to High inflammation, low hormones, deficiencies, these must be tested before starting your protocol.



    Angel, let me explain why gut treatment and methylation optimization are the best courses of action in chronic illness. As very well pointed out, we all here have nutritional defficiencies and hormonal imabalances, me personally I have proven with tests I have around 15 and probably more. Just ONE of those biomarkers could make you feel ill, like low DHEA, or defficiency in vit D, mentally and physically. Our poor nutrition comes from the gut, because the gut digests and absorbs nutrients, this is common sense. This inability to absorbs nutrients its caused by long-term inflammation in the GI tract (and elsewhere as also knows), which its caused in turn by toxic irritants and/or intestinal pathogens (candida its the most common). Another thing that usually comes with chronic illness its body toxicity, commonly heavy metals. The methylation pathway its the most important for detoxification. It also has impact in the immune system and the brain (mental illnesses).

    So you need to cure your whole digestive system (liver its affected as well most likely) to actually start absorbing nutrients, normalize immune function (more than 50% of immune system its located the gut). The inflammation comes from the gut and expands to all the body, eventually causing autoimmunity, however if your brain its holding on neurotoxins that its a prime cause of brain inflammation. Hormones are metabolized from cholesterol and other substances that our organs prepare from the nutrients absorbed from the gut. Also, a toxic/inflammed body causes disturbances in hormones by itself, for example because adrenals are very stressed.

    Finally, the methylation optimization will allow you to normalize catecholamines (neurotransmitters) among other things, and most importantly to start detoxing the toxins which in my opinion are the root cause in most of causes (they cause leaky gut and lower the immune function so you get intestinal pathogens).

    Dont believe me? These treatments are the 1# in CFS and autism. Why? Because they actually work. Look these syndromes up. They cant sleep, they cant digest, they cant socialize. Coincidence? F*ck no




    Sounds like candida its lurking around. And yeah, those are classical “autistic” symptoms which further prove my point. If you also have any form of digestive symptom including belching and gurgling noises, intolerance to tobacco smoke, parfum or other strong artificial smells like cleaning products, dandruff, eczema, smelly feet, any form of urticaria or itching and a cracked and/or coated tongue we have a winner.




    Lots of adrenal fatigue symptoms here. I have had or still do have most of these symptoms. Except for clitoris shrinkage of course lol.




    Oh yeah and most of adrenal fatigue cases that are chronic and severe are caused by… a toxic body and intestinal problems. I have been a curezone adrenal fatigue forum member for months and every veteran there knows things like mercury toxicity and SIBO are the real problem or cause and adrenal fatigue its just a symptom. Hmm let see who has adrenal fatigue? ! What else does he have? Candida Albicans overgrowth, fat malabsorption and pancreatic inssuficiency! He also has two mercury amalgams and took psych meds for more than two years (well known cause of adrenal fatigue and sexual problems). You guys and gals need to wake up, if you stopped masturbating and the problem remained, obviously the trigger of the adrenal fatigue stills there. Orgasming once a week its perfectly healthy, Angel.



    cant agree more,

    i noticed good digestion with my protein shake…i discovered that it works well with the pancreas to produce its enzyme.

    iam looking into bitters along with my taurine, and more HCL, and i will reduce my probiotics into a 120 billion a month.

    but as for the methylation….it will take a while since iam planning to do a hormonal panel rather than the ion panel.



    We will get there. In what I am personally more interested its in methylarion because all my problems started because of a faulty cycle or some kind of weak detox pathways probably but since I have quite bad intestinal problems they need to be lessened the first.



    Definetly, in my urine metabolic panel

    All the B group are low or middle low, B5,BIOTIN ,b1,b2 ,Carnitine,b3,b6

    but my methaylation co factors (folic and b12)wasn’t that bad

    for methlymalonate it was around 1.2 (indication of semi low absorption of b12 as i recall , but not in the danger range)

    and formiminogulatamate was the same, not that high…but lower values are better to push our bodies.

    look into this

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