The Prn conspiracy, psy-ops that fucked up us

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    Please read also the comments in the page before saying “conspirative fucktard” they add much more information. Do you feel weak? You used to be passionate and bright? Are u mad? Do you feel blame? thats a advanced case of overmasturbation in jail

    I consider all this shit to be have a cause and multiple relations. They say it is all connected. I agree with that.

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    Yeah, free porn is really suspicious. I dont know how I was so stupid to let this trap to be built into my mind. Although I dont consider myself an adict to porn, it have made severe damage to the way I see woman and all the people. When I see a person the first I analyse is the body, if the person is a boy and he is uglier than me I feel good, and if she is a girl if she is “fuckable”, same as my friends. We laugh at the “fucking fatties”

    and some of my friends also talk about how they treated girls in bed.

    I find it sad somehow. This is funny indeed because I cant really F*ck anyone properly

    Not to mention that when I began with masturbation and porn just a naked tit could make me horny and now with 20 years old I need some obsessive things to get a bit horny.

    Also I have developed a constant obsession with sex in my talk and in my mind, even in my state of SE, and some fetish I tried with my ex and I am sure I will try with the next women in my life. Thanks porn! Free trauma!

    I will check that forum, shell.





    Great link steve, although it makes me very sad to realize how screwed I am…

    Mucuna from Hyperion Herbs, here we go!

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