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    I have decided to start a thread on these forums to educate and warn people of the harmful effects of masturbation, not just psychological, but also physical.

    Growing up I had a normal life, but it wasn’t until my last year of elementary school (grade 8 ) when I discovered masturbation. I found that it felt good and thought nothing of it. On average I would masturbate once a day or once every two days.

    Then my first year of high school (grade 9 ) I started getting acne. Again, I thought nothing of it, it is just hormones (more or less this could be true), however, I think masturbation had played a role in it. It was my later years in high school were my acne got so bad that I started using my sisters cover up (make up) to cover all the zits and les all over my face.

    My first year of college I discovered proactive solution. This is a topical cream that you use when washing your face once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed. This was the solution to all my problems. A few zits and les still appeared, but only minor ones.

    It wasn’t until a few years after graduation that I started getting brain fog. I would be tired all the time, couldn’t concentrate, and horrible memory. I was at the lowest point in my life. I have hit rock bottom.

    A few months later, during lent, I decided to give up masturbation and become abstinent for God. I turned to God to save me from myself and cure me from all these symptoms. I relapsed one week into my promise to myself and God. I haven’t masturbated ever since. The first few months were pretty tough for me. I started to get my memory back, however, I started becoming really irritable and had a lot of anxiety. The stress and anxiety eventually went away when I dealt with my issues and started concentrating on other things.

    As of Today:

    I am not acne free because I have a little zits here and there on my face, but not so noticeable unless you look at my face really closely. Little to no stress or anxiety, maybe it is my meditation on the word of God or maybe it is because of my healthy diet and exercise. Brain fog, if you can call it that, sometimes when I want to say something it doesn’t come out properly or I stutter.

    Now enough about me, lets talk about why I don’t masturbate or have vaginal sex (outside of marriage). I am not a doctor or scientist, I am just telling you from observation, theory, and research. informs you about the symptoms of excessive masturbation.

    The side effects of such changes to the body include:

    [list=] Fatigue. Feeling tired all the time

    Lower back pain

    Stress / Anxiety

    Thinning hair / Hair Loss

    Soft / Weak Erection

    Premature Ejaculation

    Eye floaters or fuzzy vision

    Groin / Testicular Pain

    Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone[/list]

    The information was taken from the following website:

    Dr. Wilson talks about masturbation and its effects.

    Rapid aging and an early death. This is a horrible syndrome in which one’s vitality goes down and one may feel exhausted, even as a teenager, or as a young man or woman. The hair may turn gray, the body may become thin and lose muscle, and one feels old. This is why masturbation, which some feel is okay, is really a form of slow death or suicide.

    1. Zinc and other nutrient loss. Masturbation depletes the body of zinc, selenium, B-complex vitamins, as well as many other vital nutrients. Male and female sexual fluids are particularly rich in certain forms of zinc and selenium that are hard to replace with food and impossible to replace with supplements, as far as I know. Some herbs help, but are somewhat toxic.

    Anyone who masturbates often, and even those who have sex more than once a week, will lose a significant amount of zinc and other nutrients that are difficult to replace. For this reason, sexual fluid should be treated as very sacred and never ever wasted. It is more important for men, by the way, but important for women as well.

    You can read more about the symptoms and how to overcome masturbation at the following link: discusses the mineral Zinc

    Zinc is found plentiful in male sperm. However, what most males (and even most females) may not know is that with each and every ejaculate, approximately 3mg of Zinc is lost and thus like the female menstruation, the ejaculation of sperm becomes detrimental in the sense that vital and essential nutrients (including zinc) are lost and not replenished, thus, there is no reciprocity here with ejaculating of Zinc and other precious nutrients via ejaculation and thus excessive ejaculation (via vaginal/anal penetration and/or masturbation) is insalubrious and detrimental.

    I should also add that not only are precious nutrients lost via ejaculation, but also chi (life force) is lost during ejaculation. Females, as hoard houses of energy, do not lose vital chi during vaginal ejaculation or masturbation. Clearly, in certain respects, females are sexually superior to males.

    And because the prostate gland is chiefly comprised of the nutrient Zinc, it is important that Zinc is constantly replenished and if not, the Body Intelligence will cause Zinc to be taken from the brain and spinal fluid and sent down to the reproductive system.

    Excessive appropriation of Zinc from the brain to the sex glands by the body’s intelligence in response to excessive sexual intercourse can result in memory loss and slowed mental activity over time.

    Read more:

    Now that you’re in the know. Prove me wrong!

