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    I found some of these claims to be true in my case. Also I have a friend with exact same symptoms.

    These changes cannot be reversed with any medicine.

    You need years of physical stretching and exercise to expand your body back to its natural alignment.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    While i do agree that excessive, compulsive masturbating is harmful, i dont see any harm in masturbating a few times a week..



    You are saying this with the experience of healing back to 100% while masturbating a few times a week?



    In my own case yes.

    The longest i abstained was 6 weeks, and i usually ejaculate 1-5x a week. I try for EOD schedule



    im not gona lie iv been ejaculating about once or twice a week and it dosnt seem to make a difference. I think once im on all the right supplements and have a fully developed protocol for what i need to do ill abstain for the first two months or so and then prob keep it to once a week or so.

    anyway max what are your remainin symptoms just premature ejacuation?



    masturbation has been affecting me positively lately (i decided not to do the full month of abstinence, but have keeping it down). right after i feel super relaxed, but then im kinda out of it and lower in energy for a while after. a few hours later and the following days i feel great, however. i have more energy and am happier, probably from elevated testoserone and dht levels.

    the thing that i probably hate most about masturbation is its effect on my skin. it makes me break out with deep cystic les and its making the skin on my face really unattractive. im like 99% sure its the dht that’s causing it. ive noticed that the skin on my face has gotten really thick and im now pretty chubby. i think this might also be b/c of dht. do any of you guys have chubby faces and/or suffer from acne? i’m trying to figure out if overmasturbation caused this shit of its from something else



    I think it would depend on the individual’s personal case. My condition is not the same as Max’s or Js’s for example. Max can bust 3x per week and nothing happens, while he’s trying to bring his testosterone up. Maybe he doesn’t need to abstain. I’m trying to reduce norepinephrine and inflammation. I could literaly see how abstaining helps every week. If I ejaculate even once a week it right away throws progress back. So it’s clear that in my case I obviously do need to abstain. Every person needs to decide what’s best for them. But abstaining for long periods will obviously have benfits for some individuals on this forum, not so much for others.

    Nicolas, do you have sex nowadays? Or are you still completely abstaining? If you’ve been completely abstaining for 2 years then how do you know your PE is fixed?



    they are only theories

    but to be honest..we are suffering from masturbation

    once you will definitely over-masturbate sooner or later



    The changes in the body and mind are very slow. Also they are cumulative. You need years of abstaining to REALLY put the healing to established ground. After you have started the engine, it will accelerate and never stop running.

    People wait miracles in 1,3,6 months of abstaining… When they don’t get it, they go back to masturbating and say that abstaining doesn’t work. You developed this condition in many years, ejaculating maybe many times a day. And you expect to get healed by saving your semen for couple of months? You have no idea how fucked up your body is.

    Abstaining must be combined with transformative exercises like Yoga / Tai Chi / Meditation. If you are not doing these it’s no wonder you are not making progress.

    You might think that there are many ways… But regarding masturbation/ejaculation, there is not. It will kill you. All ancient health systems acknowledge this fact.

    I’m tired of lecturing about abstaining. You all already know all I have to say. That’s why I will shortly join the few people who healed and put both this forum and sexual exhaustion to past.



    it may be good and work for some

    But i just don’t believe in that stuff anymore…. it seems more of voodoo more than anything, giving false hopes and promises.

    I am more convinced it doesn’t work since Dr. Lin and Dr. Richards recommend ejaculating a few times a week after abstain for 2-4 weeks.





    Of course they promote ejaculating, you will not heal and you will keep buying their products. It’s businesss. You may get temporary results with supplements but they will not last because they are not built on a real foundation. The human organism doesn’t need any artificial supplements to heal.

    These quidelines are insane for a lifelong chronic masturbator. It may work in a case where SE was developed acutely in a short time of a lot of sexual activity. When it’s done over many many years you will become so dead inside that it cannot be even called sexual exhaustion. It’s a near death experience.

    You need a miracle to heal from this shit so it’s better to trust voodoo.



    Nicolas is right, after you pass the 3 month youll notice slight improvement in your sleepingappetiteemotional status muscle strengthmental alertness

    the 6 month and above you’ll be more confident

    with abstaining & exercise and a positive surrounding healing could be possible, notice that if you cut down your supplements and meds you wont be able to have an erection?

    simply because your body isn’t ready… even if you have nocturnal erections and strong urges these are not the indicator of healing



    I just don’t think abstaining has shown any real benefits…. I can’t abstain for longer than a few days now.

    It’s worth a try though since it’s free.

    It’s been shown that ejaculation is actually healthy.

    I just find it extremely hard to believe abstaining long term is healthy .



    There are no studies about succesful (involuntary forced celibacy is detrimental ofcourse) long term celibates. Thus the studies on ejaculation health lack a control group. However, we know for a fact that Mahatma Gandhi was a healthy and strong person even in his old age, and there are countless celibate yogis who lived well over 100. And Jesus was the toughest guy in the world. How about Buddha? All celibate and they rocked the world. Abstaining brings virility. All professonial athletes know this. If you want maximal physical strength, you need to abstain. Also artists know that if you want perform your best and be most creative, you have to save your creative seed.

    Study the mechanics behind abstaining/celibacy/tantra etc. Google is full of information.

    Basically, semen, brain and nervous system are competiting much on the same nutritients. When you don’t waste your seed, it’s all reabsorbed in your blood and used to feed your nervous system and brain. When you ejaculate, your nervous system and brain are ripped off their food, and you become a nervous wreck.



    It depends your path…

    I for one love ejaculating during sex.

    I thought Testosterone peaks after 8 days of abstaining but then plummets on the 9th day.

    I really don’t understand the point of abstain you’ll just have a nocturnal emission anyways..

    Unless there a big difference between a wet dream and ejaculation via sex.

    Primitive man most likely ejaculated via sex as much as possible

    Masturbating dates back thousands of years.. even some animals will masturbate.



    Love for ejaculation led each one of us here.

    Nocturnal emissions are a sign that you are still weak and not transforming your fluids properly (pelvic stagnation). Also they can be totally controlled, just like normal ejaculations.



    Well those can try to abstain but if it doesnt work they should move on to other ways of getting better..

    Some people I would guess have a testicular or pituitary dysfunction; if this is the case no amounts diet, supplements or abstaining will help.



    I believe you can heal pretty much anything if you put everything to it.



    I agree but most will never be able to achieve that in there life…

    Time is short do what works.

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