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    I have been beaten to death in my decade long war with the unbeatable. When I first saw Dr.Lin’s site 11 years ago I thought he was bullshitting, I was just 14. I read all about how supposedly amazing his products are.

    A year later I started experiencing the things he was talking about. It seemed like all that he talked about were becoming true (a very scary nightmare). However in 2001, two years after I found Dr.Lin’s site in 1999 during the summer of eigth grade I finally got my hands on his products and was disappointed and felt hopeless. I’ve tried to find out why isn’t it working, is it my digestive system being unable to digest them properly? etc. etc.

    The scary thing is I know for a fact that there is some truths to the things he talks about, it also reflects the position of Traditional Chinese Medicine which I’ve been researching among many many other things. However his products simply does not work and it is not just me! It does not work for 90% of people. W. had some good analysis in the days before this forum, I think I’m going to review those and compile everything I know and experienced into a new research paper and give to the University of Minnesota.

    If Dr.Lin is a quack and a total scumbag scam artist, what about my problems? I came to experience the things Dr.Lin talked about after I first encountered his site as a curious 14 year old so the problems are certainly real. I have tested Dr.Lin out two times now, everytime I get very serious and tell him that my life has been falling apart and that my problems are so bad that I’ve had brush with the law (trouble with the FBI/police) and that he should be very honest with me about if he can really help me. Guess what? the scum does not reply back and simply ignore it, but he does reply back to a different control e-mail. He replies back to the control e-mail with his usual bullshit list of symptoms and link to his products.

    I’ve been to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, bought Dr.Lin’s products, went to the psych ward, tried over 135 supplements, done tons and tons of researches, tried everything to no avail.

    I think we need to really step up our researches to bring these issues into the mainstream. Also I think this quack scum bag Dr.Lin will have to pay for damages, he has been doing a lot of serious psychological damages to people with his stunts. We need to get more people into this, more opinions, more data etc. This forum is not visible in the search engines and that will have to change. Perhaps we need a new site that gets automatically queried by google. Inputs please.

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    What is the goal of research?

    Cure Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and fatigue?

    I often wonder what peoples goals are here, is it to achieve a strong erection for intercourse?



    From what I have learned in my own case and case of others

    Hormonal Replacement Therapy was the answer.

    I get morning and spontaneous erections…

    I will get a good erection from simply as hugging or touching the hand of my girlfriend

    Lately I have noticed some amazing results from Lipid Matrix DHEA, Yohimbine, TongKat ALI, Herbal Horny Goat weed tea.

    Those are my favorite supplements right now.

    My energy still is behind though, i lack motivation.

    My guess is my Free Testosterone is still low, despite taking HCG.



    What were your symptoms before hormone replacement therapy, how severe and for how long. What were you put on and what tests did you took if any.



    I’m 100% with you man. F*ck these guys like Dr. Lin! I had the same experience with Dr. Richards. He seemed really knowledgable on point with what he said cause it accurately described my symptoms but he always gave the same response to everyone and didn’t respond when I started asking serious questions like where he went to school (to become a Dr.) and what the deal was with his products (he said they he designed them himself but really just bought cheap products from other places and charged like 3x more).

    I’m definitely trying to get this shit mainstream though, and I’m definitely on the right path as long as I can keep my shit together her at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (a bomb ass school =D). It’s fucking hard in this condition though; it’s harder to stay focused and sharp with your work, you’re spending all this time being preoccupied with all this, and all the unhealthy shit like partying and blazing and not getting enough sleep hit you way harder. This is what keeps me going, knowing that it’s the only way I’m gonna find some real answers and do something about my miserable life. I’ve got so much to be grateful for but I’ve also been robbed of so much which nothing can replace. Anyways, I’m in a research program already and I’m currently applying for projects. They’ve got hundreds of them and hopefully I’ll eventually be able to make my own or be able to incorporate all this into on of theirs.

    Check out the description for this one: The Prevention Research Center’s Speak to Your Health Community Survey is a multifaceted survey that is conducted every two years in Genesee County, Michigan. Topics include physical and mental health, perception of neighborhood conditions, participation in community activities, health promoting and health adverse behaviors, and other topics that vary across waves of the survey. These projects are conducted in collaboration with community partners to enhance the practical benefit of the survey in addressing the needs of the community.