    I’d like to debate this issue with anyone who wishes to take a serious look at the issue.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here




    This thread is good for having a laugh. I have been time enough on the Boards of “Sexually exhausted people” to acknowledge that compulsive masturbation and porn addiction is just part of the puzzle and NOT the root cause. Could you claim that I developed leaky gut from masturbation? You couldnt right? Because that would be so idiotical.

    I am maybe an apologist of masturbation/porn? Far from that, I reccomend to minimize as much as you can the masturbation and cut porn for ever. sex is very reccomended, but of course avoiding obsessive beahviours.




    That is very interesting. But I feel like I need to address my physiological problems first. The psychological and spiritual treatments/therapies are too ethereal to me. The best treatment will be when I have regained my virility (via correcting all the body substances and functions) and found a girl that loves me for who I am and all that stuff.



    In majoirty of cases all areas have to be addressed in order to be well..

    Saying the psyhcological lead to the biological even if the psychological may not be an issue. Basically you are doing damage control. What I do every day with people LOL



    This thread is good for having a laugh. I have been time enough on the Boards of “Sexually exhausted people” to acknowledge that compulsive masturbation and porn addiction is just part of the puzzle and NOT the root cause. Could you claim that I developed leaky gut from masturbation? You couldnt right? Because that would be so idiotical.

    I am maybe an apologist of masturbation/porn? Far from that, I reccomend to minimize as much as you can the masturbation and cut porn for ever. sex is very reccomended, but of course avoiding obsessive beahviours.

    If masturbation is only part of the puzzle, what is the other part?

    Perhaps masturbation is not the trigger to your leaky gut syndrome.

    Just curious, why do you advise cutting masturbation and porn, but at the same time you recommend vaginal sex?



    That is very possible Hans, prior to having SE or whatever you want to call this condition. I was under a ton of stress from involvement in a religious cult that I was involved in, that I was born into actually (I have since defected), I won’t name names here, but it was very traumatic, my life went to shit before my sexual function and health did. My life was crap and I started jerking off regularly, playing video games for hours and hours on end, even losing sleep and these became my addictions, my fall.

    To address Thundercat, Now I can’t fault you for advising against masturbation and porn. However, for most men I wouldn’t advise marriage, not because of the institution itself, but because of state involvement. Christians have been so busy defending marriage from Gays, that they missed the threat coming from the government and the tyrannical family courts (far fewer people marry anymore, and many end in divorce). I have seen the devastation that that system can leave in a man’s life in numerous close male relatives. I never thought horribly of marriage until I witnessed them getting burned with divorce and the tactics of their lawyers. They purposely set it up to make it an incentive for women to divorce men and take as much of the assets, alimony, etc as they possibly can, and even give incentive to claiming false domestic violence charges, which has become routine, simply to get more leverage in court. Sure, if both are devoted it may not happen, but why risk it? The only form of marriage I would ever agree to is one without a license (married with absolutely no paper work). A marriage should only be between man, woman and whatever deity they wish to believe in, and the state and those money grubbing pos lawyers can go to hell.

    Anyways, I don’t know if masturbation and porn are the sole factors, but certainly it is a factor, and it should be reduced considerably.



    Vaginal sex is parasympathic

    Beating ones meat is totally SNS. You caused an autnomic imbalance in the ANS which starts a cascade resulting in HPTA dysregulation.

    I do not need a piece of paper to tell some one I love them. It is known, by people watching us interact. You make a vowel before eyes of GOD which I already did with my girl. Nothing will ever over ride it. Its all about the power and control of the church and Gov’t. Seriously nothing has change in past few thousands years. The hawians had it right from start, honor and love nature and the powers to be, live in harmony and unity. Too many people use the term Christian as a shield to hide behind. This is very common in many religion sect which brain wash their childern if they commit a sin they are going to Hell Which actually tranlated from the original aramiac text means fire pit where people use to throw their trash.. Once you learn the real culture, traditions as well as the mind set of people of jesus time then you will really appreciate the bible. People back then where not to bright and would explain natural phenomons as supernatural events. I refer to my self as spiritual not relogious. When people kill “in the name of” that is not what its all about..




    Me too, including videogames. Its not difficulat to see a lot of trauma and stress in most of my past life. Ive played for 5 hours in a row, probably more some days. But I enjoyed it. I dont have a bad memory of my videogame addiction, it fulled my life, although artificially, with complex and fascinating universes. I cant honestly say that my life experiences are better, both were interesting.


    I advise vaginal sex because of what HANS said and because my intuition tells me that its is good for us, both in the mental, emotional, and physical aspect.

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