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    Does anyone know if there is good research being done on these two issues? Does anyone know if progress is being made? With products such as Cialis, it is obvious that advancements have been made, but how far can these go? Can problems be healed for life? Is there anyone but Dr. Lin working on sexual exhaustion?

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    Products like viagra (is the same as cialis apart from being made in India if I got that bit right) get found by chance. Viagra was first an antidepressant but when they tried it, they found it to work for something else.

    Once they have found cures for cancer, aids ,parkinsons and eff knows what else they might actually concentrate on ED. Or the one’s capable off comming up with something good.

    Nothing has been found as yet for the others so I have my own opinion that it will take a very long time before something does get found.

    Just how I see it…



    there is actually a breakthrough for PE. its a drug called dapxotine or something similar. its a form of anti-depressant but its quite unique in the way it doesn’t work like the rest of them, and it also can’t be used to treat depression.

    ED has differrent drugs you know like Viagra,Cialis, levitra and there is a new one which is refered to as super viagra, i think its called tadilifal or something. I think ED in men is well researched and covered, so there isn’t much worry about this issue.

    AIDS and cancer will never be cured. science is way too far behind to solve this problem. male fertility is also anothe serious issue. a hamster is 100 times more fertile than an adult male. most of the causes of fertility are also unknown. Diabetes is also another disease that doesn’t have a cure. you also have cardiac issues as well.

    medicine cannot cure lots of things basically. i think these are all a product of the evnvironment we live in and the ‘kewl’ advances in technology. besides there is more research money is dumped on weapons and wars. if i had the choice i’d rather live back in the stone age than in this ugly era.



    Some of you guys are giving drugs like Viagra and Cialis way too much credit. It is no permanent cure for sexual dysfunction but will get you an erection if say your liver and hormones are still sufficient.



    well its the only option available to people who have spinal cord injuries and diabetes as well as those who suffered from trauma to the genital area.

    cosmetic surgery is another one i can think of and even though its the most popular one it tends to be the last option.



    You’re starting to think towards things that induces unnatural erections. Most of us are only interested in getting back natural erections and sexual exhaustion which is the most prevalent form of sexual exhaustion is totally controllable by natural means. Penile surgery will be the end of your sex life, period.



    i’m not talking about my condition, but say you were a 45 old diabeteic man and you had a weak erection how would you go about improving it. obviosuly neurotransmitters won’t help much because they aren’t depleted in the first place, so basically you’re left with the unnatural options.

    in sexual exhaustion its totally different like you said. you try to solve the root of the problem which i believe you can. so basically you don’t resort to unatural methods.



    The reliability of Dr.Lin’s products aside, he do has some theories on working with sexually disabled diabetic individuals. Viagra and such drugs only work as long as your liver is still somewhat capable and if you’re not too exhausted.



    Saying that just found this link [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    yes dopamine for pleasure.

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