    Student Tasks: Research team members will facilitate the preparation of reports based on multiple waves of survey data and the most recent results from 2009. Team members will conduct reviews of the literature and help identify possible topical areas and techniques of interest. Student analysis of survey data based on personal research interests is a possibility, but not a requirement. Other responsibilities may arise based on project needs; however no data entry will be necessary.

    It said I could “help identify possible topical areas and techniques of interest.”.. perfect! This stuff definitely has to do with the community and public health and prevention is the best way to fight sexual exhaustion for the future. If they could just see the damage that has been done to us and so many others it would be a medical breakthough and all those doctors that say there’s no such thing as overmasturbating/sexual exhaustion (almost all doctors) will look like idiots. That’s the most flabbergasting part to me and it definitely needs to be taken care of before we can cure ourselves, b/c before people research fighting our condition they need to realize it exists. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been serious research done on curing our condition so if we prove it exists then we have to hope b/c places with brilliant research like University of Michigan could start researching ways to cure us. You guys should see some of the stuff they’re curing nowadays and how far they’ve come medically.

    Your so right though, we need to get this shit mainstream! If doctors could see that we all suffer from the same severe, chronic condition for the same reason, it should be crystal clear that this shit is for real (it already is for us). We’ve got some really fucked up stories here that people would understand and pity and we’d finally get some recognition at the very least.

    The only problem that you have to keep in mind is the economic factor. Humans, particularly Americans, just do things for the money. Basically what I’m saying is someone’s gonna have to profit in order for this to work, or the governments gonna have to pay for it, which I highly doubt will happen with the current healthcare crisis. Also, it’s kinda embarrassing explaining how I’m like this to others b/c I masturbated so much, which I’ll definitely have to do at some point if I’m such a big advocate of its research. So give that some thought.

    I’d love to F*ck over Dr. Lin as well; from what I’ve heard his products mess people up a lot more. He takes advantage of people’s desperation and hits them while they’re already down just so he can make money. Ruthless bastard.

    By the way, why were u in a psychiatric ward?



    I cant tell you guys how many times iv fantasized about somehow exposing this problem to the world. Iv pictured writing a book, doing interviews, becoming a doctor etc. it makes me sick thinking that if i had just fucking known what i was doing to my body i could have stoped it and i would be the happiest person right now.

    Anyway i dono how much i can do as just me but if im able to figure out a way to cure all my symtoms and get on with my life im not just gona forget about SE and this forum and the thousands of people who are stuck with it. I dont want other guys to have to go through this hell its so depressing sometimes its hard to find motivation to go on.

    def F*ck people like LIN and richards. they deserve to get fucked over because they prey on people like us who are so desparate to get their lives back.

    like i said im a 19 year old kid so i dono how much i can do. But maybe one day i can write a book about my story. Maybe if i can heal my problems and write about everything that i had to go through and the people on this forum have to go through will be able to get through to someone who can make a difference.

    iv had this condition for about 9 months now and its already taken such a toll on me mentally its ridicoulous. Im a completly different person then i was and i feel like this condition has taken a piece of me forever and even if i heal ill always remember back to what it was like. i feel like it would be my duty to somehow try and help those who have it to.

    I know this all sounds like wishful thinking especially from a 19 year old. but for the time being all i can offer is this. If anyone wants to possible organize some sort of meeting or i dono thinks of some plan to expose this ill do my best to support you and help you out.



    One thing I noticed now that my hormones are in decent shape I really feel when i take herbal supplements and boosters. They will only work if your hormones are up to par.



    Yes money will be an issue; people turn a blind eye to problems which don’t benefit them. If they are not the ones who suffered or they don’t get fame/profit out of it, it’s human nature to turn a blind eye.

    I was in the psych ward because I was just so loss and confused, don’t know what was wrong with me and hoped that maybe the hospital can detect if there is any biochemical issues in which they did not. It was a bad experience there. I have no trust in psychiatry, little hope in MDs and scumbags like Dr.Lin. The medical establishment just doesn’t seem to have the ability to see that a problem exists. Serious work is going to have to be done soon to try to convince them. Although my motivation is totally gone, I will try hard to compile my researches in the coming weeks and months.

