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    A great device i just got….

    It’s very close to a real vagina.

    I’m using it for stamina.

    I will never use my hand for masturbating again thank to the fleshlight.

    It’s a great device to use 1-2x a month. i recommend it.

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    F*ck feel like a weirdo using one of those things, why not just have sex with a woman?



    ur using it for PE? i dont think itll work



    cause it’s not that easy to have instant pussy at your disposal… especially for us. the fleshlight is probably a lot healthier than masturbating with your hand since it emulates sex much better. we aren’t meant to be jacking ourselves off with our hands all the time, so the fleshlight sure as hell beats that.



    i think it will work, because it’s a lot easier to control and stop as i wish, its convenient and it teaches me what muscles to contract at the right time.

    i think its a great investment, even if it dont work for PE, its still awesome



    it def beats jerking off but think about why you have PE in the first place? prob mad high norephrine and/or other cateclomiates. possibly low serotonin and gaba. i obviously dont know for sure but i rather heal that then try to mask the symptoms by trainin my dick with a fleshlight.



    when you find a way to heal id be glad to hear it.

    until then i will be using my fleshlight / sex

    it definitely is much better than masturbating.

    i’m not sure what you mean by masking symptoms by using a fleshlight?

    Why would you be masking symptoms?

    i think my PE is linked to low Free Testosterone overall.



    although premature ejaculation most definitely has to do with neurotransmitters and everything, i feel like a lot of it is mood-based/psychological. since i’ve been here my PE has basically disappeared. When I was in a really good mood and at my peak of health a few weeks ago I was jacking off (with lube) for like 15 min straight. After the whole incident with that chick and me worrying about all that bullshit, I was extremely stressed/anxious and def had high adrenaline levels, and when I jacked after that I had PE. I think just learning to relax and breathe to naturally stop the stress response and having the right attitude is the most effective way to cure PE. By the way, all I’ve been taking is a multivitamin and occasionally fish oil.



    good point alex..

    AN interesting thing when i play music in the background i’m able to last longer, i concentrate on the song and the time.

    right now i’ll have sex 1-2x a week and use my fleshlight once a week

    instead of my hand masturbating once a week.



    i didnt mean to make it seem like i was getting at you or something. You said you were going to use your fleshlight for conditioning so i figured you meant u were gona try to practice to last longer with it or something. something like the start stop technique which absoltly does not work. iv been able to cure my PE three diffrent times by taking certain supplements so i do think there is a solution its just hard as F*ck to figure out for sure. but ya i think its linked to low testosterone, low dhea , def low serotonin, prob low gaba, possibly low cortisol. I found some stuff on posted by by Dr. mariano romeo that said this.

    I just spent ten mintues trying to find the exact forum were he says this but i couldnt find it. ill look again later. But someone who clearly has SE tells him he has PE as well as one of his symptoms and shows him his bloodtests. His blood tests clearly indicate high Catecholamines and low serotonin, gaba, taurine etc. DR. mariano goes into detail about how serotonin, gaba, testosterone, cortisol, Dhea, estrogen are all signlas for the body to reduce noephrine signaling and put the body back into a more parasympathetic state. I dono i just feel like theres still a way out of this mess. I dont wanna give up till iv tried every avenue of beating it.



    this is the forum if you wanna check it out



    I agree these things seem weird at first blush… but whatever works. Anyone ever try a real doll? A bit pricey, but you can get just the torso for 1/10th the price of the full doll. It’s supposed to be pretty realistic.

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