    Psychiatry gave me so much social stigma, I never felt so weak in my whole life. I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t mentally ill. Going there was a desperate move and a big mistake. It was embarrassing to explain a sexual dysfunction problem so I played into the depression game. I then realized that I was really also depressed and suffered from horrible anxiety issues. I’m so terrible in social situations it’s pathetic. The connection between sexual dysfunction and anxiety/depression are the neurotransmitters/hormone deficiencies. Dr.Lin pointed this out but unfortunately the guy is a predator and doesn’t know as much as he wants us to perceive him. W. did a good job breaking down Dr.Lin’s formulas and pathetic marketing tactics in 2004.

    Max were you able to experience an orgasm before your hormonal therapy?



    well i like Dr.Lins theories and explanation, since he is the only one who knows whats going on

    about the google search, t think you need to contact the main search engine and they will inform you about the process…but definitely it will cost a yearly payment



    Yes i never had problems with reaching orgasm



    Yes Dr.Lin is a pioneer, but one that is blood thirsty and will do anything to take your money with or without helping you. He is correct on a lot of things but doesn’t completely understand the problem(s) yet and is out to sell his products and make money.

    I have been hearing about this Dr.Richards but haven’t really paid attention until now. Briefly googling and looking at his site it looks like he simply plagiarized Dr.Lin’s site. From my 11 years experience, there is only two source of original information on sexual exhaustion: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr.Lin

    Guys like Dr.Richards and Alan Ritz simply went through Dr.Lin’s site and passed it off as their own ideas and adding their own flavor (easy to tell for someone who has been reading Dr.Lin’s site and researching Traditional Chinese Medicine for 11 years, before I even had this problem!). I will investigate Dr.Richards more tomorrow as it’s almost 4 am, tell me about you guys’ experiences with this guy. What’s this guy all about.



    Traditional Chinese Medicine indeed is the only theory that understands “sexual exhaustion”. Western Medicine doesn’t even recognize the disease. Dr. Lin also suggests “Anal Breathing Method” (which is based on TCM) to heal from SE and to prevent it from happening again.

    You will only waste your money, time and health with these western doctors. Supplements are not a cure. If you seek for a temporary relief from your symptoms, go ahead and pop your pills. If you seek healing on all possible levels, learn how to feel, grow, circulate and control your life force, or chi, as it is called in TCM.



    you cant blame him…because he seeks to maximize his welfare from your pocket if in case his supps doesnt work. thru my searching and surfing in his website i founded people who didnt respond with his blends so he asked them to increase the dose and add some powerful factors

    ( seaweed as an example)

    about the doctors who imitate Dr.Lin….why not its a good conclusion max where the flow of information in the net can reach everyone in this globe so its 100% possible

    but the good thing is that the explanations are free…

    so you have the choice to read his explanation and then decide whether or not to buy his blends

    By the way Max…do you know any good Chinese websites that explains thyroid- Sexual exhaustion and other issues..i would be grateful



    The problem? The imitators may only be in it for a quick buck and they might not know what they’re talking about. A legitimate researcher would acknowledge others, critique and improve upon the established knowledge base.

    Nevertheless it is very important to analyze everyone’s innovations and contributions rather they are simply imitating others for a quick buck or not because in our situation we can’t afford to miss anything. W., Alan Ritz and Dr.Richards are some of the guys that came out of the original Dr.Lin source ( however had nothing to gain and simply critiqued and improved upon what Dr.Lin offered).

    Take a look at this from Dr.Richards:

    Someone asked him about a PDE-5 inhibitor drug and he replies with rants about anti-depressant drugs. I had to look it over a few times if I missed something about anti-depressants in the question to Dr.Richards and did not find one. Also, very terrible English by Dr.Richards like Dr.Lin and Alan Ritz before him.



    Most of these guys research is stuff thats been taken from medical journals and in my opinion they still have a lot to learn about sexual exhaustion. When they manufacture something that actually works then I will listen to what they have to say until then they are just the next marketing scam. They should be forced to post a disclaimer on their websites.

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